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Full Potential Finally Realised
by psy-marshal
Citation:   psy-marshal. "Full Potential Finally Realised: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp37467)". Erowid.org. Oct 25, 2004. erowid.org/exp/37467

50 mg oral 2C-T-7 (capsule)


Set - It is the end of the holiday season and I am a little frustrated at the lack of free time I have had in the two weeks off, which were filled with typical holiday duties rather than two weeks of lying around doing nothing as I had expected and hoped for.

A university assignment has just been completed an hour prior and I am finally up to date. Thus my mind is at ease on this topic.

My life is about to go through some very major changes and although I have accepted them and have begun to integrate them, I wanted to have a chance to step outside and view them from a different perspective, to dig deeper and sort out my true feelings about it all...

Setting - My house, Sunday afternoon, sober trip sitter and partner (A) present, house is clean, vibe is relaxed...

Experience – Without listing everything, let it suffice to say that I am very experienced with psychedelics. This was to be my first full 2ct7 experience. Previous trials at 15 mgs and at 35 mgs had yielded absolutely no results to exceptionally mild results (barely noticeable), so I decided to take the remaining 50 mgs I had to try and go the distance. I learned the meaning of “steep dose-response curve”.

3:30 (T + 0:00) - Ingest 50 mgs 2c-t-7 in a gel cap along with a very light meal. I know eating is not recommended, but I would rather risk having some food in my stomach, which might decide to leave me again later, as opposed to starving for the duration of the experience. Soon after (about T + 0:30), I begin to get very nervous and feel that things are coming on way too fast and intense, as I didn't expect to feel anything for a couple hours. There is a lot of energy suddenly in my solar plexus, but no nausea (and there would be none for the rest of the time). This feeling subsides after half an hour and I realize that it was probably mostly mental/anxiety related.

5:30 (T + 2:00) - Nothing is noticed yet, apart from a very mild stimulation, enhancement of colours and slight movement of objects in the room.

6:30 (T + 3:00) - I am beginning to think that this is again going to be a dud experience. Nothing has changed for the last hour or so and I think that I still have not had enough for the experience to fully blossom and my tolerance is ridiculously high. I am under the impression that at T + 2.5, things should be in full swing, but barely any change is noticed. If I concentrate really hard on the chimes hanging on the wall, the bars vibrate ever so slightly as if I am looking at it through waves of rising hot air.

7:30 (T + 4:00) - OK, I am wrong about this being a weak experience, things are really starting to get heavy now. A has begun to think it is funny to poke me, tease me, make me think that I am loosing my mind by answering questions I did not ask and treating me as if I am unconscious. I can tell it is all a joke, but it is unnerving nonetheless and I rethink my decision to have A as a trip sitter. Oh well, for better or worse at this point, but I need some time alone free from his distractions. I quickly grab my Shpongle cd and retreat to my bedroom.

8:30 (T + 5:00) - Things have gotten incredibly intense by this point and I am glad to be alone. I have turned on my LED lamp, which constantly morphs softly through all the colours of the rainbow, creating great mood lighting for tripping. I can see fractals and patterns on everything and the CEV's are amazing. The music feels like it is inside of my body and flowing through me. I move around a lot to relieve some of the pent up energy inside me and it feels amazing to move. With my eyes closed, I am immersed in a world of undulating 3d patterns that writhe in time to the music. There are multiple layers to the images, like pipes interconnected and bending, moving and morphing fluidly, forming an intricate pattern, but each pipe is wrapped with it's own delicate pattern. The predominant colours are aqua greens and pinks and pale blues, but occasionally there is a strobing pattern of bright red, blue and yellow lights. At this point, I feel better than I have ever felt in my entire life. It is like with each breath, I am overcome with rapture at how beautiful the entire experience is.

There is not one particular thing that makes me say, 'oh, that makes me feel good', everything just 'IS' good. The main thoughts coming to mind are 'Oh my God!', 'Wow!!!', 'This is AMAZING!', etc. It’s like a cosmic orgasm, however not from the profound revelation of thoughts perspective.

There are tracers on everything in sight and my whole field of vision is in constant motion. I can really see now where there is potential for some people to become quite disoriented and motion sick while in this state.

9:00 (T + 5:30) - At this point, I am bored with being alone and feel that although this is the most powerful emotional and visual experience with psychedelics thus far, my though patterns are functioning almost normally and I can deal with being around people. I walk to the lounge room through a sea of swirling and swishing patterns and sit in front of the TV. A seems thoroughly uninterested in my state, and I try to watch what is on TV. There is a show about Africa for a while and I cannot make out the facial features of the people being shown, but my brain is still registering them for what they are, Africans with large piercings and tribal spears, etc. The channel is changed to a show about Pompeii and it is hard to tell if the footage is of a volcano exploding or something static as everything in my field of vision is moving. The next scene is of a coral reef somewhere with waves rolling over the top. I can tell they are waves but it is impossible to tell where one ends and another begins.

10:30 (T + 7:00) - I am beginning to get restless as there is no end in sight to this experience, and it is relentless in its *intensity*. I had timed it to be coming down by now. While sitting on the couch, I start to loose feeling in my extremities. My toes tingle and my hands, especially the fingers, go numb for seconds at a time. This concerns me, as it is not something I had expected. I finish the water in the glass in front of me and go to the kitchen to refill. While standing there, my fingers tingle more - to the point of being extreme - and my head starts to feel light. The sound of the television gets further and further away and my vision starts to go white. At this point, I really panic as I think I am going to pass out. I rush back to the couch and sit down. I comment that I feel like I am loosing consciousness and A check my vitals and assures me that I am fine, but the feeling that I am in physical danger does not pass and really begins to stress me out. (BP was normal, Heart Rate was slightly elevated, possibly due more to panic than anything.)

11:30 (T + 8:00) – For the previous hour, I didn't do much except lie on the couch. When I closed my eyes, I felt as though I was speeding away from my body and loosing touch with reality. This would have been entirely appreciated if I were expecting a dissociative experience, but I was not and thus paranoid thoughts began bounding through my mind. I was afraid that the 'deadly T7' was shutting my system down by stopping my circulation and lowering my blood pressure. A couple of times, I panicked and got very hot and sweaty and needed to take my shirt off, which A told me to put back on immediately. (It was actually pretty cold.) I think I kind of had A worried at this point, but I was getting concerned for my health and was afraid of just dropping right off into the abyss. A assured me I was just coming down. I could tell I was now and it was not pleasant. My body started to ache and paranoid, delusional thoughts took up most of my concentration. I knew I would be fine, but I was just not allowed to believe it. Something in my mind wanted me to believe I was not at all fine.

From this point on, I can only describe the long, slow crawl back to baseline as 'mental anguish'. I ate an apple and a muesli bar, which made me start to feel better.

12:30 - 2:00 (T + 9:00 - 10:30) - I went to bed at about 12:30, realizing that things were well on the decline and I was going to be fine after all. My whole panic attack stage really annoyed A, as I’d not had a turn like this before on anything else I had taken. I laid in bed and tried to sleep, but my eyes kept flying open and my mind was still going at a pretty fast pace. By 2:00 am, I was starting to feel relaxed and finally able to sleep.

I slept until 3:00 pm the next day and woke up in a daze. The day was incredibly non-productive and I felt drained both mentally and physically.

In retrospect, I had expected a lot more from 2c-t-7 mentally. I had prepared myself well for a mental journey to try and work out some of my deeper issues I was experiencing. What I got was a mostly hedonistic experience, which although started out as a journey through the most amazing feelings and emotions I have ever had in my life, did not leave me much room for exploring my deeper issues. I was so wrapped up in feeling awesome and experiencing so many visuals, sounds and emotions that my state of awe really detracted from the purpose at hand. In the end I was just plain preoccupied with my health.

Aside from that, I do not feel that the risk I took was worth what it gave me. I could see someone just wanting to get munted having a really good time with this one, but for me it just did not feel safe on the body, and the come-down was torturous enough to not want to repeat. This was very unlike the 2c-t-2 experiences I’ve had where it just went away, leaving me - slightly headachy - still in a pleasant and relaxed mood for hours afterwards.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37467
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 25, 2004Views: 31,329
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2C-T-7 (54) : Guides / Sitters (39), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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