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Within Seconds I Felt a Powerful Rush
by Matt
Citation:   Matt. "Within Seconds I Felt a Powerful Rush: An Experience with Crack (exp37691)". Jun 22, 2018.

  repeated smoked Crack
First Times with Crack

It was my first time smoking crack. A buddy from work took me out to 'get high' after working 2nd shift one nite. I had no idea he meant crack, but when I got there I figured what the hell. Im a pretty adventurous open-minded guy, and I wasnt born yesterday. I figured, if I got uncomfortable, or didn't like it, I'd just leave. Well it turns out my buddies friend was a hardcore crackhead. He gouged us BAD on the price, AND pinched the bag. I just didnt know at the time. Anyways, my buddy showed me how to smoke the stuff in a glass tube, and I did. It was pretty cool. Within seconds I felt a powerful rush of energy. I couldnt sit still! I was chattering away and tapping my fingers on the table, and just generally feeling powerful. I felt happy and alive, like I could take on anything. It was excellent. I did notice a major increase in my heartbeat though, which made me slow down a bit on the crack smoking the rest of the nite. One guy that was at the house whom I didnt know, began pacing around incessantly and screaming and tensing up. He began to make me VERY nervous, and my friend from work kept telling me to watch out for him. He made me real uneasy with his behavior the rest of the nite.

The next nite I tried crack once more, smokin many hits over the course of the nite. (Both nites it was an ALL-nite thing, without fatigue) It was fun and I got the same feelings as the nite before. I was feeling empowered again, and energetic and popular. Excellent. Then, the freaky guy from the nite before showed up, and the same thing happened. He got all loud and tense and generally agressive and it made me feel uneasy and unsafe. It was later on that nite that my buddy from work told me that he had met this other guy from prison, and that he had stabbed a man. I did not even know my work-buddy had been in prison, let alone this other guy! He told me all the stint in jail, well, his versions of things anyways, which I later found out to be false. Looking back, what I remember most about this friend, were the ammounts of money he borrowed from me and never paid back.

I have in the two years gotten a new job, and not maintained contact with the guy I smoked with those two nites. I am a very pacifistic person by nature and just like to take it easy. I dont like any problems with anyone. I just enjoy having a good harmless time among friends. In retrospect, almost a year after trying the crack, I would say it was fairly fun while I tried it, but I just dont like the whole 'scene'. I dont like the people I met who were involved with the drug. They seem dishonest and violent, and willing to do anything for the drug. They seem to be consumed by it. I wouldnt trust myself if I ever got into it seriously. I doubt I will ever use it again. I just prefer to stay out of those circles of people completely. I dont want to live in a shitty house with no utilities, and no furniture because I spend everything on crack. These are the people I met. This is what I will avoid.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 37691
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 22, 2018Views: 3,392
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Crack (82) : Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), General (1), Multi-Day Experience (13), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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