Only Two Hours Long?
Ecstasy (MDA?), Sleep Deprivation & Cannabis
Citation:   Jason. "Only Two Hours Long?: An Experience with Ecstasy (MDA?), Sleep Deprivation & Cannabis (exp37372)". Oct 13, 2004.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:20 1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 3:00 2 bowls smoked Cannabis (flowers)
I came across Ecstasy for the first time last night. A 'trusted' friend told me that the rolls in question were 'double-stacks,' so I assumed that they were 2x stronger than regular X. When I arrived, he handed me two small plain white tablets. When I asked if the pills were actual MDMA, he looked puzzled and shrugged. This wasn't a good sign, so I looked them up on a few of the pill testing result websites.

The pills were white, about 8mm x 3mm (not the common double-stack thickness) and weighed out to 150mg. One of the pills had a barely noticible Mercedes logo on it (pill was slightly worn down), and the other was a little crumbled and older looking without any logo that I could see. This tablet I had obtained matched the description and picture of 1 tablet tested on which contained MDA.

I've previously used mushrooms, 2C-I, 2C-E, LSA, Dimenhydrinate, and your basic MJ, Nitrous, etc...

Setting & People:

My apartment, comfortable setting with good friends M and D. This would be the first time for myself and M; D was an experienced roller. This may be why I experienced such strange effects, but I hadn't slept in about 48 hours (I had been overworked and my homework kept me up all night), and I was tired. I hadn't tripped or done anything more than smoke MJ for months, and so I felt the need for such an experience.


I dosed 30 minutes prior to M and D's arrival, taking one tablet (the one with the visible Mercedes logo) and swallowing with water. This is the beginning of the timeline.

T 0:00 - Swallowed Tablet.

T 0:15 - I'm nervous with anticipation about the first effects. Nothing has happened yet, so I decide to have a cigarette on the balcony.

T 0:20 - While smoking on the balcony, I notice that every 30 seconds or so I see bright flashes of light in my peripheral vision. It seemed as if someone was shining a flashlight on me for a split second. Definately a slight visual component building way too early to be MDA, MDMA, or MDE.

T 0:35 - Noticable head change, but no significant visuals or any noted sensitivity to touch. My pupils are dilating and contracting spasmatically before my eyes while looking in the mirror. As I have done on the 2C's, I forget that I am looking in the mirror and think I am looking at another person.

T 0:40 - M and D arrive and my effects have gotten much stronger. Now, my sense of touch is amplified and running the tips of my fingers over textured surfaces is pleasantly interesting. Pupils dilated very much at this point.

T 0:45 - M and D split the other pill, crush their halves, and snort them. Doesn't look very fun and both complain of a nasty burn and drip. I am definately feeling happier, but in no way euphoric.

T 1:00 - Having a decent time talking to friends, but the effects seem to have reached a plateau. I decide to wait and see what happens before telling M and D anything. Still having the stereotypical 'touching' syndrome, but visuals have been absent for quite some time now. Pupils still extremely dilated.

T 1:45 - Becoming more and more dissapointed by these obviously fake 'double-stacks,' but decide not to say anything. D notes a slight head change and M claims that he feels nothing. Not a very good sign.

T 2:15 - By this time I am almost completely back to baseline. I'm stumped trying to figure out what chemical I just ingested. My jaw is clearly clenched and my pupils very dilated. I feel a burnt-out but speedy feeling come over me, and receive a phone call from my girlfriend.

T 2:20 - The whole time I was talking on the phone, I was strangely bombarded with odd visuals. While holding a normal convorsation, I watched as the door's wood grain texture clearly morphed into many different faces. I know this isn't MDMA. My head is clear except for the tired, burnt-out, I can't sleep feeling.

T 2:45 - M and D still feel no significant effects. Whatever they were, these pills were no 'double-stacks.' I am getting more and more angry about wasting money on bunk X. Eyes are getting sore because of such extreme pupil dilation... strange.

T 3:00 - Undoubtedly back to baseline, no more random visuals. I obtain some better than average MJ feeling very akward and out-of-place during the purchase. Hoping that it will allow me to sleep easier, I smoke two bowls, sharing a few hits with D.

T 3:20 - Time for another phone call and while laying on my bed in a completely dark room I am again bombarded with visuals. These are bright, geometric fractals, and it seems that I am actually looking at lighted shapes... I can hardly see the room around me anymore because the lights are so bright and glaring. Amazing. I stay here for at least 25 minutes, admiring the visuals.

T 4:00 - Baseline again, I think (I can't really be sure anymore). I decide to sleep becasue it is now 1:00 AM and I have class at 8:00 AM. The strangest thing is how dilated my pupils still are. I am sober but there is no color left in my eyes. M and D decide to head home, dissapointed with their experiences.

T 4:15 - Pass out from extreme exhaustion.

T 10:45 - Wake up with a terrible migraine and sore eyes. After looking in the mirror (it is now 7:45 AM), I am utterly shocked to find my pupils dilated as much as they can be. I am ultra-sensitive to light and feel like SHIT. I still have to make it to class becasue I have to take an important test. Bummer.

T 14:00 - To my relief, pupil dilation finally subsides and headache pretty much vanishes along with it. I take two Motrin to help w/ the last bit of headache.


Overall, a very, very strange experience. I have never experienced any pupil dilation like this before. I find it unexplainable. I'm dissapointed about my first time, but I'll try it again if I can verify what I am taking first. Hangover wasn't worth a mere two hours of light 'rolling' and few sporadic, strange visuals.

Be safe.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37372
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 13, 2004Views: 28,112
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