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Another Enjoyable Ride
by Aire
Citation:   Aire. "Another Enjoyable Ride: An Experience with 5-MeO-DALT (exp35721)". Aug 7, 2004.

40 mg oral 5-MeO-DALT (powder / crystals)


I feel as though I've really started to understand this still relatively unknown chemical quite a bit more the more I have experimented with it. I suppose this is only natural, however. I won't go into as much of a detailed report as I had last time, considering it's not my first journey into the psychoactive effects of a new material to myself. My last experience was such enjoyable and left me thinking there was much potential at a much higher dosage. The previous experiment also gave me the impression that this material would be very safe at much higher doses and that's how I decided to go with 40mg this time.

-- Consumption..

The substance is still rather sticky, dark in color, and continues to have the very strong chemical smell to itself. I prepare 40mg into a capsule and consume after having fasted for some 15 hours leading up to this point.

-- First 15 Minutes..

I remarked having my senses heightened at this point, though of course it was nothing short of subtle at this point. I had the feeling that this was going to be a much more intense experience than was of last time.

-- 45 Minute Mark..

I am definately 'coming up' as alot of people would say. It is very similar to that feeling of anticipation and awareness one would get with other such chemicals that tend to manifest themselves into peak effects rather quickly. I am in a very good mindstate and eagerly await what I feel will be a peak of the effects that should come on any minute now.

-- 55 Minute Mark..

Just as the fast onset, the peak effects came on just as quickly as I had anticipated and, as previously hypothesized would be the case, just as quickly as it did in my previous experiment and at the same time just as quickly as alot of other psychoactive chemicals someone like myself is used to. In my mind I feel filled with happiness and joy that is both remarkable and spectacular. My body has alot of energy and synergized with my mind thoroughly enjoys socializing with the people around me.

Not present in my previous experience but very prevalant this time are alot of tracers and things looking a little blurry much alike the visual effects I would get off MDMA. Things out of my immediate visual focus seem to have some minor movement to them though it isn't very noticeable or extreme. Music sounds nothing short of astounding as I found myself socializing and having a great time feeling in an extremely great, stimulated sped-up mood, and having lots of energy flowing throughout my body.

All of these effects would go on in full-effect for the next two and a half hours. At the time I felt like this would most likely go on for a good 4-5 hours as it had seemed to last time, though in retrospect I believe the last experience seeming to have went on for much longer may have just been myself over-analyzing the experience seeing as how this material is so new and relatively unknown. After the peak effects had been going on for 2 hours, they slowly faded away and I came back to baseline and to a sense of feeling very normal and sober at the 2.5 hour point after peak effects as mentioned above. There is a definite 'afterglow' feeling that persisted for a good number of hours afterward where not only did I feel normal but also felt in a very fine mood and still with more energy than normal.

-- Summary..

I stand by my previous claim in my first experience in saying that I feel that this substance will prove to have it's positive effects far outweigh it's negatives. Not only do I believe this because I believe the experience on 5-MeO-DALT is thoroughly enjoyable through-and-through but also because it really doesn't have any negative effects whatsoever. There is no 'hangover,' I haven't ever fealt any nausea, nor have I experienced any other side effect one might associate with alot of relatively unknown 'drugs' of the day.

I feel as though doses above 20mg are where this material really shines and where the doses ought to be. As more and more information about this still 'new' chemical is learned and documented, this may very well prove to be untrue, though I highly doubt that will be the case. I will definately look forward to additional experiences and expect them to be just as rewarding as my experiences with this material have been up to this point. This is definately the best 'new' substance I have consumed and experienced in years.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35721
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 7, 2004Views: 79,511
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