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Not Overrated at All
by Call me J
Citation:   Call me J. "Not Overrated at All: An Experience with Oxycodone (exp35545)". Sep 29, 2018.

  oral Oxycodone (pill / tablet)
    insufflated Oxycodone (ground / crushed)


I have been a recreational drug user for about three years. It started out with weed. I got hooked on pot the first time I actually got high. It was a captivating experience and really changed my outlook on life as I used it more and more. I eventually got my hands on mushrooms and cocaine and enjoyed these drugs also but had no desire to do them on a daily basis, thus making the marijauna gateway drug theory correct even though I would not admit it.

I had taken vicodin previously from a broken rib injury while skateboarding and did not think much of it. I guess I did not take enough. During my senior year at high school one of my fellow drug using friends approached me and told me that he had aquiered some 40 mg oxycontin tablets. He sold me one for $40 which I thought was a complete rip off and did not expect much until he told me to only take half of it due to its strength. I was in the mindset that it would get me high but did not expect it to do much.

My setting was a classroom with people who I am use to being around on a daily basis. I was a little nervous and during second period I took half of it. After about 45 minutes I started to notice an increase in good thoughts and feelings and started to feel warm and somewhat high. I then decided to take the other half because I liked the effects thus far. About an hour and a half later I felt totally warm and euphoric and basically high. It came on in waves and the more I thought about it the higher I seemed to get. It was unlike weed or any other drug I have tried. My head was clear and warm and I felt more or less focused on my school work. After about 4 hours after taking the pill I could barely feel the effects and got waves of euphoria every now and then. I had to go to work later that day and felt pretty ok.

No hangover or negative body effects except for a slite bit of lazziness. About 9 hours after taking the pill my mouth started to water and I proceeded to the bathroom and vommited. The efects of the pill were now totally gone. A pretty good experience. About a month later I found some 80 mg oxycontins in my parents medicince cabinet. I was advised by a drug enthusiast friend of mine to suck off the time release from the pill and snort it for a stronger high.

Oxycontin is more pure then most heroin on the streets I later learned. I snorted 40 mg of the pill and the high was unexplainable. Nothing mattered. I felt like I had a clear head and was on top of the world. I then smoked a 2 gram joint of purple marijuana in a strawberry rolling paper with a friend and was high out of my mind. The weed totally intensified the oxy and it was a high that can only be experienced to understand what it is like. About 4 hours later while watching tv with my friend I started to black out and daze in and out of sleep. About twenty minutes after this began i started to get a overwhelming headache. My body seemed like it was going through withdrawls due to the large amount I had taken. I then stumbled to the bathroom and puked up a horrible storm. I was still high but felt like shit.

I have snorted oxy many times after this because it is a highly captivating and addictive experience. I am now hooked on oxy. Not physically but mentally. It is most definetly my 1st drug of choice because I feel on top of the world and when I come down from just one day of using it it is not painfull or negative unless I have taken more then my body can handle. Oxy also prolongs my orgasm and makes my feel very sexy and horny. After using it for a couple of days straight and then stopping is a ruff experience. I am annoyed easily and feel fatigued. I feel like I need it to get through the day which is no fun. Opiates are by far the best and worst drug in the world due to their addictiveness. It is unlike coke or weed or any drug. It is just in a league of it's own and is untouchable.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35545
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 29, 2018Views: 3,126
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