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Death Was So Near
Salvia divinorum (10x extract) & Cannabis
by socalsunburner
Citation:   socalsunburner. "Death Was So Near: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (10x extract) & Cannabis (exp36644)". Jan 22, 2023.

Couple bowls smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)


I have heard the term 'Bad trip' many times but the experience I lived through last night was something I will never ever forget even though I wish I could.

There I was watching wrestlemania 17 on my VHS player smoking a bowl of buds. My girlfriend (who usually always trips with me) was asleep in the bedroom. So I decided I was going to smoke a bowl of Salvia. I made sure I was pretty baked and then put a few snappers of bud in the pipe and pinched some Salvia over it. I hit the bowl and held it in for about 30 seconds then as if I was a machine I immediately got up and packed another bowl of Salvia and took another hit, I held the hit for about 20 seconds and then I went into my head briefly

The announcer on the television was talking but I was removed from reality. The announcer became God or Satan or Me but this was real. Right as I let the hit out the commanding voice told my soul as if I was removed from earth and God's voice was speaking to me the words were 'You are going to die unless you eat what is made up of that ladder!' I was being told this by something greater then me. My world and I suddenly went into a panic attack. I couldn't breath at all. I was choking. I asked back in a horrifying panic 'What is it!' The voice replied 'It's in the fridge!' And then the voice started to explain how long I had to live and what I had to eat and gave me clues but I couldn't pay attention.

The fear that rushed through me as I heard those words cannot be described. My own mother could be trapped under a semi truck and that wouldn't even come close to the panic my mind, body, soul and life was going through at that moment. I was convinced I was dying. My breaths were not reaching my lungs and my body and mind started to die. My Body felt like it was being stripped away piece by piece. I seriously thought I was dying. I woke up my girlfriend and could barely explain to her the situation.

So I went with my girlfriend to the fridge and opened everything in the fridge and ate bits and pieces of it. This helped me calm down a little but I still felt like I was going to die. She didn't take me seriously. She thought I could just snap out of it but to me this was real. I was doomed and the moment we were sharing was the last time I was ever going to see her. Death seemed so incredibly close, almost like God was giving me the last few moments to live.
I was doomed and the moment we were sharing was the last time I was ever going to see her. Death seemed so incredibly close, almost like God was giving me the last few moments to live.
During this time I was still struggling to breath. I was also very scared of laying down because every time I did I could feel my mind drift away. I had to stay awake. I had to survive but I felt like it was my time. God had chosen me to die that day. My girlfriend then comforted me and it helped relieve the intense anxiety but my breathing was still hard to accomplish. My head kept feeling like I was about to loose control of itself.

3 hours after taking the hits I was still convinced I was going to die. Eventually I came to the realization that I was tripping out but I still physically couldn't function. My head was out of it and I kept trying to breath but my breaths were like 1 every 10 seconds. I kept wishing to myself that I could be normal again and that I would eventually come back to reality. I eventually went to sleep that morning at like 5:30 and when I woke up at around 1. I still felt really detached from reality but I was very happy to be alive.

Its 1:54 am the next day (about 24 hours later) and I still feel somewhat 'out of it' and I don't know if I will ever feel the same as I use to but that might not be a bad thing as I am not depressed as I was prior to using the salvia. I have a whole new respect for life since it seemed in my reality that death was so near.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36644
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 22, 2023Views: 223
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