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Cameras in the Sky
by Tipinmypocket
Citation:   Tipinmypocket. "Cameras in the Sky: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp37612)". Erowid.org. Apr 5, 2005. erowid.org/exp/37612

T+ 0:59
1 tablet oral 2C-T-7  
  T+ 4:30   smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I was told it was acid. I was stupid for taking it. But I am exstatic I did. I did extensive research and found I took 2C-T-7. AWESOME. The dosage was by all means very low considering the trip. It was my FIRST trip on a pscycoactive this strong.

5:30PM-- I swallowed the little blue pill around. I am super excited about what is gonna happen tonite. My frieds J and C already did half a pill each and were tripping when I got there. They took their other halfs when I took my whole. The way they were acting was a little unsettling. They kept telling me how much this stuff sucked. How scared they were. But I couldnt comprehend having a bad trip I was far to excited. My friend J2 took me to DEL TACO with my bro and his gf while I waited to come up (we left J and C at their request to be alone they were seriously freaking out)

6:15---I started to feel a bit lifted. But it seemed like a sedative. A nervous sedative. I was nervous but opiated. Nothing was out of the ordinary except for my HUGE pupils. I found this annoying because I was not tripping at ALL.

6:30---- awkwardness. Buying cigarettes felt to hard. Walking was a chore. My legs were HEAVY but my body felt weightless. WIERD. Still no pscychoactivness. I was wondering if I took the same fucking pill. I was also stupid not to realize the power behind what I was feeling at the time

6:35---off to the park. 'This is different than before' I remember being rushed along the road like we were thrown from a catapult. Things sounded hollow. Everything is building up now. I'm not even in the same reality anymore. Am I in a dream. The world is misty. Like a movie from inside this car. I begin to feel frightened as we zoom along the road seemingly uncontrolled. But then I look to my life long friend J2 at the wheel. Things are ok

6:45. Sun set. Open the door at the park. 'WHAT THE FUCK?' the ground just fucking moved. THE GROUND JUST FUCKING MOVED 'what?' asked my bro. 'Oh. Man. Nothing this is crazy' THE CRACKS ARE BRIGHT super 3d snakes switching from yellow to blue to black to orange. Now they are 2d. No. 3d. I have to get off the street. I begin to feel the panic that J and C were describing earlier. The orange light from the street lamp made the lucidity even wierder. Bewilderment swarmed my head. What the HELL am I doing? 'This is alot of drug' kept coming out of my mouth. My hands were sweating. And everything was distorted. But not in a way that couldn't comprehend what was going on. I started to feel more at one with this stuff. The panic died away as I was sitting at the table. I look at my hands as they are constantly changing shape. That tree over there is dancing 'is it windy?' 'There is no wind jonathan' says my bros gf. She was in a mean mood that night. 'That tree is dancing' 'OK jonathan' I looked at my bro to tell him something but was halted imediately by the only REAL scary thing that happened. His has was falling off. Pure melting of his face. And behind his eyes was an abyss that I was not willing to adore. I looked down immediatly.

7:00----we agreed to go to the top of the mini hill at the park to view the uninteresting thunderstorm that they were SURE was going to 'Trip' me 'out'. It was clear where we were at the time. And the sky was ENORMOUS. I had never seen anything so wonderful and huge. I immediatly layed on my back to enjoy this once in a lifetime wonder. All fear ran away when I saw the sky. It cradeled me. Comforted me. Told me that it was all supposed to be FUN. And FUN I had from there on. I stared at the brightest one and it hooked me to its path. It had something for me and the sky zoomed by as I followed it to another place with MORE STARS THAN I HAVE EVER SCENE 'JESUS. LOOK AT THE STARS. THERE ARE SO MANY!' 'There are BARELY ANY STARS JONATHAN!' 'whatever'

Then it happened. The single most entrancing thing in my life. The stars lit up like cameras. Flashing their tiny little beacons at me. Maybe to tell me I would make it as an actor. Maybe to give me a joyous ride. Maybe I was in heaven. We live in a CITY there are maybe 100 stars in the sky on a CLEAR CLEAR night. And 100 is a small litter of stars when you think about how huge the sky is. I was immersed in their beauty. And more stars took me on more journeys across the galaxy. I wish I had paid more attention in our direction because it could have been important!

7:30---Bored with the sky. A feeling of sobriety that I strongly dislike. What the hell do I feel that for? I stand up. I feel like a child learning to walk as I shuffle back and forth on the grass like a tweaked out moron. Back to the ground. Right into the ground the sky is SO OVER. Now the earth needs my attention. I moved my hand across the grass. Millions of endless towers with stature that parralels NY city's sky line. But even stronger. When my terrorist hands swipe across the towers they bound back up. Its a symbol of what we as humans do. We bounce back through every adversity. DID I MENTION THE TRACERS! OH MY GOD that was the another one of the funnest 5 minutes of my life. Seeing my hand dangle in space. When its actually by my side. Breathtaking.

8:00---- BOOOORRREEEDDD. I steal J2's keys and wander to the car for musical lovelyness. I get lonely once I get there and head back. I am VERY indecisive on this drug. More than usual in reality. It seems to bring out a natural side in existence. He then needs to get something out of his car so we head back. This time I pop on the radio to hear the end of Korn 'Make me Bad'. Genious. I was swooped up into the musics world with thoughts of insane asylums thanks to the music video of old. It was not scary not beautiful, just mind boggling complex. The song ends but a tone of it still is pinging in my head, BING. BING. BING. BING. Then I relize the car is doing it. Through the whole song I sat there. With the door beeping. It went with the song. The coexisted. A part of where I was and a part of where the radio was joined together to make the song. Wierd. Leave the car because J2 is leaving. He cares not about my confusion over the BING. Bored with this setting.

8:15-----un bored now. There is a SENTINEL. Standing off in the distance. HUGE. 100 ft high. He seemed to nod at me. As if to be my friend. No harm would come to me as long as I stayed where I was. He demanded respect with his posture. And I respected him because he was the MAN here at this park. 'There is a sentinel over there!'. 'WHAT?'. 'A SENTINEL! He is cool though. He wont bother us' 'JONATHAN WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT THERE ISNT ANYONE THERE!' This woman KNOWS I'm on a drug. Yet she refuses to accept that I see things. What a whore. My brother did see it though. I guess the sentinel was part of a water plant. Eh. I still see him when we go back there. Even when I'm sober.

9:30----back at C's. With J and C. The peak is long over but the trip is still picking at me. Good fun. They have calmed down by now but are incredibly pissed that I took 3 hours to come back. But if I went back I would have been swallowed by the fear they were living in. Fuck that.

10:00. Smoke some sticky icky icky lovely cannabis. BOOOOOONNNNGG! And have some light reality warping visuals. Two notable ones were the birth and death of flowers on a tree. I watched as white mouths of innocence bloomed out of the branches and then browned and clumped and collapsed. Then they turned into HUGE ASS ANTS. Like june bug size. And the ants carried the dead flowers away. To be used as sustanence or something. A tree had its own circle of life. Another one were the TINY ants on my shoe. I was sitting and laughing as THOUSANDS of ants crawled across my shoes. C saw them too and tried to hit them off but more kept coming. But somehow I knew it was imagination. I dunno. Good fun. We went to sleep around 2:30 am very tired thanks to the weed. I had CEV's that I didnt even know were there earlier as I fell asleep. A beautiful rode. Maybe leading me to another fun trip. Who knows.

I could be wrong about this being Lucky 7 but I am pretty sure it was. I KNOW it wasnt acid. Am I am glad it was a safe dosage. What I did was stupid not knowing what I was taking. But I trusted the source. Even if he was misinformed on his own stash.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37612
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 5, 2005Views: 7,428
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2C-T-7 (54) : What Was in That? (26), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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