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Finding Bilbo
Citation:   Nb2400. "Finding Bilbo: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (exp36171)". Jan 6, 2008.

550 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
First of all, this experience I am going to write about was definately not my first, and was more like a 4th or 5th experience, but it was the best one out of all of them.

Me and my friend have been playing around with different doses of dimenhydrinate for a while so that we could both have a good trip from it. The last time we tried, I took 11 pills (50 mg each) and she took 12. We took it while we were eating dinner around 5, and then we went upstairs to get ready because we wanted it to be as fun as possible so we were going to walk to our friend's house. I had a shower as fast as I could, and when I got out of the shower around 5:20 I was already starting to feel it, so I went into my room to get ready to go while she had a shower. My mom was in the room right next to my room, so I was going to close the door so she wouldn't notice me acting weird, but by this time I was already feeling heavy and forgetful, and the door thought slipped my mind.

My friend went into the bathroom which was the room on the other side of my room, and she got into the shower. When she turned the water on I could have sworn that I heard the shower break, and I was going to ask my mom about it but I changed my mind because I knew I was probably imagining it. I dried my hair and then my friend was done showering and she came into the room with me and asked how I was feeling. I told her I was feeling 'gooood' and that I would call our friend to tell him we were leaving to come to his house. Well, I had written his number on my leg earlier but my shower washed two or three of the numbers off so I went into the room my mom was in to look up his number in the phone book.

I found his number and I looked at the phone and saw the numbers go onto the display and then I heard the phone ringing so I figured I had already dialed the number, so I put the phone to my ear and said, 'Hello?? Are you there???' And then I realized that I actually HADN'T dialed the number yet. I stated that I hadn't dialed it yet and left the room so that my mom wouldn't try to figure out what was wrong with me.
I went into my bedroom where my friend was and dialed the number for real this time. He asked me if I was ok because I sounded stoned or something, but I told him I was perfectly normal and that we were leaving to start walking to his house.

We left my house and walked was feeling so good, and my friend suggested that we run from something (I forget what), so we ran in what seemed to be slow motion. And then a family drove by us and the driver waved to me so I shouted hi and waved back. Then I noticed that everybody who drove by us seemed to know me and they all waved to me, so I just waved back to everyone. By this point I think that anyone who may have heard me and her (my friend) talking would not have understood us at all, but at least we were making sense to each other.

Then we started looking for our friend, because he said he would walk in the direction we would be coming from so we didn't get lost. Everyone who we saw walking down the street suddenly looked like our friend, but anyone who walked by we would realize we didn't know, even though I swore that they were waving to us.

As time passed we kept walking and she kept calling our friend 'Bilbo', even though his name sounds nothing like that. She would try to turn down every street that we passed but I told her keep walking because he said that he would meet us half way. By now every tree that we walked by had people moving around in them so I would run by the trees or bushes. Also if a car made any noise at all I would scream and get really scared. Finally we found our friend who we had told that we were perfectly normal, and right before he got to us my other friend told me to act normal. I thought I could, until he told me that I was making no sense. So then we admitted about the gravol (or tried to).

At one point during the rest of the walk I remember a car honking really loudly and me running away screaming, but according to the only sober one there, I only jumped, didn't scream or run. Next thing I remember is being in a basement trying to watch a movie. I remember that the basement had a chair with a blanket over it and the blanket was moving around as if something was under it and I said, 'Oh, it's just a mouse!' as I saw a mouse climb out from under the blanket and run away. Even after the 'mouse' was gone, the blanket kept moving the same.

I also remember that every time our friend tried to talk to either of us we would reply with something really strange and then our facial expression would go blank. I remember that feeling, I would forget what I was doing and think I was asleep, my jaw would drop open and I would stare blankly. Also, when trying to watch the movie, the people's movement would actually freeze. When I relaxed a little and tried to watch the movie, I ended up thinking that I was in the movie and the guy asked me a question about drugs, and I responded with no. Apparently a while after I said no, I stated how I was in the movie.

Next thing I remember was waking up to go to the bathroom but our friend's giant german shepard's head moved in super speed shaking around as I tried to walk by and I got really scared. And then we were in a taxi, and I had to give the driver directions and I ended up making him drop me off at the survey of houses that isn't mine, but is on the same street. We found our way home and I remember my mom asking me for weed, but I am half convinced that was an hallucination.

I fell asleep around 9 PM I think, and woke up the next day around noon. My friend had gone home during the night because she was feeling too weird to handle and all I wanted to do was sleep.

That was the best time out of the few times I've tried gravol, though I forget a few parts of the night, and some things I remember way differently than they apparently were.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36171
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 6, 2008Views: 26,381
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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