It's Not All Fun and Games
Cocaine, Alcohol & Cannabis
Citation:   Mr. Frodo. "It's Not All Fun and Games: An Experience with Cocaine, Alcohol & Cannabis (exp36726)". Jan 10, 2008.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  6 shots oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  0.3333 g insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)
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You think cocaine is all fun and games? I thought so too until 2 days ago.

To start off with a little bit of background, me and my buddy Doug have been recreationally using different substances together for about four years. Our relationship was very special in the aspect that we had both smoked weed together for our first times, and we all had the same group of friends, a mix of jocks and skaters and stoners (unusual, huh?) We have done coke, mushrooms, acid, painkillers, and of course, smoked weed together on several occasions. We were best friends, and our parents are also very good friends with each other. They approved of and trusted our experimentation under the other's watchful eyes. They instructed us to be safe, but basically let us be 17 year old boys. We were always hanging out together, and not always just to get loaded. We were very close friends.

Two nights ago, Doug, me, and another of our friends Ben were hanging out in Doug's barn drinking some beers, and just chillin. We had smoked some bud, and had each drank about 6 shots each and drank a few beers each. We were less fucked up than we have been together many a time. A guy that we mutually know named David came over, and had a few grams of coke for sale. We bought a gram for 40 bucks, and put it away for later.

We played some video games, and smoked a few bowls. We were just hanging out and everything was going good. We both noticed we weren't as drunk as a few hours before, so we decided to do some of the coke. We had figured it would be a waste of coke to do it while totally sloshed. So we each divided up two 1 inch lines each and snorted them quickly... it was mediocre coke, not good but not shitty. We just chilled, playing around with Ben's guitar, and listening to old nirvana albums, and just bulshitting, enjoying our highs.

About 30 minutes later, Doug said he was coming down off of the coke a little, and was getting a little tired from all the shit we had done, and decided to go pass out on the couch. Keep in mind he has done coke on several occasions, and in no way shape of form felt any different than any other time, or he would have said so. I know him well enough to know he would have told us if he thought something was wrong. He just was simply tired, and fucked up, and wanted to sleep it off like so many other times he has done the same thing. We all smoked a cigarette, turned off the lights in the loft, and went into our own little worlds in the dark.

Approxomately an hour later, I was still awake and in a chemical daze on a sleeping mat on the floor, and I heard puking outside. No surprise. Happens every time we get together and drink, someone throws up. Then I hear crying... not as normal as puking. I stumble to the barn door and see Doug laying on the ground, and can see him shaking with sobs, and still puking in between. I wake up Ben, and we both help him into the barn, almost both completely sober by now you can imagine. We get him back on the couch, and give him some water and a hot dog bun, thinking that it may be alcohol poisoning and wanting to get any more alcohol in his stomach absorbed to give his liver a break for a few minutes. He thanks us, he is completely responsive, and says he is just really drunk. He has done this before, and we think nothing more of it. He passes out, and he starts snoring very loudly. After about 10 minutes of watchin over him, Ben and I pass out again. We are very relieved.

In the morning at about ten o clock, Ben and I wake up and see Doug still sleeping. We get up and feed the animals, and collect a few eggs for breakfast. I live in a very small farming community in Idaho in case you were wondering why we do weird shit like this. We go about our normal morning shit for about two hours, and still Doug is sleeping. His mom asks us to wake him up as he has to help Doug Sr. make a hay delivery in an hour, and he needs to get ready. We go in and I grab his shoulder and shake him. He is still sleeping. I shake him four or five times, and then notice he isn't even moving which is very unusual. I grab his hand, and it is very cold. I don't know if you have ever grabbed a dead person, but it is the FREAKIEST thing anyone could ever do, especially not expecting it.

The medical examiner came over, and said Doug was indeed dead, but said he hadn't the slightest clue why, as he was so young and healthy and hadn't been injured recently. But me and Ben knew why. It wasn't the cocaine alone, or the alcohol alone. Doug had done both before, separately, and was experienced with both. We by no know means took a larger than average (for us) dose, and I didn't even have a coke-over like I usually do on the morning after snorting. The man at the hospital later said that what had killed my best friend was not either drug individually, but a chemical produced by the combination called cocaethylene (I am not sure of the spelling).

As of right now, me, Ben, Doug's parents and sisters, and everyone else who was close to him, is in shock. Two days ago we were being kids. We didn't even think we were going overboard. It was very normal for us on a Saturday night. Everything was normal. I for one am in a daze, and still haven't fully realized yet that Doug is gone. Ben and I are both the same. We joked today and didn't really discuss it much, although we are both very much shocked and in disbelief, I think. I am just now starting to realize what happened two nights ago. I just wonder why not me or Ben. We all drank and snorted approximately the same amount each, and we are all the same size. Nothing was abnormal until Sunday morning.

I am so shocked, that I don't really believe this is real. I just hop I can warn others about this dangerous mixture before someone else loses their life over an a night of fun. I do not mean to preach or anything. In fact, I will continue to smoke marijuana, but I think it will be a long time before I use cocaine or alcohol again, and forever before I use them together again. It is pointless for a 17 year old boy who was a good friend, a good brother, and a father to be to lose his life for a night of drugging.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36726
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 10, 2008Views: 57,394
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