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DOM, LSD, & Cannabis
by whiterasta
Citation:   whiterasta. "Surfari: An Experience with DOM, LSD, & Cannabis (exp35595)". Aug 2, 2004.

  oral DOM (powder / crystals)
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
    oral LSD (liquid)


This was to be the endless summer. It was the summer of 1975 and I was free. No more high school, no more crazy home life, just me, my surfboard, three best friends, a couple hundred bucks and a car. We had all we needed but directions, and Kyle was getting those along with a couple sheets of good blotter acid. Soon we would be loaded into Scott’s Datsun and on our way to Mexico!

The four of us had planned this trip since spring. We were all tired of surfing central California and we all thought we were much better than the waves we were riding. Therefore, when Surfing magazine had an article on a little place at the southern tip of Baja, we decided then, these were the waves that we would ride. The best part was the 500 miles of coastline between Santa Maria and Bahia de los Angeles, we knew most of the breaks between Santa Maria and San Onofre and planned to hit them all on the way down. We used to joke about eating acid and doing all our surfing between two nuke plants was going to mutate us into dolphins. At that time we all were spending 3-7 days a week in the water and barely made it to graduation because of all the cut classes in our senior year. I was lucky enough to have kept a good GPA but Scott, Kyle and Eric just squeaked out of Righetti High School with their diplomas, this, and the fact we were usually tripping on LSD when we were at school had parents, teachers, and counselors riding us like a pony. All of this had the four of us saying that if we could we would just stay in Mexico.

Kyle, in charge of directions and LSD came through like a champ he got directions, the name of a family to stay with and not just a couple sheets of blotter but 3 vials of liquid also, WEEE HOOO! It was tough not to just drop and go when he got back but we had a plan and we were gonna stick to it. We were going to a party that night and try to impress some girls with our epic plan and maybe get lucky before we left. So leaving our acid behind safely, we headed up to Pismo Beach for a big kegger. Once we got to Pismo, it was into the water for an hour or so (it was soo much cooler to show up at a surfer party wet!) and then to the dinosaur caves for beers and babes.

When we arrived, things were getting all funky and unnecessary and the party had a weird vibe. The music was pumping out Kansas and the bonfire cast odd shadows on the cliff walls. Piles of rotting kelp added to the muskiness of 70-100 teenagers dancing and drinking in a sea cave. Kyle looked over at a group we knew and said “ Dudes that’s Carla and Erin over there”. Kyle had it so bad for Erin it was funny and I was doing my clumsy best to impress Carla. Scott and Eric disappeared chasing some girls from San Luis Obispo but came back when they found out what had the party’s vibe so different. Somebody had gotten some DOM also known as STP and about a third to half the party was coming up on the shit. Eric stuck his goofy blonde head into a group and came out with four hits of the stuff. I said “Eric what is this stuff?” he replied, “it’s like acid but better” “Like how?” I asked. He said, “ This stuff is supposed to last 12-16 hrs”.

Wow trip all night on something new then head south in the morning…cool. So we dropped the clear gel caps into our open and greedy little mouths and pounded a few beers. It took about 45 minutes to realize why we felt the weird vibe when we arrived; in fact, weird vibe became the reality for the next 24 hrs. I was drinking down the last of a beer and the bottom of the cup began flashing colors at me. I turned to Carla and said “I think this stuff is kicking in, I feel really shaky and kinda sick” I looked about and about half of the people there were laying in the sand kinda wriggling and shaking but they didn’t look like they were very concerned about it either. I remember wondering aloud to Carla that I hope that this stuff was gonna be more fun than the way it looked, then… all hell broke loose! My body began to vibrate, I said to Eric “What the hell was that stuff again”, and those were my last words for 12 hrs.

The party had quickly degenerated into a bunch of drunks alternating between fussing over those of us incapacitated by the drug and trying to freak us by saying stupid crap like here come the cops, we almost even reacted, almost. I was alternating between melting into the sand and being the sand, I was sure Carla and Erin had driven off in this state and had crashed for sure, they did not, they dosed also and did not say anything about it and ended up wriggling along with the rest of us. Everyone who had taken the drug was fully incapacitated and we were relying on our drunken friends to watch out for us while we wriggled in the sand hallucinating, laughing, and crying. I remember thinking that this was it, I was not coming back in one piece from this trip. This all started about 9:00pm, by midnight the vibe had turned so weird that all that was left on the beach were the very drunk and us wrigglers.

Monsters, demons, angels, and Gods consumed the rest of the night, our group of 30 or so wrigglers passed the night lying in the sand as eternity blew through our souls like a gale wind. Sunrise brought little respite from the enduring effects of this superdope. One by one, we would regain our feet only to lie back down because of the unpleasant feeling of standing. By 9:00am not much had changed except we could sort of spill words out, nothing that made much sense but it was progress. We all 30 were still down in a sea cave on the little strip of sand on the floor and by noon we still were down there. About then some of the partygoers from the night before were coming back to see if the wrigglers had made it out. I managed to sputter something to someone about needing water and help getting up the cliff.

I guess we must have gotten there attention because they all went and got more bodies to help get us out of the cave and to where we had parked. The group of us trippers must have been something else to coax out, 30 people with emotions jumping from terror to bliss with a side order of scrambled brains. I think it must have been 2:00 pm before they had us all together out of the cave. Some scuffles over car keys were quickly sorted out and we were left to ride out the rest of the trip in our cars and in the field we parked in. By this time, we all could talk again but the persistent overlay of tracers and colors kept us from attempting to drive home and the quality of the conversation at this point was like listening to Pidgin English. That and all of us were hungry and very thirsty. About 5:00pm, people began arriving for the Saturday night version of the night before and were surprised to find all 30 of us still there.

By now the stimulant effects of the drug were finishing up and while still a bit too trippy to drive we were all chatty and wide awake despite being up all night fighting demons. There were a couple guys and a girl who did not come back around right away and we had to do some serious talking down to convince them they were OK and that IT would go away eventually. The rest of us were ready to kill for something to eat or drink and that is what finally put us in the car and on the road again. The bastards always made me drive when we were screwed up and I was not digging having to drive in the shape I was in, that and the drug had left me irritable and tired/wired so I meandered through the neighborhood streets to our favorite burger joint in Pismo and parked in back. Driving helped put my head back together and I had to explain several times, where we were, and why we were there.

The man behind the counter named Brian was in his mid thirties and had spent time in prison so he was cool and he would dish up extra fries to us cause we were regulars and would turn him on to a joint if we had some. Brian took one look at us and began laughing until I thought he would piss himself, he said “What the fuck have you punks done to yourselves now? Kyle spoke up and said we had dropped some STP and were still tripping. Brian quipped, “ Dumb Asses! When did you drop?” we said the night before around 9pm. Brian laughed and said “ you fools will still be coming down this time tomorrow, that crap will keep you F/Ued for 36-48 hrs. This, in our present mind state was unacceptable; I mean we were already supposed to be halfway to Mexico and we were looking at a whole extra day just getting over the night before and who knew how we’d feel once we finally came down, I had a feeling it was gonna be rough.

Brian kept us there and entertained until he closed then around 10pm we headed home to sleep and recuperate. We all crashed like 747’s when we got back to the apartment and slept until almost 3pm the next day, dammit, another day down. The four of us looked at each other and if I looked as bad as my buds then we were not leaving tomorrow either. Our big adventure had begun and we still were at home, THIS SUCKS! Therefore, I told my friends that we were leaving the next day no matter how bad we feel. I also told Eric the next time some one says they got something better than LSD, run!

The next day was just what I expected we all felt bitchy sick and still tired so since we had some OJ we were bringing I put about a quarter vial of LSD into it and neglected to inform my cohorts. We ate some scrambled eggs, had some OJ, and hit the road on our great adventure. It was great, we had the tunes cranked up, Grand Funk Railroad, American Band; we had a big doobie burning and were on our way to Mexico. About 40 minutes from Santa Maria, south, you get to the ocean, Gaviota beach. That is as far as we made it, 40 miles, and Jim’s hangover cure began to work. Eric said, “Man, I feel like that stuff is coming back” Kyle piped in “You too I thought it was just me” Scott, who had been very quiet so far hit it right though he looked right at me and said “Did you dose the OJ asshole?” I said “ Yeah, I figure the only way I was gonna get you guys motivated was a little hair of the dog”. The chorus of “you asshole” went on for about ten minutes then the bitching devolved into hysterical laughter every time someone called me an asshole. For some reason that was incredibly funny to all of us, for me it was the very clear mental image of a 160lb anus driving a Datsun down the coast with three other bungholes. Needless to say we pulled over about 50 miles into our big dash for the border and spent the day surfing one of our tried and true breaks and laughing our asses off at how well things were proceeding so far.

The next day we did get up early and we charged past LA and on down to San Onofre, just above San Diego.

When we pulled off we were just gonna stretch and surf for an hour or so then try to make the border before dark.

As we pulled into the parking lot there were some of the locals hanging out, they started in with the “Locals only” crap, and we flipped them off and hit the water. We surfed for a little over an hour and decided to get some food and keep going. Well them local boys must not have been serious about wanting us to get the hell out because they slashed two tires. “SHIT those assholes” came out in chorus from all of us. It was a five-mile walk to a tire store for 2 used tires and 10 dollars of our “Mexico money”. Luckily, one of the tire people was a surfer, not a jackass that gave us a ride back to the car, but by now another day was almost gone, and we did not want to enter Mexico at night in Tijuana.

We ended up staying in a State Campground that was just above San Diego on the beach.

The first thing we had to do was get some food it had been a long day and we decided it was worth it to go sit down and eat a hot meal. We ended up at Heidi’s Pies for some dinner and a cup of hot cocoa, Kyle, a true prankster brought in the partial vial of LSD from the first day and as Eric and I went to the can he poured it into our cocoas.

Eric and I sat down and drank some cocoa just as our food was arriving, and just as we were finishing our food it began to crawl all over the plate. I started poking it with my fork, kind of chasing it. Eric, for some reason, had not felt it yet and asked me “ dude, what the hell are you doing stabbing your plate?”

I could only get out “Man this just won’t stay put, hold it for me will you?”

Eric looked puzzled then it must have hit him also and he kind of just froze and stared into his glass of water. By now, Kyle and Scott are laughing their collective Asses off and we are becoming a distraction in the restaurant so they hustle Eric and I into the car and we head back to the camp. By the time we get back I am molten lead and am telling Kyle that he was gonna get it. Eric is glazed over and gone, I am headed there, and we are in some campground we have not a clue the layout of. Eric and I know we are not likely to sleep so after about 6hrs of fire staring we go for a walk done the beach, a long sandy stretch, a very long sandy stretch with a point at the far end.

Well being intrepid trippers we walked about 2 miles down the beach and around the point and promptly forgot where the hell we were. So we just sat down on the rocks and waited for daylight and some sobriety to return. Scott and Kyle when they woke to find us gone started to get scared they dosed us up and we got lost (good guess) luckily ours were the only tracks down the sand and our buddies found us and brought us back to the car. I was laughing hysterically and Eric was staring blankly into space. The rest of the campground was waking up about then so Kyle and Scott stuffed us into the back seat and we took off. Scott was driving and did not want to cross into Mexico until Eric and I were not totally obvious so we drove about till almost noon before the wide concrete border came into view. We were in Mexico, now our adventure could begin.

Exp Year: 1975ExpID: 35595
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 2, 2004Views: 21,277
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LSD (2), DOM (20) : Various (28), Multi-Day Experience (13), Nature / Outdoors (23), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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