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Citation:   Freshtaste. "Snus: An Experience with Tobacco (exp35630)". Jun 1, 2007.

2 hits sublingual Tobacco
I have always been the kind of kid which always have hated alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and all that kind of 'shit', but lately, my opinion about these have radically changed. To this date, I've drunk alot of booze, I've tried some psychoactives (lsa containing seeds, hawaiian baby woodrose seeds to be correct) and had cigarettes on occasion.

I was curious about this 'snus' (I don't know what they are called in english, but that is what it's called in Swedish. Sweden is where I live), best way to explain it, it's tobacco salt and water in a mixture to be put beneath your upper lip. Maybe I'm all overdescribing, but I don't recall ever hearing anyone who's from england or so use the word 'snus'.

Anyway, to get to the point. This day I had a very horrible day at work, hauling ass for my bosses all day long. So I decided I'd try something new, I was careless of what I'd do, and I thought I'd give Snus a go. I've never used it before but I knew it contained tobacco, and I liked the kick from cigarettes so I thought I'd give it a go.

On my way home, I put one portion under my lip and that stuff really stings. Ow. It's like having pepper up your lip. Very unpleasant. The next 10-20 minutes I was wondering if it would have any effect, and I felt robbed on that nicotine kick I get from cigarettes. Then I sat down on a bench outside my home and just wanted to chill, and see if there would be any effects.

Shortly, I began to feel lightheaded, dizzy and nausea. I am not sure if it was some kind of placebo or anything, but when I looked down on the grass, it felt as if the ground was slightly breathing, just as I had read about some psychoactives. I thought it was 'cool', but I didnt like the nervous feeling in my body so I threw it away. I thought it wasn't worth the while and put the package away.

Later on, when I was about to go to bed I thought I still wanted to give them another try, so I put two portions (double dose, if you like) under my lip and awaited the effects. After 4-6 minutes I began to feel nervous, dizzy and feeling sick. Rebelliant, I was, and I wanted to stick with it to see if I could get some kind of high. Shortly, a cola sign which I have hanging from the cieling was slightly morphing and the colors were glowing. Kind of a plamsa feeling but nothing 'visually cool'. I thought maybe I just made it up, but I could clearly see the sign skew and the image breathe.

Soon I got very sick, and about the same moment I had this sexual lust growing up on me, so I thought I'd go to the bathroom to spit the snus out, and masturbate some. It felt really good, but also very alien at the same time. I can't decide if it was an overall pleasent feeling but my motor skills began to drift off so I spit out the snus shortly after ejaculation.

I threw up a couple of times and I've made up my mind. I don't like tobacco, and I will not probably use it again. Maybe I would on some party, but definatley not on a regular basis. It was not in it for me.

The sum up of the effects that I noted positive were:

Mild relaxation.
Happy buzz feeling.
Morphing and breathing.
Shimmering colors.
Motor failure (it was kinda fun trying to walk straight).

The sum up of the effects that I noted negative were:

Moderate Nausea.
Foul and sour taste.
Foul smell.
Motor failure (was only fun a few moments).

The effects came up on me about 10-20 minutes when taking one dose, lasting to about 1 minute after throwing it away. Using two, I started feeling the effects strong and fast, in about 5 minutes. I estimate I had still the feeling in me five minutes after I spit it out. I didn't keep it in me much longer than until I started feeling the effects.

I'd rather smoke than using tobacco this way. If anyone would ever be curious about the brand I used, it's Gustavus Original. Can be found in Sweden. I wouldn't personally recommend this to anyone, but it was still 'fun to have experienced it'

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35630
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 1, 2007Views: 29,357
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