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What I've Learned
by hieroclasm
Citation:   hieroclasm. "What I've Learned: An Experience with Yohimbe (exp35546)". Oct 14, 2005.

  oral Yohimbe


Of all the things I've used in my time I find that yohimbes effects or among the most dependant of my physical state at the time, and fairly dependant on mindset too. I'm writing this for that reason, I've found how to make it work for me, the way I want it to, for many different types of effects. The key is to control the variables.

I started useng yohimbe, ironically, to counter negative affects from stimulants. I find that funny because it's a stimulant that causes negative affects for many who try it. My doses may be different than others' because I'm a 6 foot, 190 pound man with a muscular build.

Although I've used it other ways, I'd only recomend 2. Brewing a tea, and swallowing the etract pills. The tea is a little less speedy, and more pleasing, even soothing. When drinking yohimbe tea as a pick me up, like coffee, I infuse a tablespoon full powdered into a cup of water, it's not so nasty that way, not too strong but it will HELP me rise to the occasion if I need to but shouldn't make me too horny. I've also used my coffee maker to make it, I fill the filter and get a few pots full before I need to refill (to make it stronger I pour the finished pot where I fill the water and run it through again). Stronger tea is good if I want to get a little sped up, or depending on how much I drink, spun off my ass and horny as hell.

To get more a speedy, spun affect, and an extra hard errection, I drink strong on an empty stomach, the key is to eat at just the right time, when subtle signs appear. For me some of them are extra saliva building up in my mouth, mainly under my tounge, a few random quivers, vision tinted yellow, patterning in peripheral vision, or an erection that feels different than normal (a yohimbe boner). If I don't eat it can get a little unpleasant, shakes, tremmors, cold chill and other such things. My onset will probably be 15-30 minutes depending on stomach contents. I learn quick what the signs of onset are for me, and as soon as they start I eat some plain food, my favorite is either a croissant, or a bowl of raman noodles with no broth, carbs are key.

For effects that are a little less amphetamine-like, that will give me power, energy, and endurance but wont get me as hard and will make me feel less invincible as speed will, I eat carb-rich foods, starchy vegtables, light on meat and fruit for my stomach's sake, up to about 20-40 minutes before consumption. Useing yohimbe with food in my stomach will probably make me gain weight. For the most part it will be muscle unless I chow down on fatty foods and just sit around jacking it. It seems to turn carbs to energy and muscle, but almost seems to store fat. If I want to bulk up I would use it with a exercise regement.

The pills are much more convenient, and reasonable, for those times I want to get really sped up, are going to be vary sexually active, or just want that powerful rush. I primarily use the pills. The ones I'm referring to contain 9 mg. yohimbine alkoloids per 450 mg. pill. Onset will take longer, I eat a little lighter at onset too, eating before consumption of pills is less recomended, but mostly because it takes away from effects, and makes me gain weight faster. (Until you get used to the pills, when you take more than one space them out, wait at least 15 minutes and probably 30, sometimes 2 hours is good depending what your going for.) The most I've taken in a 3 hour period is 10, and only once. Three things should be there for doses like that. First is experience and thats important, next is something to calm me down because my heart rate and blood pressure will be way up so mellow music or whatever to relax just in case I need to calm myself down, I don't do huge doses in a stressful environment. The last thing (my favorite) is a vary eager partner, I'll want to bang, there's no escaping it.

I did get a little scared during my high dose for a short period because I was dumb enough to do pushups. My pulse was so strong and fast I thought I could hammer in a nail by resting my finger tip on it, and my vision went purple/black and sparkly for a minute, so I tried to meditate and calmed down.

If I just want to get spun, and want to avoid a long, stubborn hard on, I have sex or masturbate shortly beforehand. I also find yohimbe to be a good sexual refueler, not only does it eliminate laziness, and discomfort in genitals (among other baddies) after orgasm it will make me more quickly ready and willing for round two, or three, four, twelve..... this stuff's amazing. To use it as a sexual refueler I plan my come up for shortly after orgasm, swallow immediately before activity, by the time I'm done it should be kicking in and I'll be less worn out.

I like to take adderral with yohimbe, sometimes sudafed, but not caffeine. I like the extra speedy combo, but caffeine is just unpleasant for me. Yohimbe and sedatives or muscle relaxers can be fun too, but I start small to know were I stand. Pot is always good with it, I've also used DMT, DXM, Salvia extract, and melatonin with it with some regularity, those are pretty good too, the DMT was only insufflated though, I wouldn't smoke with this.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35546
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 14, 2005Views: 39,768
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