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Thank You Shulgin
MDMA (Ecstasy) & 2C-C
by J-Dub
Citation:   J-Dub. "Thank You Shulgin: An Experience with MDMA (Ecstasy) & 2C-C (exp37180)". Oct 24, 2007.

1.75 tablets oral MDMA
  12 mg oral 2C-C


This happened on a completely random night when I was only hoping to get some valium and smoke grass. No preperations at all, which is not the best idea. I had rolled about 12-14 times previously but never usually on more than 1. One time I had took 1 1/2 good pills, but unfortunately I was taking SSRI antidepressants at the time and did not really roll. I have been taking d's for about 5 years.

Some people in the neighborhood that were known to sell what came to be known as 'mystery pills.' Anyway they actually pulled through and first we scored some pink pills with the at (@) symbol. Me and my friend (who will be known as 'd') initially only took half the pill because we wern't sure if it was real. After waiting around my other friend's neighborhood (who we will call 's') for an hour I knew it was real and took the rest. The thing was, 's' had to go to school in the morning and instead of taking the pill with him, 'd' left it with 's' for safety and 's' was crashed after we started rolling. After beating on 's'' house for fifteen minutes, 'd' just decided to buy more pills. After putting up with another twenty minutes of drug dealer stalling, we got ahold of some 8-sided white pills stamped with a plus. So 'd',the guy who got us the second pills, and I all ate another dose. I had another 3/4, but this one was bigger and stronger.

We drove around for a while waiting to roll more and almost 40 minutes later I was rolling harder than ever before. 'd' had took the same amount as me because we wanted to really 'get there.'

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

It was a state of pure bliss, a level I stayed on for longer than ever before. I had a truly deep and insightful talk with 'd' all night about the things we like to do, where we come from, and what we would like to do someday. That kind of talk was truly precious and rare. Everything seemed perfect and right in the world and nothing could stop me. Typically when rolling I could usually keep myself from doing the ridiculous ideas that only seem good on MDMA; but this had to be the best since my first time a little over three years ago when I went and talked to a bunch of people in my neighborhood. Hey, I don't care if they hate me because of some stupid drug-induced rambling.

We eventually parked near the dealers house in hopes of somewhere to hang out. After we found out it was cool we made ourselves right at home. Keep in mind that the guy's house I was at peddles drugs all the time and would not be the kind of place I would ever normally hang out. On top of that I don't even really like the guy, it's just a business relationship. But I was so floored there was no place for rational thought. 'D' and I were kicking it in the basement talking nonstop for who knows how long. Shutting up was not an option. And after a while I could tell they were getting annoyed so I quieted down. 'D' on the other hand, who had rolled less than me, was still going nonstop. When I suggested that we leave because they were getting annoyed 'd' actually asked them if he was annoying them. He was talking nonstop throughout a lot of a movie and about how it sucked to top it off. The other thing that surprised me was how they actually acted as if they wern't mad because they looked pissed.

So we left; we were still so wasted that we just stood outside for a minute wondering what to do next. We were just retarted at that point. Of course, that wasn't enough so we preceeded to come back to my house after the REALLY strong rolling wore off. And then we took some 2C-C. This wasn't just 2C-C when I got it. I was experimenting on the big let down 2C-I to replace the 4 position's atom. I didn't expect much to be honest. I wasn't even sure that it worked or would be any better. As my predictions and research proved, I had done it.

'D' and I both took 2C-C for the first time. Although the effects wern't overwhelming, it was a nice preview as to what a lot would do. No matter how much you take, 2C mostly increases the already noticed effects. There were patterns like I had never seen on any 2C-(I or E). Some were vividly geometric, some random and abstract. There was also a percuilar feeling of lightness in the head and body that 'd' also felt. After it hit us we just drifted into trip world and lost it.

No more deep empathetic rambling or connectivity, just nonstop patterns and a loss of sense. Our pupils went from just being able to see any blue into black pits; and light hurt. At that point I just turned on some music, lit some candles, and relaxed.
This is where things started getting raw. I remember staring into my couch's simple patchwork design and seing colorless, but amazingly geometric designs. They would change every second and pulled me right in. The closer what I was to what looking at the more detailed the patterns. When I looked at the far wall, which was a printed wood design dimly lit by candle light, I saw a face made of wood come out at me. It really came a ways out before I snapped out of it and actually saw a flat wall again.

The closed eye visuals were extradordinary also. They could be compared to a media player visualiation that beats with the music. Except this was better that I can put into words. Just purely psychedelic and even appearing three dimensional most of the time. I just lost myself in this for at least half an hour. At some point I completely forgot where I was, what was going on, or even who I was and opened my eyes a few seconds later to realize who I was and the magnificent things I had witnessed. I really don't remember a lot after that. At some point after about six hours of rolling I felt HAGGERED and proceeded to bed to trip out comfort. I have no clue how I managed to sleep on 2C but it happened after a couple hours.

This is one of those experiences that is hard to put into the narrow scope of words. It was something that everybody should have the privelage to experience. Yeah, those pills were free.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37180
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 24, 2007Views: 9,139
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2C-C (262), MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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