An Emotional Memory & A Crab
Salvia divinourm (10x extract)
Citation:   ShallRelicMe. "An Emotional Memory & A Crab: An Experience with Salvia divinourm (10x extract) (exp37175)". Jan 24, 2008.

2 bowls smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
After over a half dozen attempts at smoking salvia 10x with only mild results I was determined to break through. Before, I would use a bong and smoke a bowl and wait a couple minutes and then smoke another. By waiting between each bowl, I would only repeat the first to mild effect. I decided I had to load a pipe and a bong and have them both set in front of me, ready to be lit, if I was going to have a full blown experience.

I sat this night with my friend in a room with just a black light in order to see and with some electronic music on. Some people are distracted by music on salvia but that night I didn't care if it was going to be distracting or not and as it turned out it would not really even matter. My friend I was with has pretty much the same level of tolerance to salvia as me. The other two people that I have done salvia with were totally unaffected even after repeated tries. So I grabbed the first loaded bowl and started into it. I made a point not to stop for more than a second after the exhales. When I finished the first bowl I was noticing the salvia gravity (pressure). I had also lost some coordination. There was a lyric that was being repeated on a song that I was listening to that under my normal state of mind was hard to understand, and I always wondered what the last word in the lyric said. But after a bowl I could not understand any of the song. This was all similar to my usual experiences with salvia.

At this point it is hard to tackle another bowl for several reasons. The biggest reason for me is that the smoke is so harsh. I am not a cigarette smoker or a regular pot smoker and I cough after almost every hit. After a bowl my throat is already hurting. Another reason is that you are afraid you are wasting precious time in your salvia experience fiddling around trying to smoke another bowl. I had to force myself to smoke that second bowl. I wasted no time in lighting up the second one. I was determined. When I smoked the second bowl is when things started getting weird. I have a somewhat extensive experience with mind altering substances. There is something that is almost unexplainable that is felt in that moment when my world is turned upside down. It doesn't happen with many substances but salvia is one.

I remember falling back into the chair. The room melted and my vision narrowed. The peripheral vision stayed melted and objects that were in the room morphed into new objects. This state is somewhat dream-like. The images were familar to my subconscious like dreams are. I saw a house from my childhood. I had what was not a visual memory but an emotional memory. I felt what it was like to be a child again. This is something I believe to be unique with salvia. Of course I remember what being a child is like, but this is like reliving the emotion. I don't know if the difference is clear in that statement but believe me there is a huge difference in the two.

That part of the experience probably lasted no more than a minute. For the next couple minutes I had some recognition that I was back in the room but it looked little if at all like it did before. There was a spot on the ceiling that glowed from the black light. This spot turned into a crab. Seeing a crab on the ceiling did not suprise me. It was like an old friend. It crawled around and then hung from the ceiling by it's claw and then shimmied through a hole in the ceiling and disappeared. Then it appeared in the original place (the spot) and repeated the exact same movements that ended in it crawling through the hole. This repeated over and over again. Then I noticed there was music playing. From the time I started that second bowl up until that point I had not heard the music. In my visionary state it had been dead silent. The room came back into view to me and I returned to feeling similar to what I did before the second bowl.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37175
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 24, 2008Views: 4,361
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