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Two Ways to Get There
Salvia divinorium (Extract)
by DonetoMany
Citation:   DonetoMany. "Two Ways to Get There: An Experience with Salvia divinorium (Extract) (exp35874)". May 9, 2007.

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


Due to the sober mind state and no other possible drug encounters today I am going to write as I experience this drug. Since it is far from my first time with this substance, I already have a vial with a mixture of 1 part sifted marijuana and 3 parts different potencies of salvia: 10x, 13x, and 17x (the number stands for times potency). So for example 10x is 10 times stronger then it normally would be, the higher the number the more potent it is. You can buy salvia as dried leaves (unless making extract from them they are very weak alone) or in different quantities in grams which is what I got. The product comes in just about every potency or extract number. Iíve seen Salvia range from 3x to 30x.

If my memory serves me correctly I enjoyed the all in one combination that Iím about to try right now the most. It combines two different potencies that I feel both produce different effects if done separately. I have found smoking from a water bong with a regular lighter will produce the exact same intensity as any weird contraption with a torch as many manuals tell you. However I have to kill all of my hits. Keep in mind your reading my minds effects, which at times have been bent for dayís straight non stop on just about any substance, so the effects you experience ESPECIALLY if itís your first time will probably vary.

With this drug I would describe the overall trip in two different categories. I either reach my plateau from one giant hit very quickly and usually itís overbearingly there or I can gradually rise and never experience being 'to fucked up' for lack of better terms. Each one has its time and place in my opinion and depending on what type of trips you like you will probably like one or the other. My friend who loves DMT would rather pick the immediate rush rather then me who hated DMT, so I enjoy the slow approach.

Experience Dividing One bowl into 4 Hits:
I have taken 4 fairly decent sized rips from the water bong all from anywhere to 1-5 minutes apart. I would compare them maybe to a weed hit from a bong that doesnít make me cough, there is a very thin line between a large hit and a regular hit. It doesnít affect my throat at all so I donít use that as a judgment of how big the hit is.

After I let my breathe out anywhere from 5-30 seconds later I begin to feel affects. I start to feel mentally different, my head feels confused, things donít get blurry but its hard to focus on any one thing, its like looking straight and having two mirrors that have been sent to affect my straight perception. The head high is similar to marijuana but very different at the same time. I wouldnít call it euphoric; I would call it tripping without real visuals. I'm tripping in the sense that my eye perception is much altered but am not tripping in the sense of LSD visuals.

Currently trying to read this last paragraph is a challenge and itís very hard to pin point where the cursor is. Trying to read I have found usually just confuses me because I catch myself reading the same thing over and mix up the sentence structure almost every time. For example I put the cursor before the word paragraph and started to write the sentence differently because it didnít seem right and ended up just jumbling it even more.

I stay 'tripping' for about 10 minutes after each hit but upon stopping continuous smoking the effects mellow out and I just feel buzzed for about a half hour give or take minutes. If I want to reach a plateau and smoke to stay at that point I just continue taking same sized hits when I first feel like I'm coming down. I have shared a huge bowl with 3 people that was probably reloaded all in one session 4 or 5 times, this however resulted in one person getting up and leaving after about the 3rd bowl because as he put it 'it got to me'. He looked about how someone who is having a bad trip on other hallucinogens does: paleness, dumbfounded facial expression, secluded himself. He ended up sleeping the right of the night.

Experience with One Giant Hit:
I milk the bong as much as I can and take as big of a hit as I can without coughing and ruining the hit. Almost immediately after I let my breath out, I feel an intense rush coming on. It doesnít wait around. Upon exhaling I go from everyday thinking to where is my mind, I have heard from a eye witness he watched one man grab wildly the thin air in front of him while falling backwards off his chair. Later he explained the flaying arms because he was trying to grab onto reality while everything was going black. Apparently he started moving his arms before he started falling backwards so the cause what the drug not him falling.

The durations of these is about the same as taking small hits, only the plateau is much more intense so it seems a lot longer then 10 minutes, in fact the last thing on my mind is what time is it. I have seen plenty of visuals that I would compare with acid while taking huge rips in the past. My very first experience produced the most visuals I have seen on the drug, but I have had satisfying visuals many other times as well. I have yet to have any prevalent visuals today but thatís because Iím concentrating on writing rather then the trip. I sat and watched my surroundings for a few minutes to regroup before continuing to write.

My experience watching others who take a huge hit is that they simply have a loss of words, it seems like they want to talk but cant really find the air to get the word out, some people really enjoy having nothing in there brains and rest there eyes and just flow with it, where as I have a hard time feeling comfortable in that state. Using motor skills such as picking up a glass can prove challenging due to either dropping the glass or not being able to smoothly pick it up or smoothly set it down. Many times I have personally experienced a mouth too full of saliva where it actually makes it hard to control not spilling out, that sounds disgusting but thatís the only way I can describe it. Its not that my mouth fills up, its more I forget how to move my mouth effectively. I have always wondered if marijuana combination would counteract that effect but have never actually tested it. Sometimes I also get sort of sweaty and itchy but that has only happened in surroundings where I would rather not have been in while smoking Salvia and I can for sure say those effects are directly related to mind state.

In Conclusion to Salvia I find the drug similar to that of other hallucinogenic drugs but with noticeable differences, for one is the length, the plateau will never last longer then minutes and I can rarely reach an even higher intoxication after my first major effects. The more times I try and achieve it in one sitting the farther I get from it, however I am still always are effected by smoking it. I have also found that I donít feel mentally affected the rest of the day like most other psycho actives. I donít feel better about myself, like I have learned things, or changed in how I view things. In an hour I will be completely sober again back at square one. I have never had a full out of body experience as some report.

I have mixed this drug with alcohol and found that if I start smoking when I am already completely drunk I feel the affects but cannot be overwhelmed by it. I might find myself laughing as I did at the fact I have no mind. The high cost and small quantity I receive from stores is quite a barrier in future discoveries about this amazing plant, but I am looking into growing and extracting my own plants.

After this experience I remembered why I liked this substance so much, I planned on writing a couple paragraphs comparison and ended up with the whole experience. Since I had the vial with marijuana Iím now just left with a nice buzz after all noticeable salvia effects have ceased.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35874
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 9, 2007Views: 17,194
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