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Poor Quality or Something Else?
PMA (possibly; sold as Ecstasy) & Alcohol
by ukcoolat
Citation:   ukcoolat. "Poor Quality or Something Else?: An Experience with PMA (possibly; sold as Ecstasy) & Alcohol (exp37540)". Oct 19, 2004.

4 tablets oral PMA
    repeated oral Alcohol


Having been out at a party, approximately 8 of my friends and I regrouped at another house. We had a bag of what appeared to be ecstasy tablets, each with a playstation symbol on it and blue in colour. Everyone present had been taking ecstasy for between 1 and 5 years.

We all dropped a pill each at approximately 4am. Come up was unexpectedly slow, but by 5:30am we were all feeling the effects. It wasn't like the normal experience we get from Ecstasy and at this point we all agreed that they were probably just poor quality pills.

About an hour later (having had at least another pill each) some people started to feal nauseous. At least 4 people were sick, one violently. She reported that she was feeling paranoid about the people at the party, and very disorientated. She went to lie down and upon checking her regularly she said she couldn't stop shivering and had cramps in her legs. Eventually at about 8am she had fallen asleep.

The rest of us carried on, and by the time I'd had three pills I was starting to feel sick. This is unusual for me, i've been taking pills for approximately 5 years doubt I've never been sick as a direct result of taking ecstasy.

Everyone was still feeling slightly nauseous at this point, but none too badly (we still thought the pills we were taking were ecstasy). It was at this point (now around 8:30am) that some of us started experiencing mild hallucinogenic effects. We were all sitting together in a room and I kept seeing shadows of people in the edges of my field of vision. Audiotory effects were experienced also; I kept hearing people talking in the hallway of the house (often checking to see if indeed people were there, and there never was) and one of my friends kept hearing his phone ring, even though it wasn't.

Most of the people had left the party by now and myself and a friend decided to take a walk to a nearby park because our legs were feeling tense. On the way there, I felt disassociated with other people walking around and found it difficult to make a simple transaction (for cigarettes) in a shop. I was finding it hard to read price tags in the shop, count out money and couldn't recognise the cigarettes I wanted from the display behind the counter, even though they were there. When we got to the park, I experienced another mild hallucination; a tarmac path that runs between two lawns appeared to be flowing and rippling like a calm river. When I walked over to it and placed my foot on it, it stopped.

It was easily 11am by now and we could feel the effects of the drug wearing off. My friend and I concluded that the pills we had taken were almost certainly not Ecstasy. I'd had about 4 doses of the pills in total. I went home to bed and lay there unable to sleep, shivering for approximately two hours before falling asleep. The 'come down' the next day felt worse than what I was used to from Ecstasy (although we had drank a lot of alcohol as well). I felt like I was still in a daze and conversation seemed difficult because it took me longer to understand what people were saying. By the next day I was fine.

Sometime later that week, we were told that the pills we had taken didn't contain MDMA, they had infact contained PMA. This didn't surprise me in the least. I'd never (knowingly) taken PMA before but I knew it wasn't MDMA in the pills. After doing some research about PMA, a lot of it sounds similar to our experience, although nobody felt seriously ill. Maybe the quantity of it in the pills was fairly low.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37540
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 19, 2004Views: 16,683
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