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The High I Always Dreamt Of
by ProfessorXTC
Citation:   ProfessorXTC. "The High I Always Dreamt Of: An Experience with Methadone (exp37195)". Mar 22, 2018.

  oral Methadone (pill / tablet)


Methadone is an excellent opiate.. I've tried hydro, oxy, (in low doses) and none of them seem to compare. The methadone high seems to enhance every single drug you take with it, especially Ecstasy. Taking a few tabs of methadone with a few bowls of weed is like bliss. I feel like a warm blanket is all over my body and all is well in the world. Not a care in the world.. I sometimes look like I'm asleep under the influence of it, but rather the opposite, I'm enjoying every second of it. Sometimes taking methadone to me it almost feels like I am on ecstasy.. it takes away my cravings for mdma, and almost makes me feel just as good physically and mentally. I don't understand how people get so addicted to methadone/heroin, I've used it in consecutive days without any withdrawal symptoms.. I've yet to try real heroin, but if its like methadone, as its supposed to be, then bring it on! Methadone is an amazing high, it seems to enhance even the smallest dose of anything... Like its that boost I always wanted on weed, alcohol, ecstasy.. I took 10mg of methadome with 1 tab of ecstasy and I can't begin to describe how good I felt.. my body was (for lack of a better word) throbbing with pleasure.. pulses ran through my body like never before, it almost scared me as I thought I may be feeling TOO good lol..

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37195
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 22, 2018Views: 3,590
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Methadone (166) : General (1), Combinations (3), Retrospective / Summary (11), Glowing Experiences (4), Not Applicable (38)

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