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Acetylcholine Increases
DMAE, Vinpocetine, Huperzine, GHB & Sleep Deprivation
Citation:   DJmaux. "Acetylcholine Increases: An Experience with DMAE, Vinpocetine, Huperzine, GHB & Sleep Deprivation (exp36603)". Sep 8, 2004.

  oral GHB (daily)
    oral DMAE (daily)
    oral Vinpocetine (daily)
    oral Various (daily)
    oral Pharms - Olanzapine (daily)
    oral Huperzine (daily)
I was taking GHB once or twice every day and I read on the net that GHB is a drug that lowers an enzyme in your brain called acetycholine esterase (which breaks down acetylcholine) which in turn increases your acetylcholine levels. I came across a web page that sold a group of similar drugs together as a pack including DMAE, vinpocetine and huperzine A.
I decided in order to make myself a genius I would order them! Bad idea!

I started taking all 4 drugs every morning for a few weeks then once I stayed up all night without sleep due to post GHB sleep insomnia. Well the following night after being up about 30-35 hours when I closed my eyes I had mild closed eye visuals of a cat and dog fighting each other! It was really mad! I saw various frames of what was like itchy and scratchy in that this dog was attacking this cat with rockets and mallets etc. It was happing at like 2-3 frames a second as if cycling through all the infinite possibilitys that could occur with a cat and dog fighting. I wondered what the hell was going on! I thought that what was happing was that when I had slept on GHB the night before I had somehow missed out on REM sleep and now I was hallucinating because I was REM deprived! I had no idea at the time what was going on!

Anyway i fell asleep and woke up next morning and they had gone. Phew I thought. Then a few weeks later I slept on GHB 3 times in a row going through about 12g. Then as usual I couldnt sleep so I missed a nights sleep. Then the following night I turned the lights on in my room on the dimmest setting and I just went to the sink and I looked at the tap and I could faintly see water running from it but the tap was off! I looked down at the floor and thought snakes and then I could see loads of small undetailed black lines moving about. Oh oh I though here we go again. I got a newspaper and looked at the words and they would morph in front of me (bear in mind this is with the dimmer on the lowest setting) A sentence like 'The cat was on the other side of the road' would morph into 'Tha vat sas om thr othre zide fo hte roas' I started to get really scared and though oh my god i need to get to sleep fast.

Well a few more hours passed and I though ok lets try to go to bed. I got into bed and closed my eyes and again there were CEV's but they were starting to get more intense as I been up for about 30+ hours. As I tryed to ignore them the most horrifying thing happened. I was just starting to drop off to sleep when the closed eye visuals suddenly started to spiral in intensity very severly and about 20 cartoon charaters started to appear very very brightly and spiral around. I cant explain how intense this was unlike the previous dimmer CEV's and I heard the word 'Path' uttered from them from somewhere and I jumped up scared out my mind. I started to realise that what just happened was that my REM center was starting to turn on and I was starting to dream before I fell asleep! Then it hit me like ton of bricks! What if I cant fall asleep? How bad could this get? I then started to get really really worried because I thought that I would not ever get to sleep and that these now moderatly intese visuals could get far far far worse to the point where I was dreaming fully whilst awake being the worst it could get, followed by insanity and death due to lack of sleep.

I was thinking about what to do for a few hours too terrified to close my eyes and I rang the hospital up at about 2 am and asked for an ambluance.
I was then whisked off to the hospital. While i was at the hospital I had to wait for 2 hours for a doctor. I was in a terribible state. I cant begin to tell you how frightened I was. I kept thinking over and over that in a few hours I was going to be having full blown hallucinations that would spiral and spiral worse and worse until anything I imagined would appear infront of me. I closed my eyes at the hospital and was horrified with what I saw. The visuals had gotten a lot worse that they were 5 hours ago.
They were getting insane. I cant explain to how weird the visuals were they were unlike anything I had ever seen. It was like watching a massive quantum computer having a breakdown. I could see massive grids with codes and numbers and letter's cycling through all the possible codes ever that could exist A0000012345 B0000012345 C00000012345. It was a similar theme of cycling though every possibility that existed.

I couldnt believe it. There were other things I saw that were so strange I cant describe them to you. Lets just say that if there are an infinite number of possibilites I was seeing things that were further away than the normal possibilites you see. They were just like this mixture of odd lanscapes with balls falling and boucing and oh I just cant really explain.
I could start to very faintly here audio hallucinations with the visuals which were like high pitches shreeks and giggles like I was being laughed at which again scared me more. Also when I looked at the floor in the fully lit hospital I could ever so fainly see things moving on the floor.
I began to go from being very scared to being petrified. I started to realise that i was about to descend into infinite insantity followed by death.

The doctor saw me at 4-5 am and then dissapeared leaving me in a bed for 3-4 hours on my own while they did a blood test. Those 3-4 hours were the worst in my life. I started to realise I might have to kill myself before my rem center started to get to the point where I was dreaming whilst still awake. I mean let me explain. You know when you have a horrible nightmare with monsters etc and you panic and wake up and you rem center stops. Can you imagine if you woke up and you rem center carried on at 100% ? Where anything you imagine happens and you spend something 2-3 days with it constantly happening followed by insanity and death? Well this is what was aproaching me! I had a very bad acid trip when I was younger and I could tell that this could be far far worse than that and far worse that the worst mushroom, salvia, dmt trips etc. I started to think in the hospital how much time I had before things got too bad to handle. I started to look for something sharp to cut my wrists with read to end my life when the hallucinations got the point I could not longer manage it.

I couldnt find anything so I was preparing to bite my wrists/veins to kill myself. I probably had another 20 hours before I had to do it but I had been up about 35 hours now and wasnt thinking clearly. So I just sat there for 3-4 hours wating for these dammed blood tests slowly getting worse and worse repeating over and over please god help me please please I dont wanna die! I was in total panic mode where nothing seemed real and I couldnt believe I was really there. At about 8 am I closed my eyes to check how bad it was and couldnt really see anything! They had gone! The visuals had gone! I couldnt believe it! So these hallucination's just dissapeared for no reason? I couldnt believe what was happening! How had they gone? I though god had magiced them away or something. I later realised I must of passed out for a few seconds and got a tiny amount of sleep.

I rang my dad up to come and pick me up and when I got back home I got into bed and closed my eyes and the visuals were 50% still there. Again they were very very weird and I wish I could decribe them but i just cant. I went downstairs and watched tv and I think I fell asleep for 30 mins and then they were gone almost totally. I then calmed down and was greatful I was ok. I went to bed that night and the next day everything was ok. It wasnt until a few days later I was reading on the net that acetycholine is involved in dreaming. Apparently when you dream acetycholine fires very very rapidly and tells you cerebral cortex to turn on for dreams! I suddenenly realised what had happened! I had taken far too many acetycholine esterase inhibitors and my acetycholine was going through the roof! This was causing my CEV'S!

I stopped taking all drugs except GHB. I found that although these drugs are meant to always be reversable acetylcholine esterase inhibitors I had taken to much and it was not completly reversable reversable. I found that I couldnt take more than 3g of GHB a day without my acetycholine going back up again. I was now hypersenstitve. So I carried on taking ghb, often with my acetycholine much higher that normal because as long as it wasnt to high it was kinda cool. Having high acetcholine gives me a more powerful imagination and is like a psychedelic drug. Now my final problem was that because I had my acetycholine so high for many months after this hospital visit I found one day when i stopped taking ghb that my acetycholine was stuck at a permanently high level and wont go back down! What does this mean? Well the higher your actylcholine is the harder it is to get to sleep. I have to be up for longer before I can sleep. My imaginaton is perinently in high gear all the time.

Also bright lights leave marks/trails easily so it's like I have a light sensitivity due the acetcholine. Also when I close my eyes I can still see the image of what I was looking at for a split second after I close my eyes. The worst thing about having perminently high acetycholine though is the loss of sleep quality. I now have 2-3 times as much rem sleep and as a result only about 1/2 the amount of deep sleep. 8 hours of sleep for me only rests me like 4 hours. I have been to the doctors and been using olanzapine to help me sleep 12 hours but even thats not enough and olazapine is making me depressed. I think im going to try a drug called biperiden (akineton tm) which lowers acetylcholine. But anyway be warned that by taking these drugs and increasing your actycholine you are lowering your sleep quality. But the bigger danger is that if you take too much for a long time like me you could end up with perminently high acetycholine that wont go down. My advice is dont bother as having a slightly better imagination is not worth the trouble.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 36603
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 8, 2004Views: 38,327
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Huperzine  (474), GHB (25), Vinpocetine (162), DMAE (151), Sleep Deprivation (140) : Hospital (36), HPPD / Lasting Visuals (40), Health Problems (27), Combinations (3)

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