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Citation:   Jondon. "2C-Incredible: An Experience with 2C-I (exp37785)". Sep 22, 2008.

20 mg oral 2C-I
I had attained a capsule of 20-mg of 2c-i from a friend in class who had bought a bunch from an online supplier and had been selling. Because i often bought morphine from him, he let me have it for free. I took the capsule at Musical practice around 4:30. Practice ended around 5:30, and by then the effects were coming up.

2c-i takes a long time to hit some people, but when i does, it hits hard and fast. Driving about 3 blocks from school to a restaurant (i was not driving, my girlfriend was), the effects really started moving.

Physically: a little anxiety, energy, lots of smiling and very positive mood swing, talking. Pupils massively dilated.

Visually, the effects were more interesting. The walls in the restaurant had a light pattern on them of randmon light and dark beige patches. These patches swirled somewhat, but mostly melted upward into the ceiling. It was amazing to watch, and i spent most of the time looking at it.

When we returned to school for choir practice, my girlfriend wanted to make out. We snuck into the Performance Classroom and kissed on center stage. I looked out into the audience and the horizontal lines fromed by the rows of seats were undulating slowly. I remember saying 'you know you're fucked when the seats are waving at you.' We went back stage and tried to kiss, but whenever i'd close my eyes i'd see this bright blue light and becuase my mood was so elevated, i couldn't help but laugh. So we had to stop.

Our antics made us late for practice, and then i had to learn a new dance. This was hard becuase by that time i was really out of it and couldnt control my movements very well. I basically just smiled and tried to keep up, mostly wishing that i could sit down. The strange physical sensations were much like DXM- tingling, and a weird sort of mechanical feeling. I dont know how to describe it. Its not unpleasant or pleasant, just weird. Anyhow, dancing felt good, but it felt even better to watch the stripes in the wood floor move and wave.

Eventually, we finished and sat on the floor listening to a new song we were going to learn. The music had the effect of lifting me up and i felt like i was floating, just sitting there. It was amazing, especially the sound of bass. Later, my girlfriend said that my heart was beating really hard. When we were driving home, it was also fun: i kept thinking we would drive off the road. Again, i wasnt driving-- color me responsible. When i got home i still had the patterning of colors and shapes. I went to my room and tried to do homework, but the words just swam around the page. I turned on some triplights and off the others, lay in bed and watched the shadows roil. It was beautiful: i had a blue light on and the shadows were blue and dark blue and moving all over.

IN SUMMARY-- whew. Probably one of my favorite trips. I havent had much experience with psychedelics, and i'd only tried 2c-i once before at a way-too-low dose of 12.5 mg, but seeing things that werent real, and knowing that they werent, was amazingly entertaining. It is a beautiful, fun drug and i didnt think it was scary at all. It was EXTREMELY intense, but certainlly very fun. I am currently in search of more.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37785
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 22, 2008Views: 4,537
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2C-I (172) : Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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