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Inside a Strange Cartoon
by Turtle
Citation:   Turtle. "Inside a Strange Cartoon: An Experience with 2C-B & MDMA (exp37024)". Erowid.org. Oct 3, 2004. erowid.org/exp/37024

T+ 0:00
1 capsl oral MDMA (capsule)
  T+ 4:00 1 capsl oral MDMA (capsule)
  T+ 6:30 25 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)


This was a very intense trip which occurred on Saturday night at a certain festival in the Nevada desert. It had both good and scary parts. I realize now that I should not have taken so much 2C-B after so much E, and because I think I am fairly sensitive to psychedelics.

That night I was with my boyfriend, 'Rob'. He took 2-CB around 8 PM, but I wanted to take E first so I took my first dose. It was great, just like the few previous times I had taken it. It was so easy to talk to people and be really friendly, and I was cheering a lot and having a great time. I was also probably talking Rob's ear off. We wandered around and danced and looked at art and theme camps. The E was fun but wore off very quickly, probably because I had taken some earlier in the week, on Wednesday night. Since it was wearing off I took a second dose around midnight. Continued to have a good time and be in a general state of amazement at the whole place. We relaxed in a 'chill dome' which seemed all soft and huggable!

Around 2:30 in the morning we returned to our camp to get warmer clothes. The E was wearing off again (except for the teeth grinding) so I decided to take the 2C-B. I was already pretty tired though and I'm sure my brain was fried from the E so it wasn't the best idea. Also Rob's trip was pretty much ending. He wanted to relax at the camp for awhile but I felt like we were missing the best night of the year, so after 15 minutes or so I dragged him back out. The 2C-B started to kick in 30 minutes or so. All the lights started to look more interesting and the patterns in the playa were incredible. We wandered around and found this HUGE AMAZING party. There was a giant palm tree set up and it felt like we were in the tropics somewhere, or else out on the tundra, because it was getting VERY cold out and people were all bundled up. I had about 6 layers on myself. Anyway they were playing GREAT music (breaks?) and the 2C-B was hitting just right. It seemed like everyone there was in some kind of altered state, just doing their own thing. I felt one with everyone there and just a strange, new, DIFFERENT kind of feeling which was good (just like last year when I took the drug).

After dancing for awhile, Rob was getting tired and wanted to find a chill dome. I didn't really want to leave, but went with him anyway. Before finding a chill dome we danced a bit more at a neighboring camp. The people there seemed even weirder and more drugged out but it was OK. Everything looked interesting. I really was feeling like I was inside a cartoon and that everything was an exaggeration. I also felt like we were all overgrown toddlers or something, playing with our toys (glowsticks, blinkies etc). Some guy (an undercover cop?) asked Rob if he had any 'psychedelics' for sale. Rob said no of course but his words just stuck in my mind that everyone there was doing these weird 'psychedelics' and in a secret amazing world. The patterns of feet and bike tracks on the playa were becoming hypnotizing -- it was almost like glue or wax that holds any impression.

Finally we found the chill dome and this is when things started to get a little TOO weird. We were just sitting on a couch and Rob was giving me a massage -- which was really amazing but also kind of freaky. I was tripping out on the interior of the dome. It was made out of a rainbow colored parachute and it was breathing. The music seemed bizarre and I couldn't really tell if there were people on the other couches or not. I felt like the dome kept changing sizes and my perspective kept shifting. Then I gave Rob a massage which was really freaky. I was seeing these rainbows of light or energy like pulsating throughout the room, like electrical veins. They were neon pink, green, blue and maybe yellow. I was really not prepared for or expecting visuals this intense! They were in sync with the weird music too. As I rubbed Rob's shoulders I could see rainbow colors radiating from my fingers where I touched him and could almost see the energy going from my hands into his muscles. Sounds cool now but it was weird!

Then this couple wandered into the dome and the girl got in my face (well it seemed like it at the time) and started rambling on about her horrible trip on salvia extract in great and freaky detail. She looked like a witch kind of and had rainbow lines coming off her. Eventually I asked her to stop talking about it (because she was freaking me out) and she seemed puzzled as to why I would say that and maybe offended. I felt sort of paranoid like I was having a bad trip and everyone knew it. Rob was no longer high and so he was functioning normally, not realizing that I was peaking HARD. He conversed with the girl and her boyfriend -- I could barely follow what they were saying. Everything around me was too distracting. They smoked a joint and I tried to reassure myself that everything was OK.

Rob was ready to go walking around some more and I thought that would be a good idea too because I could focus on my body in addition to my brain. But it was even weirder outside -- stepping from the calm dome into total chaos! Everywhere I looked were patterns and rainbow light. On the playa, on the structures, even in the air. And nothing would stay still; everything was buzzing with this hyper-real energy. There were so many people and bikes and art cars it seemed totally dangerous to be out because I could barely function enough to watch where I was going. Rob suggested that we go out to the temple of stars. That idea freaked me because the temple seemed scary in my state. Also to get there we would have to walk really far on the open playa, far from music and people. I told him I was kind of freaking out, and he tried to reassure me that the temple would be much calmer than anywhere else. I realized he was right and we headed out there.

The visions were really intense. I seriously could not tell if there were people around me or not because the air had shapes in it. I couldn't tell where we were walking and I kept putting out my hand like I was going to run into something but there was NOTHING there! I figured Rob thought I was nuts. But thank God he was there! I had to hold onto him for some sense of security. I can't imagine what I would have done if alone. The lights far away all over the city were starting to look like eyes and it was kind of scary. It seemed like we were walking forever to the temple. On the way we looked at some bizarre art works. It was hard to even concentrate on the art when the air around it was rainbow with shapes! I could barely tell the art from the sky! I felt very out of it, especially since Rob was not tripping. This festival is such a weird place anyway, that it was hard to find something to hang on to or think what was really going on. But I knew who I was and where I was the whole time.

Rob said that he and his friends had debated about what it would be like to take E before 2CB and 'for some reason they all decided against it'. This freaked me out especially since I only did them in that order because Rob said it would help the E hangover. Rob had to stop at the porta-johns and left me alone waiting outside for him freaking! I don't think there was anyone around but I kept seeing stuff and turning around and around thinking someone was there. I hoped no one would see me. The patterns on the playa were intensely freaking me. Luckily this guy showed up and we started talking. I couldn't really concentrate on what I was saying though; he was asking about my job and I was forgetting mid-sentence what I was talking about. I wasn't sure if he was talking to me just to be nice or because he knew I was freaking out and was trying to help me (I'm pretty sure it was the former, now).

Finally Rob came out. Walked and tripped some more. Finally reached the temple which seemed like some surreal place of black magic. To get up into the temple you had to walk across this very long wooden bridge. It was so WEIRD. First at the entrance there were these gates cut out of wood with CRAZY patterns and animal heads and these were moving. In the light they glowed red. Walking across the bridge it seemed like we were walking over water or a moor or something. I couldn't tell what was the ground, the sky, the stars, the lights of the temple or what. There were also some weird people we passed on the bridge like hulking, ugly men with glow necklaces who didn't say hi back. I wondered who they were and what they were doing here. Were they practicing witchcraft? Were they just as drugged out as I was? Or were they just checking out the artwork? Inside the temple there were people just sitting around and I felt that they were involved with something and that Rob and I were disturbing them by being there.

Finally we left the temple and the visions started to lessen. I was 'coming back' to normal more often and for longer periods. But I was still seeing the eyes in the lights as we began the very long walk back to the city. Thank god you could see that the dawn was starting! It was such a relief to see it. As we walked back I started to come down and feel better and better. No more visions. It got brighter out so did my spirits. It was beautiful. But there were all these FREAKS wandering around in crazy clothes with fading glow sticks -- and I was one of them! It felt so good to be coming down from that intense trip. It was nothing like the last time I took 2C-B, and I think it was because of all the E I took earlier in the night, and being tired. I would like to try it again, but a smaller dose and not with any other drugs. How BIZARRE this whole experience was. I'm glad to have had the experience now, even though it was scary at the time, but I wouldn't want visions that intense again. Be careful of taking too much 2C-B following E. I should have had half the dose.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37024
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 3, 2004Views: 25,244
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MDMA (3), 2C-B (52) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5)

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