Making Something Out of Nothing
Clonazepam & Amphetamines (Dexedrine)
Citation:   TryLearnLive. "Making Something Out of Nothing: An Experience with Clonazepam & Amphetamines (Dexedrine) (exp38069)". Apr 3, 2007.

  repeated   Pharms - Clonazepam (pill / tablet)
    repeated oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
First and foremost, I would like to explain my past drug history. Being Bi-Polar and allegedly ADHD (I often wonder if ADHD exists), I have been on multiple medications including (don't mind the mix of brand names and chemical names, I can't remember which is which on certain meds) 'Trazadone, Lithium Bicarbonate, zyprexa, rittalin, effexor, Lamictal' and a slew of others since third grade. I was introduced to pharmacopia at a young age by parents who preferred to use medicine to solve problems. Not that I blame them, I was quite a terror. Other drugs include Pot, Hydrocodone, and Percocet.

Anyway, on to why I'm writing this.

Having been drug free for 4 months now, wanting to see who the real me was, under the blanket of chemicals I have worn all my life. I learned I do not suffer from Bi-polar as severly as the list of meds I was on pointed to. I just suffer from slight mood swings.

Wanting a pill I could take occassionally to relieve these symptoms, and not an every day pill, I spoke with my shrink about short acting pills. He prescribed me Klonopin and Dexedrine.

I was interested in getting these pills for both practical and recreational use. Being depressed at the time, I am currently testing them for practical use, which is what this report will document.

DAY ONE (Klonopin - 0.5mg Orally Dissinegrating Tablet)
Setting: Girlfriend's College Dorm (I wanted a witness just in case I react badly to this new pill)
Time Of Ingestion: 8pm
Frame of mind: Stable, interested in effects of Klonopin on the non-anxious mind

Forgetting I have the orally dissinegrading tablets, I swallow the pill instead of letting it dissolve under my tounge. I sit on my girlfriend's bed, and talk to her. twenty minutes into our convorsation my mind becomes foggy. Talking requires effort. All of the extra 'background noise' thoughts in my head cease to exist. I feel slightly heavier. Ten minutes more pass by. Mood shifts from dull to excited...almost like a pot high. I make a fool of myself laughing and giggling. I wonder if these effects are psychosematic, my body reacting how I want to feel on this pill. Never judge a new drug by your first experience. Either way, no major difference in mind or body. It feels almost like a few shots of rum. Tiredness sets in, and I fall asleep. Overall, not that exciting.

DAY TWO Part One (Dexadrine: 5.0mg)
I woke up around noon, exhausted. (Perhaps Klonopin remenants in my system from last night....heard it has around a 30hr half life). I consume a 5mg Dexadrine on an empty stomach (which later led to a small stomach ache). Effects settle in in about 20 minutes. These are real, not in my mind. My body feels relaxed, yet energetic. Like having a wealth of energy to use if wanted. The energy feels natural, not chemicaly induced. Mentally, I feel a bit on the wild side...the good wild side though. It feels like I'm at a raging, fun party, yet I'm alone in my dorm. I drive about town doing my errands, competly content with myself, feeling 'Cool' if you will. Loud, fast music appeals to me over slow music. I complete my errands around town in three hours, the sense of speed slowing down, mentally returning to base-line. I come back into my room and talk to my friends. They say they notice I am talking fast, and am 'hyper'. Although not as apparent to me at the time, I realize now I was. I was Talking about random things, and not shutting up. This bothers me. I want to feel good, yet appear normal.

DAY TWO Part Two (Klonopin: 1.0mg)
That night, I decided to calm down after the Dexadrine wore off, with some Klonopin. I let two 0.5mg tabs dissolve under my tounge. The effects came on faster (about 5 minutes), but with an odd stiffness of my throat. I enjoy the relaxing body warmth for about an hour, and the drug induced ability to feel comfortable in any position, be it laying on the cold floor or leaning on the wall. Around the second hour, I feel lethargic. Boredome sets it. I try to occupy myself with a video game. It does not interest me. I put a movie on. It does not interest me. In fact, nothing interests me at this moment. I lie on the floor feeling mentally numb...bordering depressed at the fact that nothing sparks my interest. True, I have no anxieties...but thats because I have no anything. No emotion. Just a drugged up pile of human flesh and bone.

DAY THREE (Klonopin: 0.5mg, Dexadrine 5.0mg)
I read about these two being combined for theraupy for bi-polar. To be on the safe side, I called CVS and spoke with a pharmacist about interactions. He gave the 'OK' with a sidenote that there may be a slight drop in blood pressure with both drugs combined.

Thus forth, it's been 5 hours since I took both these pills together at 8pm and I'm almost baseline. The Klonopin kicked in first suprisingly in about 10 minutes, leaving me relaxed, tired, and thoughtless. The Dexadrine then hit me, with a rush of euphoria. Things started to appear interesting. I felt like I was sitting out in the sun, soaking up the warmth. Thoughts started entering my head, penetrating the klonopin barrier. Good thougts, Happy thoughts. The Klonopin removed my anxieties, and left me tired and uninspired. The dexadrine counteracted the sleepyness and boredom, yet did not provide the uneasy speed associated with dextroamphetamines. I felt great physically and mentally. Very similar to vicodin, yet without the physical debilitation. It was like being on vicadin (hydrocodone), but with then ability and inspiration to carry on every day tasks.

Simply put, Klonopin + Dexadrine = A very pleasant experience

Remember, this was a thearaputic dose, further experiments with recreational doses shall follow.

And of course, drugs react differently with everyone. This report was about how I felt, not how YOU should feel taking the drugs that I did.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 38069
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 3, 2007Views: 92,988
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