Nice Afternoon Out
Belladonna & Cannabis
Citation:   flow in. "Nice Afternoon Out: An Experience with Belladonna & Cannabis (exp38106)". Dec 20, 2004.

2 berries oral Belladonna (fresh)
I work in a fluid realm, so all information is pertinent if present. On seeing the belladonna plant, I knew we would work together, so I picked three berries (there were three of us). I remembered hearing the ripe berries would kill if three were taken. My fellows declined, so I ate two. I found them most pleasant.

A 10 minute stroll later and we reached the sea (the day was warm, maybe 11 degrees). I had a couple of tokes on a pipe. I hooked into / merged with my friend's energies, then, as the sun fed my body, I ran to the sea for a swim. I found no hallucinations, the sea played more tricks than normal (waves coming from 3 opposite angles, spinning me around. I found it very easy to visualise dolphin and whale energies, and to swim freely. It was beautiful. I was allowed to return after I had established that home was on land. I came in after about 30 minute, then found that I had lost all feeling in my mouth and throat and speech was tricky, which I ascribe partly to the belladonna, although the sea was cold, so my body took a long time to warm up. As usual, I ran until my limbs felt human. I had no other difficulties.

My two companions had managed to resolve their differences, and a great deal of emotional blockages had shifted. I felt like a small child, and was aware of strong attachments.

I was later told that the unripe berries were more toxic, so I took two of them to compare. The flavour was disgusting, and I later felt a similar numbness in the mouth, plus slight stomach disturbances. Nothing of note occured, beyond affirmation that CURRENT information (i.e., what I remember and feel) is worth listening to. They taste _disgusting_ when unripe. A quote 'it is against spiritual law to interfere with a pregnant woman, as it is unwise to act on incomplete understanding', or eat an unripe seed?

I am now growing the stuff, since the flavour was so pleasant.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 38106
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 20, 2004Views: 28,867
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Belladonna (9) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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