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Bad Omens
Citation:   Gooseman. "Bad Omens: An Experience with 2C-I (exp36944)". Nov 12, 2008.

15 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
  10 mg insufflated 2C-I (powder / crystals)
I have always been an avid cannabis smoker, and have found that for some reason, I have a tolerance for hallucinogens, as does my younger brother. I have found that it takes a hefty dose (7+ grams) of good mushrooms for me to get the desired effect. My tolerance also extends to LSD, but not in such a significant way. Sadly though, acid is hard, if not impossible to find where I live, so I havenít had all that much experience. Coke never really did a thing for me either, but then again, I am not fond of uppers, like coke and amphetamines and the like. Nicotine is the only stimulant I need. But this report is about my one, and probably only, experience with 2C-I.

I had read about 2C-I, but I had never thought anything positive, or negative about it. An acquaintance of mine, though, saw that it was technically not illegal, and he being the crazy bastard that he is, decided to order a big batch. Soon, the powder came in the mail and he and his circle of friends began to eat it up like candy. They would eat it, as well as snort the stuff. It even came to the point where they would snort it in school.

At one point, a good friend of mine, Frodo, came up upon some of them doing bumps in the locker room. He thought it was coke, and poured himself a line. This is far more than any sane person should do. He was unpleasantly surprised when his face felt like it was on fire and he had to go to class tripping his balls off. After that horrid experience, he warned me to stay away from it, describing it as sketchy and un-natural. After hearing this I had to try.

I got myself what I was told was 200mg for the small sum of 20 dollars. I had no idea how much my sketchy acquaintance paid for his large batch, but I figured why the hell not. When the time came to try it, I should have felt something unpleasant was looming. First of all, I really had no idea if I had 200mg of powder, for I had no scale accurate enough to dose it. Though I now realize how stupid I was then, I carefully cut the powder into 20 little piles, that I thought were 10mg apiece, but I had no idea. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

I want to say its similar to LSD, but its not. A completely different energy, very different from the floating energy I find in mushrooms. I could feel my jaw clenching tighter and tighter. I found very few visual effects, which was good for the time being, as I was driving. Only some faint colors in the darkness. C was obviously feeling some more intense effects than I.

Upon arriving at our destination, we proceeded to hit that bong with a vengeance. In other words, we got really stoned. This seemed to help take the edge off 2C-I for me, but at the same time intensify the effects. As the body high got more intense, and some minor visuals kicked in, I began to feel off. Acid fills me with positive energy, and I canít sit still, I have to dance or play drums or something. It is perfect for concerts and festivals and the like. The mushroom makes me feel as if Iím flying everywhere I walk, which is perfect for a nature setting. 2C-I however, gives me a suspicious feeling; I just cannot trust this chemical in my head. I began to feel rather irritable and sketchy all around. It did not help when some rather sketchy characters showed up at the house. They only added to the weird element of the drug. To avoid any more bad vibes from these people, C and I made a hasty retreat.

At this time, despite the drug, I was fine to drive. C was not. He was definitely tripping more than I. I suppose I have a tolerance for 2C-I as well. On the way home, I picked up two other friends, Frodo and Squanto, obviously not their real names. Back at the house, I was fed up with not tripping, and decided to snort a bump of the shit. Squanto joined me. Because the small piles had been recombined in the bottle, I simply tapped out two small bumps, which looked about right. Again, a bad idea, but I did not care.

With my first dose still in my head, we both snorted our bumps, and immediately began to trip. Upon lifting my head up off the table, things jumped into lightspeed, so to speak, Star Wars style. I fell back on my bed, watching the world around me melt and spin and seeing sounds come in from what seemed like an eternity away. I assume Squanto had similar effects. Once the initial rush wore down, I noticed how intensely my sinuses burned. The nasty chemical drip also started around then, and I almost vomited.

Out of nowhere, my cell phone rings. It is my brother, but I do not want to answer because I didnít feel I could talk coherently at that time. I ignored the call, but it was immediately followed by another. I decided to pick up. My brother had an urgent tone in his voice and was asking desperately for a ride, but he didnít say where or why. I managed to mumble, ďIím tripping, call someone else,Ē and hang up. About a minute later my phone rang again, and I answered in a somewhat disgruntled manner. My brother started saying he needed a ride to the Hospital right away, and there had been an accident of sorts. I was skeptical at first, but I was tripping, and he kept calling back. Something had to be done. The four of us, C, Frodo, Squanto, and I all piled into my car, with C driving of course, for he had come down enough to do so. He had also, thankfully, decided against snorting a bump.

We drove to where my brother had said, and on the way passed many police cars with their lights on, and eventually caught sight of the mangled silhouette of a car, with nobody to be seen, aside from police. My mind began to race with horrible possibilities, and the visuals of police lights and twisted metal didnít help either. Soon we met my brother where he told us to, and were greeted by he and his friend, with cuts all about their faces, and blood everywhere. I was definitely freaking out in my head, but managed not to run away screaming like the tripping fool that I was.

Somehow, Squanto, Frodo, and I all got out of the car, and my brother and his friend, plus his sister and some other sketchy friend who had arrived just before, got in, and went to the hospital. The three of us then walked about a mile to Frodoís house, where C later came and picked me up after everything had been resolved at the hospital.
My brother and his friend had gotten drunk, stolen his sisterís car, and went for a joyride until they hit a tree, and thankfully walked away, despite the fact that they werenít wearing seatbelts. After a few stitches, everyone was ok.

In retrospect, I should have seen the warnings. The warnings online should have been enough, and I should have listened to Frodo. The car wreck definitely was a bad omen, warning me against 2C-I. Now I will listen. I'm going to stay away from 2C-I, or any similar synthetic. The best stuff comes from the ground, like cannabis, mushrooms, and peyote, though I have never had the pleasure of meeting the cactus. I would call that a learning experience, and despite what happened, I am glad I learned my lesson.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 36944
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 12, 2008Views: 6,542
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2C-I (172) : Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Various (28)

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