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Just Keep Breathing
Citation:   pharmofile. "Just Keep Breathing: An Experience with 5-MeO-DMT (exp37985)". Jan 17, 2005.

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3.0 mg smoked 5-MeO-DMT (powder / crystals)
My boyfriend and I recently obtained a small amount of 5-MeO-DMT. We had both tried various phenethylamines before and were curious to compare those experiences with this tryptamine.

Setting: His house, 8 PM on a weeknight. Unplugged phone, mostly dark room, and relaxing music.

Mindset: He was eager to try it out, while I was slightly apprehensive. Years ago I had tried to smoke cannabis once and had gotten nothing out of it except the feeling that my lungs were on fire. Poor technique I suppose, but not something I was looking forward to repeating. I decided to watch first, and then decide whether to try it.

The 5-MeO-DMT package was slightly off-white crystals with some light brown specks (impurities?). He measured out 3.2 mg with the balance on a small sheet of aluminum foil. This was heated with a lighter. The crystals melted almost immediately and then turned into white smoke. He said later the smoke tasted like polyethylene plastic.

[His experience : 3 mg smoked, 73 kg male]

(min:sec since inhaling smoke)

0:05 - We had seen reports of people falling over from a sitting position and didn't want to risk that, so we put a pillow on the floor to lie down on. He flops back onto the pillow.

0:20 - He makes a 'dizzy' sign with his fingers.

0:30 - He remarks that he is feeling euphoric, and that there is a slight waviness to his vision. His pupils look slightly enlarged. He says he is feeling a time dilation effect, and then stops talking. He stares up at the ceiling, and is not very responsive.

2:00 - The slightly vacant look in his eyes is gone. He says that he feels he has to concentrate on breathing. He's smiling.

3:00 - Since he remarked about time dilation, I ask him how long he thinks it has been. He guesses one minute. Interesting... He remarks that he feels like he is drooling a bit from the corners of his mouth. I tell him he isn't, and he replies that he knows he isn't but it still feels that way. He begins to describe the slightly wavy visual effect he is seeing, then stops and says 'Whoa' and is quiet for a while.

4:00 - I ask if he is feeling okay. He says that for some reason he was thinking of driving with me through a tunnel, and suddenly he was *there*. When he had more time later to discuss it, he said that at first he knew he wasn't really at the tunnel, then he knew with just as much certainty that he *was* there. After a while, he said, he heard my voice and remembered that he wasn't where he was supposed to be and came back.

6:00 - He says he feels like most of it is past, but there are still waves of effect. The painting on the wall seems to have more colors to him.

7:00 - He is more talkative than I am used to, but that may just be due to our attempts at analyzing what is happening. He mentions his jaw is slightly clenched feeling and his limbs feel shivery.

9:00 - I check his pulse - 100, not bad. He touches the fabric of the couch and says it is vibrating. When he holds his hand up we can both see a fine tremor. He says later that all solid objects felt like they were vibrating at around 10 Hz. He mentions again feeling time dilation.

11:00 - He seems pleased with the effects, but says he would not want to try a higher dose. The back of his thighs are sore and he remarks that his genitals feel both numb and tingly. He says he keeps chewing on the inside of his cheeks, but it isn't noticable to me. His pupils are back to normal.

15:00 - It isn't sexual at all, he says. He felt hypotensive (vaguely dizzy, slight tremor) during most of the experience.

16:00 - He says he isn't entirely back to baseline but feels like he could drive if he had to. He says he's salivating a lot and is suddenly thirsty.

19:00 - Still slightly euphoric and a bit light headed. In any case he has a big grin on his face.

20:00 - Sitting on the couch, he says he feels like he is sinking into it a bit. His speech seems slightly impaired.

30:00 - He says he is still thirsty, even after drinking some water.

50:00 - He feels fully back to normal. He suspects having some mild amnesia, but he is often forgetful so how can we tell? He said the music sounded strange and intense but couldn't be any more specific.

[My experience : 2.? mg smoked, 63 kg female]

The main question I had for him was 'Was it worth it?', and he answered with an enthusiastic 'Yes!'. He measured out 3.3 mg for me. It turned to smoke sooner than I was expecting, and some of the smoke got away.

1:00 - A happy, deeply relaxing feeling. It is so relaxing that I feel as if a heavy boulder is perched on my chest. I must remember to continue breathing.

2:00 - Occasional bouts of giggling interrupt the relaxation. I could not have imagined this sensation. My boyfriend checks my pulse - it is around 100. I still feel like I have to remember to breathe.

3:00 - I wouldn't want to relax any further. I am sinking into the floor.

4:00 - With my eyes closed, I am somewhere else, but still conscious of where my body really is. If I open my eyes I am back in the room and everything is normal. I can go back and forth at will just by closing and opening my eyes.

5:00 - I'm still lying on the floor, but I am also a disinterested observer standing to the side.

6:00 - My face feels tight and everything shimmers slightly. Could I get up and walk away from myself? I don't think I want to try.

7:00 - I try to estimate an amount of elapsed time and do so successfully. My boyfriend tells me my pupils are a bit larger than usual. He looks like he is several meters away, even though I know he is within reach.

9:00 - The euphoria is mostly gone. The pressure on my chest is also becoming lighter. I don't want to sit up, but I think I could.

12:00 - Giggles. Still very relaxed feeling, but the chest pressure is gone.

19:00 - My skin feels numb all over. My mouth is tingling and I'm thirsty.

28:00 - I think I am back to normal, but I'm having a difficult time discussing what happened. Putting together sentences isn't as easy as usual.

Overall, the experience was short, relaxing, and pleasant. We are both willing to try it again, perhaps at a higher dose. It didn't last long enough to allow for any meditative thinking, but was enjoyable nonetheless and different from anything else we have tried.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37985
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 17, 2005Views: 31,017
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5-MeO-DMT (58) : First Times (2), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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