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If All Tofu Tasted This Good
Citation:   psy-marshal. "If All Tofu Tasted This Good: An Experience with 2C-D (exp37466)". Oct 25, 2004.

T+ 0:00
50 mg oral 2C-D (capsule)
  T+ 4:25 1.0 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam (pill / tablet)
Set: My house

Setting: I had not been in the best of spirits lately and was really struggling to deal with a few aspects of my life. I had some important decisions to make, but was finding myself mentally blocked from doing so, and very confused about what the 'right choices' were. I was hoping for some help and guidance finding answers to these very pressing questions I just couldn't seem to break through mentally. My general mood that day was a bit restless, but my spirits were higher than they had been in the days previous, and I had an optimistic, positive outlook going into it.

Dose: 50 mgs.

Late one Sunday afternoon in early 2004, my partner and I had been waiting all day for some guests, M1 and M2, to arrive and have some cake with us, which we'd prepared for them. We had invited them the day before to come over at about 1:00 or 1:30. They'd called at 3:00 to say they were leaving in 15 minutes. At 6:00, I had decided that they most likely weren't coming and was beginning to think it a bit rude that they had disregarded what plans we might have had for the rest of the afternoon also.

So, I decided at 6:05 pm that I might go ahead and sample the 2C-D I'd recently acquired, after being encouraged by my partner, A, to go ahead if I wanted to; that my afternoon plans should not be disrupted by inconsiderate friends. The short duration and mild effects I had read about appealed to me as a nice afternoon substance, and I figured that even if they did show up, the dose should be manageable in a social setting. I ingested 50 mgs on a mostly empty stomach (small amount of pasta eaten about an hour and a half prior), thinking from other reports that this should be a moderate dose.

By 6:30, I could feel the effects starting to take hold. At 7:00, I was really beginning to trip, definitely reaching a strong +2. Nothing too uncontrollable yet, but I was starting to get a feeling for what I was in for.

...Then the doorbell rang. Our guests had decided to arrive over 5.5 hours late. GREAT!

I tried to be sociable for about half an hour as the effects increased intensely - far more than I had expected. I was chatting with them and started having trouble focusing on the conversation and sitting still, and was getting uncomfortable sitting in a room with sober people. By 7:45, I was nearing a mild +3. M2 seemed at times to be sitting miles away, although she was only about ten feet from me. Her face was beginning to sparkle at the edges and blend into the wall behind her in all directions. I found it humorous, but distracting.

M1 asked me to make him a coffee at around 8:00, and while doing so, I started to get that dissociated feeling where sounds get further away and a slight ringing takes over and it feels like my hands are getting detached from my body. I tried to chat with him while I made the coffee, and managed to hold it together, but then I decided to dismiss myself from their presence and take a hiatus to my bedroom and be alone. I wanted to enjoy the experience without the distraction of trying to act normal. I grabbed a CD, feigned a stomach-ache (there was none - and also no severe body load I might mention), and told them I needed to lie down for a while. A could entertain them for a while.

This was a smart move. While in the bedroom, the music sounded really nice, although not overly enhanced as with some substances. I had the feeling that I needed to keep moving my limbs and squirmed around on the bed for a bit, although it was not an uncomfortable body feeling. I could lay there relaxed if I concentrated on doing so. I was seeing tracers and everything was sparkling ever so slightly, but there was no outstanding color enhancement or distortion, only very vaguely. Neither were there any significant CEVís. The effects seemed to be coming in waves as well, with moments of near sobriety quickly taken over again by periods of intense intoxication.

For the next hour, I enjoyed the optical show and tried to work through some of my issues, but found no great and meaningful insights during this time, probably because my thoughts kept alternating between 'I'm being rude by being in here alone' to 'No, they're being rude for showing up so late without notice'.

There was a slight eerie feeling to everything I sometimes get while on psychedelics, but not much of the paranoia I can also sometimes encounter. After an hour of being alone (around 9:00), I felt that the effects were somewhat starting to dwindle and I could probably be in the presence of company once more. I went back out to the lounge room and was able to get quickly back into the conversation, which was actually quite boring, so I was glad that I hadn't missed a whole lot.

M1 and M2 decided to go home at around 9:20 and the effects of the 2C-D were definitely on the way out the door also. I fared them well, and went back into the lounge and watched a bit of television while I discussed the experience with A. By 9:45, there were only slight residual effects and I felt almost baseline. By 10:30, I was fully back to baseline and ready to head for bed. I took 1 mg. of xanax to make sure that I got a good nightís sleep, as I had to work the following day.

There was no heavy price to pay during or after the experience and I awoke the next morning with no feeling of having ingested anything the day prior (apart from maybe the xanax). My mood for the rest of the week was still a bit sour and disturbed, but it had been before and I do not attribute this in any way to the 2C-D.

I really enjoyed the visual aspects and found it an eerie, but overall good and pleasant substance. I feel that it lacked depth for me during this experiment, but that could simply be due to the unexpected circumstances I was forced to deal with at the time, leaving little room for intense personal work.

The short duration was definitely a bonus. (I prefer these substances to the 'never-ending-messed-up-ed-ness' of some other substances.) I'll definitely be doing it again, possibly at a slightly lower dose next time before I work my way back up to 50 mgs. or higher, just to better learn how to work with this particular substance. Be warned that this is not at all the mild experience I was expecting from what Iíve read.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37466
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 25, 2004Views: 21,320
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2C-D (103) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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