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My Favorite Girl
by Jon
Citation:   Jon. "My Favorite Girl: An Experience with Cocaine (exp37692)". Apr 26, 2007.

1.0 g insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)


Cocaine, She first came into my life acouple weekends ago. I Have been around coke for awhile, Acouple of my buddies had busted lines in front of me many of times. Well With that said it was only a matter of time befor I asked for someone to rail me one up. I went to a typical highschool party, Booze,Weed,coke all the goodies. So me and my really good buddy picked up a gram off another close buddy that we have gone to school with since grade two until the past month when he found a better income then school.

So we go to the party and I talk to my buddy who is tossing it, We end up in his room in the basement with someone holding the door since we don't need everyone coming into the room when we are doing our lines. In the room there where about six of us. Three of us where going to take her for out first time. We bust the lines my buddies go first, I stand back totally sober I havn't had any weed or anything, This for me isn't very normal I smoke atleast two times a Day. This gave me the clearest mindest, Making me think about what I was about to do. What I was getting myself into and if I should do it? Screw it its for fun isn't it?

Here we go, Rail one. I take a crisp 100 dollar bill out of my pocket and roll it up. Lean over my buddies desk and no turning back now. I sniffed a rail and looked up and my friends they grinned at me and laughed. I could feel it and soon as I looked up from the table. It was great, I was ontop of the world. I could talk to anyone at that party about anything, Fight any guy, sleep with any girl. Cocaine made it all go together. It was clear to me now what all the hype was about.

I am in the chair with the lines still infront of me for acouple more minutes, My buddies didn't ask me to move they made there way around me for the rail. Befor I knew it they had served me another, Corse not turning it down I snorted this one up my right this time. I could feel the coke in the back of my throat, Not the best taste but I could tolerate it for this a amazing rush.

I went around the party after hitting around 6-7 nice sized rails under 20 minutes. This beeing my first time I was feeling pretty great about cocaine and what she was doing for me. 11:25 I looked at my watch and asked my buddy if he wanted to smoke a joint to take the edge off. We end up just having acouple smoked outside and chat about bullshit, life, girls, cars, stuff we wanted, stuff we couldn't have. I look down at my watch at 12:30 am. It has only seemed to me like it had been minutes since I stepped out onto the back deck with my buddy. With us both knowing the time we stepped back into the party, It was not as packed now and It was more lax. Me with still a half gram in my pocket and two of my closest friends sitting next to me.

We busted more rails, Hit them and then started on the way home for the night. We railed the rest of the half gram as we left between three guys. Needless to say none of us where very experinced with coke, But thats not saying we didn't enjoy it just as much as the next guy. The drive home was a blast, My music never sounded so clear, Never made me move my head so much. I was doing 90 mph feeling like I was skating, Nothing could touch me.

4:40 am, No sleep, I could feel her leaving my body slowly. I couldn't get any sleep. No matter how hard I closed my eyes I found them open seconds later.

10:10 am, waking up, getting ready for work. One of my friends calls and askes me if I got any sleep last night. I laugh and say yea abit but not to much. He hadn't slept, infact he had picked up more coke that night after the party. This made me feel good, It shouldn't have or maybe its low? but I felt that I outlasted someone so I could now quit at anytime. I had control, I have control, I'll keep control.

I have done coke over 40 times now, I do it on weekends. Maybe the odd rail in the washroom once or twice a week. I find I still have control over the coke. I would test myself by going weeks without and going to parties where I know coke would be getting done and turn it down. This made me feel good and in control. But really, I can't turn down a free rail now, without atleast kicking myself about it later. Cocaine is slowly become a habbit but, Its only on the side. I make sure its not the main part of my night, or the main objective. If I keep these rules I think I will be fine. Just fine.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37692
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 26, 2007Views: 12,494
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Cocaine (13) : Large Group (10+) (19), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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