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Mild but Effective
Catuaba (bark)
by User
Citation:   User. "Mild but Effective: An Experience with Catuaba (bark) (exp36921)". Oct 4, 2004.

2.0 g oral Catuaba (tea)


I'm 40, in good health. I smoke MJ, I quit tobacco several months ago. Amounts are estimated.

I ordered some Catuaba bark from an online shop. It's used in Brasil as an aphrodisiac. The add said that it is a nervous system tonic and is cool to use with pot, to reduce paranoia and irritation. Well, if that stuff is an aphrodisiac, it must be in the S&M scene. I tried it once as a tea, with a little amount ( 1 g ) without feeling much.

Yesterday, I tried a tea with 2 or 2.5 g. I let it boil for 20 mn and then cool down for 10 mn. The tea is dark red. A beautiful color, deeper than cinnamon or sassafras teas. I drank it quickly. It tastes good, not very strong. It tastes better than sassafras, but not as good as cinnamon. I started to feel something almost instantly, but I always do with herbal teas. Sometimes, I think that i could use hot water as a drug.

Catuaba belongs to the Erythroxylum family, which includes Coca. After 10-20 mn, i felt an effect, which was obviously not a placebo (unlike the kind of 'high' I get when drinking teas). Catuaba is definitely a stimulant. But I can't see why it's called an aphrodisiac. I had absolutely no loved up nor horny feeling. I was concentrated in what I was doing, but less than with ephedra. My heart was deeply pumping, but not in a weird way, more regularly than with caffeine. It was a bit like with C, but less strong. Though I was able to work in productive way, i was easily irritated by small things. I was alone, but I guess that I would have been aggressive toward other people. The whole effect lasted 4 hours and slowly worn off. I guess I was still a bit excited 7 hours later. No side effect nor hangover of any kind. 5 hours after having drunk the tea, while the effect was wearing off, I smoked some pot. I felt still stimulated, but in a more cool state of mind. To me, pot must be used to remove the Catuaba irritation, and not the opposite.

Catuaba is cheap, effective, and doesn't produce adverse side effects (at the dose I used). It's more a stimulant for work than anything else.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36921
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 4, 2004Views: 40,195
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Catuaba (325) : Alone (16), General (1)

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