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Too Much, Too Tedious and Too Fast
Phentermine, Ginkgo biloba, Coffee & Ephedrine
Citation:   Twigz. "Too Much, Too Tedious and Too Fast: An Experience with Phentermine, Ginkgo biloba, Coffee & Ephedrine (exp36340)". May 8, 2006.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  3 tablets oral Ephedrine  
  1 tablet oral Pharms - Phentermine  
    oral Ginkgo biloba (pill / tablet)
    oral Coffee (liquid)
To start off it was the day before ozzfest and I had about 6 people, 7 including myself who were all going to ozzfest with me and were at my house at the time. We were all sitting around trying to figure out the best way to meet up for ozzfest, seeing as how we were depending on each other for rides, and ozzfest started at 8 the next morning. After sitting and thinking about it awhile, someone got the bright idea to stay up the whole night at my house then leave in the morning and grab some breakfast on the way.

So we all agreed, and started chilling... and staying awake. 4 am rolls around and I'm starting to get kinda restless, so I decide to smoke a little with one of my friends. Well we smoke a bowl, and then 30 minutes later we smoked another bowl. We we're pretty high and happy... and all was great, then when it got to be around 6 my buzz was pretty much gone... and I really wanted to be high for ozzfest, as did my friend. This being the case, we smoke another bowl... and yes, then another one.

Then at around 7 every one started to get there shit together to get ready to leave. So we're all walking around my house grabbing whatever we think we'll need, and getting our tickets, and all our money together... so on and so on. So while this is going on, my parents join us in the living room and they offer to smoke with my friend and me because they're cool like that. My friend and I agree to join while every one else (the 'non smokers') drank mountain dew and ran around in circles in the front yard. Now while i'm sitting here enjoying this joint with my parents and my friend, I'm realizing that not only am I beyond stoned, but i'm really fucking tired. So tired that if I closed my eyes for even a second I knew I'd be out.

After finishing the joint I asked my mom if she had any pills with caffeine in them to give me a boost. She gave me some ephedrine, some phentermine, and some ginkgo biloba. She gave me a few of each to give to anyone else that might want one... My friend and I happened to take the same amount of every thing. We took 3 ephedrine, 1 phentermine, and 2 or 3 ginkgo biloba. Every one else took one ginkgo biloba and one ephedrine. So0o0o... I was getting pretty fucked up. We all piled into two cars and went off to get some last minute things done. The car I was in the back of had to run over to one of my friend's house to grab his sister to take with us. When we got there I was sitting on his couch freaking out at how my body was feeling... I was really high, and I was really numb and laid back.

It felt almost as if my feet were melting into the floor, and I was really awake and alert. I looked over at my friend who was as fucked up as myself... and she was looking at the wall, not blinking. I whispered her name and leaned towards her, and the second my voice hit her ears, she whipped her head right at me, her eyes almost bugging out of her head. I asked her how she felt and she said she felt really kinky. I smiled and told her I felt like that too, then we just stopped talking and looked at different random things in the room until every one was ready to go.

We then went to a convenient store and I got a big ass french vanilla coffee thing, and that just made me even more alert and even sharper. I was pretty messed up by then. We were on our way to ozzfest, about a 30-minute drive away, and I was just relaxing in the back seat. Not really feeling anything. I wasn't concerned about anything, not a care in the world. My friend was the same exact way, she was sitting next to me and we were both as still as anything. It was amazing... I felt soooo good right then. There was no chaos or anything running through my head and all I was doing was enjoying the moment. When we got to ozzfest and we stood in the line, I felt like I was going to fall over. My feet felt really heavy, like they were being held to the ground against my will, and I couldn't focus on any certain part of my body.

When we got into the area and over to second stage I still felt numb and it was cold out, but my face was warm.

My whole body was really cold except for my face, and I remember shifting my eyes to look in a different direction and noticing that i moved my eyes really fast. Very fast, swift moments. Like a spas attack or something. Then about 30 minutes later my hands started to shake, and my body started to shake. At first I was too high to consider the pills being the reason for the shaking, and I figured it was because it was cold outside. But by the afternoon when the sun was out, and it was warm... I was still shaking. And I wanted to move around and move my eyes in different directions. And I felt like no one could see me so it didn't matter how weird I acted. My high started to fade... but my body was still shaking. My heart beat was pretty fast as well, and I felt like if I slowed down something would happen... so the whole time I kept making sure I moved around a lot. all in all it was an awesome experience. And after ozzfest on the way home I was wet and hungry, it rained on and off for a good two hours, I froze my ass off, and I was sun burned all over my face.

I had a huge headache… that was the coming down part that sucked, but a little headache was worth the rest of that. I slept really good that night as well… oh ya, that’s right.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36340
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 8, 2006Views: 75,077
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Coffee (173), Ginkgo biloba (195), Pharms - Phentermine (248), Ephedrine (23) : Various (28), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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