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Disturbing the Priest
Citation:   Norin. "Disturbing the Priest: An Experience with 5-MeO-DALT (exp37775)". Oct 28, 2004.

225 mg oral 5-MeO-DALT (powder / crystals)
Sometimes we do things we shouldn't do... In a past life I was off the deep edge for a long time. But now, in my mid 30's I enjoy a good job, nice place to live (Florida), and a lot of solitude since I work from home. Theses facts became the catalyst to give in and try after having faded from the counter culture, I mean hey, I needed a break right? This a bit lengthy, but I wanted try to share at least part of this event. NEVER take the amount I am mentioning here of this substance. The only saving grace in any of this event is that I seem to get a kick out of being in dramatic situations. My brother says its an endorphin problem ;)

I acquired 1000mg of 5-MeO-DALT after considerable research into these types of chemicals and a good contact. Only thing missing was a good write up. Which made me a bit nervous, but appeared to be the safer course to take when doing this sort of thing. Not having had any illicit chemicals in my system in years was the first mistake in a series of things that were just stupid on my part.

This was the weekend that hurricane Jeane hit Florida. Note the center of this storm passed within about 50-70 miles of me during all of this. Since I have not been in this location for very long, I had no concept of how severe a storm like this is, on land anyway... Having convinced myself this would be cool in a heavy storm I proceeded to measure out what I thought to be about 25mg on a balance scale (mistake #2). I wrapped it in tissue and washed it down quickly. It tasted pretty bad even for the brief moment I was on my tongue. I know, I know, I know... you are supposed to have a sitter... (mistake #3)

30 minutes
Significant notable effect comming through in the body.

40 Minutes
It was coming on faster, much faster than I had anticipated. Mildly reminicent of LSD beginning to hit without the unnerving feeling. Slight tracers were evident in darker areas of the house.

50 Minutes
Becoming unable to walk normally. It was taking a lot of effort to move around the house. I had to be careful about closing my eyes, this caused some fairly wild fractal like visuals. This became much more complicated as the hurricane had now knocked out electricity everywhere and a constant sweeping sound of wind rushing through the area... I was 'cold, and clammy' all over, my body getting heavy jolts of a pleasant but kinda undefinable good feeling. As the winds outside picked up (they were approximatly 60 to 80 miles an hour I later discovered) there was a certain 'bonding' with energy that was both intoxicating and fearful.

At this point I began to get a concerned and very aware I had taken a much more powerful substance than I was prepared for. I no longer had access to the internet to find more information and no one trustworthy to call. I was truely alone and sinking into the fire with a grin on my face.

I decided that I had to begin preparing myself and surroundings for god knows what. I attempted to loose my car keys, put away any sharp objects and so on. I went back to my scales briefly, and with candle light realized that the edge of a book cover was obstructing the scale. How I could spot this im not exactly sure, but I remember the moment of panic. The 'baggie' this stuff came in was of a familar size to me, I knew its base weight and how much 5-MeO-DALT was supposed to be left.. I managed to weight it somewhere about 225mg... about 10 times the amount I had seen mentioned in only a handful of commentaries about this substance.

The effects at this point betrayed the seriousness of the moment, I kept laughing outside and trying to keep my sanity on the inside. The body high was verging on the level of MDMA. It was was an insane idea to have done this alone, but there I was. I did know that you shouldn't fight a drug, but there was just something eerie about this that made me resist. I was constantly feeling that something big was going to happen.

60 minutes
I was fading in and out of what was going on. I was trying to make it to my bed, laptop in tow, with a ton of MP3's. The intent was to let the mp3's play and provide some form of input that was familiar. When I made it to my bed I was hallucinating so hard that I was overtaken by the imagery for what seemed like long periods of time. Getting my MP3's to play was a major undertaking, and proved to be the last functional thing I was capable of. My breathing was very heavy, I was sweating alot. Every time I thought it had reached a plateau and began to relax I was skyrocketed softly upward even more. Ozzy and the like do not mix well at all with this substance.

There was hardly any introspection or deep converging thoughts. In fact the most prominent thought on my mind was explicatives of how strong the trip had become, it was beginning to cause me some issues but without panic. In many ways it exceeded any of my past LSD experiences but without the dark overtones and what I term as 'satanic tripping'. My body felt so good, I felt a little guilty.

120 minutes
I was 'completely immersed' in fast cascading non-stop visions of fractal patterns. It was total overload. It was coming so fast, I couldn't identify any meaning (if there was any). All I could do was lay there and time my breathing with the music, which by the way was predominantly Pink Floyd. I have to say that it renewed my understanding of this band, but not in my head, in my body. I couldn't physically reach a few feet over to change the music.

In the background the trees outside were being blown over to about a 60 degree angle and sustained there for minutes on end. Large branches were getting broken off of them and carried along the way. The music, the storm, and the chemicals mixed very well in a psychotic sort of way. At some point beyond 120 minutes I gained enough mental footing to be 'ok' even if I was wiped off the face of the earth. When I accepted this the whole of the experience seemed to suddenly pause. The visuals died down, the music was permeating my entire body as was the sound of the wind.

180 minutes
I suddenly found myself having deep sinister LSD-like flashes. I cannot be certain that this was the research chemical or a full blown flashback from the ungodly amounts of LSD I used to take. I was for the first time during all of this terrified. My situation was very grave. I had no reference for the amount of this chemical I had taken, this was perhaps the most scary thing. My body was feeling like those moments before an orgasm, but my mind was in the fire. The visuals became incredibly focused. When I moved my arms the images stayed in place for up to 3 seconds. Time seems to almost stop. I could see through my arms to the bone and several times was able to get up from my bed and look down on myself laying there. However I could not bring my self to walk away from my body laying there although I could move around in the same room. I believe Shulgin calls this a '+++' on his scale.

Anyone who has had this type of disassociation on drugs such as LSD should be able to understand the degree of potential fear while in this state. Ketamine is not comparable as it does not have a force of power to contend with. As far as I know 5-MeO-DALT is not a dissasociate. Having been in this state before was the only reason I didn't completely loose it.

240 minutes
I was still going in and out of the dissasociative state. Each time accompanied by a voice telling me to 'let go'. I felt I was ultimately in a struggle for my life and that each mental step I took would become a lesson leading to the next, guided by something not from within. The most disturbing thing now was that I could find no reason to hold on, I was ready, as I lay face down with a grin ear to ear watching from 10 feet away. But for some reason I did not, I could not just let whatever it was, happen. There was more I had not discovered.

Over the next 30-45 minutes I was in a fight to 'hold on', ocasionally finding a brief state of bliss which I can not explain as it trancends language (Shulgin's ++++ ?), all the while in a disassociative state. There was no wild fractal patterns only a astral like state of being and my body lying face down on the bed with Pink Floyd's 'The Final Cut' album droning enticingly on in the background. It was all irrelevant, I had no ultimate answer, yet I found I also had no ultimate question and this seemed to be, in the end, the answer. There was a harmony in this resolution, even more that I had arrived at it from fighting myself.

Out of the blue I was stone cold sober, or close to it, getting up from my face down position on my bed. Most of my normal faculties seemed to be functioning. I could get up and move about, ever so slight tracers but I was clearly way down. In retrospect this drug was very merciful when compared against doing the same stupid thing with mescaline, peyote, LSD, DMT. The body was constanly in a peak feel good which I think saved me from moments when I was seeking to find out if I was ok. I sat on my steps on the front porch smoking a cigg and wathing the hurricane winds bend the trees for several hours after with a feeling that I had overcome one of the larger disasters in my life. In truth, I am amazed I can recall the details of all of this, there is much I left out. I would never do this drug again. The drama at the end is why largely why I don't do this sort of thing anymore. Reality splashing into your face just wears you into the ground over the years. Case in point almost.

P.S. After some sleep I slammed a 12oz pepsi first thing (normal for me) but when it hit my stomach it was like getting slugged in the stomach full force... I think this really injured the lining of my stomach, at least temporarily.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37775
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 28, 2004Views: 49,536
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5-MeO-DALT (321) : Alone (16), Overdose (29), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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