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2C-I Redux
by bedo
Citation:   bedo. "2C-I Redux: An Experience with 2C-I (exp36078)". Apr 7, 2005.

27 mg oral 2C-I (liquid)
Awoke on a beautiful morning. Feeling quite energetic and happy. Decided to spend the day outside. Had been feeling a bit mentally dull from too much work and not enough recreation time. Decided to try 2CI for a second time at a higher dose. Previous experience with 2CI at 17 mg dose level was very mild. Previous experience with hallucinogenics is quite extensive.

Took dose by dropping crystals in water and stirring. Taste was bitter but that was ok. Washed it down with some juice. Then packed my daypack with water and some clothes and made a short drive to a nearby tidal pool where there is rarely anyone else. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
T .5- Walking into pools takes me through some fields where I stop and enjoy the symmetry of the flowers and the quietness. Nothing unusual for me but just the knowing that the 2CI is in my body makes me alert to the possibilities.

Get down to the pools and think I am just starting to feel the first alerts. Things take on a beautiful shimmering cast to them and ...oh shit, there are two tourists here. I feel like hiding but then decide to be friendly.

T +1 I am definitely feeling the effects of 2CI now. Effects are much more pronounced at this higher doseage but not unpleasant. I am speaking to the other people at the tidal pools and exchanging pleasantries. They are a young newlywed couple and I sense they feel awkward and a bit like they are imposing as they can see I have come prepared to this space and they found it by wandering around ...lost! I do my best to connect with them and put them at ease but after about 15 minutes I am starting to be bored with the shallowness of the conversation and I wander off in mid sentence to look in the pools. Pretty soon we are both looking in the tide pools and watching the fish change color. The fish look exactly like Dr. Suess fish ...they are blennies, if you look them up you will see what I mean. I find myself sensitive to their distinct personalities (the people and the fish).

T+1.5 The tourists leave and I am alone. I get naked and go for a swim but even though I am alone I have this feeling that someone is watching me and I shouldnt be naked. I can not easily shake this feeling but instead of succumbing to it I see it as a sociological restriction on feeling free and I blatently ignore it...Foreshadowing.

T 2.5 Full blown visuals and body waves. I am amazed that 2CI is a REAL hallucinogen as my previous experience at lower dose was not really much to write home about. This time I have traces and the deep introspection that can come with sitting still.

T3.0 A large boat goes by on the water which is unusual for this area but the amazingly calm weather facilitates the boat being on this part of the ocean and as they go by the noise drowns out the sound of the birds and other natural noises. I realize the sound of the boat is directly proportional to the number of people making way in the boat at the speed they are travelling and find the whole thing (sightseeing in a highspeed boat) a rather obscene manifestation of tourism. I feel overcome by anxiety about the penetration of man into natural areas with machines and hope like hell that our future holds wild open spaces that will not be descrated by people just looking for their next quick thrill. It seems evident to me that walking is the proper speed for a human. I am not saying we should not drive or use machines just that is obvious to really see anything like fish changing color you need to go slow and sit quietly.

T4.0 Getting hungry and now overhead sun so I walk back to my car

T 4.5 Driving is easy going as I am on country road with no crossroads but still I feel anxious and would not consider driving if I had to be in traffic. The last mile or so as I near my home I am very cautious.

T 5.0 Feel good to be in my own home and safe. Still feeling effects but starting to come down. I have a shower and then run out in my own backyard to bury the compost...naked. Yard has fence and is semi private. I am burying compost when neighbor calls my name. My mind rushes...I am naked and he can see I am naked so I decide...'Hey, we are all naked sometime and have a body and I will not feel like I have to hide'. I turn around and say Hi 'X'. He sez...'You know 'Y' that is really not cool, my daughter is home for the summer and she can see everything from upstairs.' I am mortified and apologize. Even though his daughter is an adult of 19 or 20 I feel a mixture of feelings. Anger at not being able to be naked in my own backyard, shame that my naked body would or could somehow be interpreted as ...anything more than just me being naked in my own space doing my own thing without any intent to send any kind of message to anyone! In any case I retreat into the house and find myself hiding...! IN MY OWN HOUSE! I reflect that the 2CI is partially causing me to spin out of control in my head when normally I would just go...Hey! Ok I will put some clothes on. I think I am coming down but realize that I am still up and mentally spinning.

T 7.0 Fully down. Girlfriend comes home and asks me how my day went. I am completely in control and relate my day to her like it happened. Don't feel much in the way of 2CI

Slept fine.
Found that the following week I was not quite as sharp as I usually am but as I was saying...have been feeling dull lately.

The 'put some clothes on' thing continued to bother me and spun me off into several discussions with friends about public and private and where the line is.

Had a very large brainstorm about 14 days out not related to anything here except to say that I suddenly had insight into a mathamatical problem as I was falling asleep and thinking about squares. I realized I had resolved a general equation for the value of any square using quadratics. This is only interesting as I do not think about math in my general day to day life and have not thought about quadratic equations since college (20 YEARS AGO) and did not understand what a quadratic equation was even about in those days or their purpose.

There have been times in my life when I suddenly saw the BIG PICTURE, but it has been many years since a 'missing piece' suddenly resolved itself. I add this to this report to say that the dullness I was feeling, if it was caused by my headset of working too much or the 2CI seems to be fully gone at 14 days.

Would consider a higher dose (30 mg...) If the setting was completely safe. Probably would enjoy having company of friends next time.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36078
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 7, 2005Views: 29,356
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2C-I (172) : Alone (16), General (1)

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