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The Deep Dark Jungle
Salvia divinorum (tincture)
by Breakinxnightz
Citation:   Breakinxnightz. "The Deep Dark Jungle: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (tincture) (exp38123)". Mar 2, 2008.

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1.5 ml sublingual Salvia divinorum (liquid)
  T+ 0:20 1.5 ml sublingual Salvia divinorum (liquid)
  T+ 0:40 1.5 ml sublingual Salvia divinorum (liquid)



24yo AQUARIAN male: 175lbs


Dose: 4.5 ml of tincture total. 3 doses of 2 diluted dropper loads at 20 min increments

I finally got up enough courage yesterday to try the salvia. I Prayed for god to help me through and if anything was to be told to me to let me know during this experience. I have always looked for the answer and been intrigued by the unknown since childhood. The answer to life has always been my number one goal, isn't this everyones? Should I dare to ask? Probably a paradox in being that finding answer may be there isn't one, only a feeling which is inexplainable in 'answer' terms, but nonetheless my search has helped me to become a pretty enlightened human being especially for my age. Also must I say American backround, with no religous background whatsoever. Alot of it is from moderate ethogen use, my favorite and only regular user being that of MDMA.

I live in NYC so I read itís not the most impressive place trip since there is almost no nature except for the park. But I figured it shouldnít really matter where the answers are received only how they are, so I put out a couple of extra plants to help. I have to say it was unlike anything Iíve ever done. I thought I could understand everything that was going to happen but I did not. My rational mind can only interpret so much and I realized you canít take trip reports with you to salvia space as itís called. It wasn't too scary. Actually it wasn't scary at all more like suspense with a touch of fear. I put Daniel Sielberts liquid tincture in my mouth pure to see if I could take it undiluted, as one of the options they gave. They were right it burned the bottom of my tongue because of the high alcohol content. So I rushed to spit it out into the bathroom sink, at 70 dollars for a small bottle I wasn't too happy I did that :(

Anyway I guess I really didn't believe that anything would happen. Kind of like this year when I went to Miami from NYC for the hurricane Francis to manifest one of my biggest dreams of being a storm chaser. I thought and thought about going and truly didn't believe that I could hop on a plane in less than 10 hours and be to Miami for the hurricane, I was like does this really exist right NOW? Can I really go on plane to Miami and make my path cross a hurricanes? As if everybody else is trying to get away. Will that make it less accessible or possible for ME? At the very last minute I decided to go. And when I got there I was like it really does exist and met the storm head on. There was this air to me that thought something's to just not be possible. Well I was kind of thinking like that about the Saliva when it started to happen I wasn't sure if it was me or all these trip-reports that I have been reading were actually true. Even though I believed them in reality after I read them, my ego I guess was still skeptical while my soul knew it was true. When I got there I couldn't believe it was really happening. But itís impossible that it was just me because I have never seen or been to a tropical jungle in my room. Yes, a jungle! Superimposed, over/was my entire bedroom.

OK so I'll start where I left off, after I spit out the first attempt of undiluted tincture in my mouth out. I diluted the mixture like it said given the directions. I just tried measuring 3.5 milliliters that someone recommended at .75 per dropper load. I decided to take them at 1.5 ml two at a time in case I didn't like the feeling. Your supposed to notice effects 15 mins after holding it in your mouth then spit it out or swallow it. I spit it out just in case it was gonna take me higher. The first thing I noticed was a drunken state without the nausea though if I had drank that much and felt like that on alcohol I would have been throwing up by then. but no nausea at all. So I just sat and kept trying to relax witch it did help me do to the point I almost couldn't keep track of how long I had it in my mouth. I had some ambient music playing in the background and a abstract mind relaxation animation dvd on the TV.

By now Iím in a state kind of like when you almost fall asleep-hypnotic but not sleepy. Iím beginning to feel very heavy and keep staring directly in front of me. My body is really being still but Iím not making it, Iím just so relaxed and start thinking if I don't keep acknowledging my body, that I will leave it. So every now and then I would move something just to let me know Iím still in my body. The next thing I feel is a warm sensation creeping symmetrically up both of my legs. I feel that Iím still ok and go to prepare another dose in case it starts to wear off, happy in knowing if I walk I will know Iím still in my body. I prepare another dose with minor instability, put it under my tongue and sit back down in a comfortable Arabic Shaw my friend gave me on my bed, staring forward almost like being in a comfortable trance, but so comfortable I'm almost leaving my body.

I begin to feel my self get heavier and heavier and have a feeling of being still with the entire world, so still that I started to think 'Move something!' Is this REALLY happening? 15 more minutes had passed and I made one more dose went back to my and thought hope I didn't take to much and relaxed. Something was wanting to take me somewhere telling me to let go. But I was afraid too mostly because I didn't have a sober sitter with me, and I felt guilty for being able to do this transcending of my body, so I kept making sure I moved something or looked around to be put back from where I was going. I keep looking at the TV, nothing is really coming off the TV just maybe completed images off the screen which I feel I'm completing barely. I can't really focus on the images, and time seems to go faster.

Iím not sure if I had my eyes open or not but I saw, not with my eyes but my mind's eye, a shadow in back of me off in the distance far past the walls of my room beginning to go around me in a void space. As it went around me it seemed to communicate to me saying, 'By the time I get to the other side where I started from (behind me) you will be in a different place. It was going with my pace though, if I didn't feel comfortable it would slow down until I was ready again. Then it began moving till it was halfway around asking if I was ready for the other half. I communicated to it that I was with a little apprehension, but I was also afraid someone would knock on my door (it was daytime) and I would be abruptly and uncomfortably flung out of this place I worked so hard on getting to. But I just relaxed and the shadow continued moving around me with the bottom part of its shadow fanning out and forming a dark circle, with a line like that of a radar, only in a gray/black color.

It's as if it had something attached to my soul from it. And once it was finished completing the circle around me I would be further from where I was or in a different place all together like it told me telepathically. As it finished it's circle I felt my body getting heavier as ever, sitting motionless and feeling that Iím almost out of touch with it. With my little fear it completed the circle back at the point behind me from which it started. I can't describe how my body felt exactly, except for it wasn't there but I could still use my eyes if I wanted to acknowledge it being there but couldnít move. Then it happened. I looked out at my room and saw a jungle. Everything in my room had rich vines, moss, and trees. Very rich deep green plants everywhere, no space was left uncovered without leaves or roots or vines of some kind. My room was dark from the no light shades I had but the jungle was light illuminated by an other source. No audio, just visual sensation and feeling of really being there.

By now I can see why they say only light music and darkness because I couldnít see my room or tv anyway, I barely heard the music. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and still thought ĎCould I be making this up?í Is this just my imagination or is this really how a psychedelic was supposed to feel. But I couldnít move or didnít know I could if I tried. And when I would be in the vision I wouldn't remember that I had taken anything, so the jungle would be real for a few minutes. I was just in awe. Maybe I was the part of the forest, but didn't remember being human. But after the vision I thought I've never seen a jungle in my room so I know it was the salvia. It was UNMISTAKABLY there. If I tried to focus on a specific leaf or tree the open-eyed vision would disappear and my room would appear. The minute I stopped trying to look deeply into the vision for specific details, I would relax, the jungle would appear, and the whole room would be covered in dense thick tropical type plants/trees, while shifting from a sense of actually being in a jungle then realizing its my actual room. I think it was the difference between using my mind's eye and my real eyes that made the difference but later on would turn out to be one of the most profound messages that the plant would speak to me.

The shadow was no where to be found anymore. I don't remember thinking about other people or my life or things that have happened to me. I was just surrounded in a thick forest of tropical nature. content came from my soul. My ego and fear was in its place of being nothing, and I couldn't be scared, feel guilty about what I was doing, or rationalize my thoughts. I was just for a moment being in awe at the plants. Then I looked to the right with my real eyes (I think) and saw water flowing in the up direction in my room without touching anything. Kind of like water looks in space with no gravity, flowing slowly in the UP direction. About a foot thick around in a twisting and turning in clear mother of pearl type color water. Again I was in awe just looking, forgetting that I had taken anything to even see something like that. Then my room came back into focus and I remembered what I had taken to see something like that. I started to hear the music more and was vaguely hearing it during the trip hadn't freaked out about what I had seen.

I was sleepy from staying up from the night before and laid down. I had some more closed eye visuals which I can barely remember but nothing on the scale of having my eyes wide open and seeing a jungle or water flowing up in my room. All this lasted about 1 hour and 30 mins with the peak and visions being about 20 to 30 minutes. That's why I wanted to try this one first because it doesn't last 6 hours. In this time scale reality at least :) I had no bad body sensations or after effects like a hangover, just a refreshing feeling of what my soul would call is real. When I woke up from normal wanting to sleep, I realized the full extent of what I had saw, and feel very gifted to been given the chance to do it being that it may become illegal soon from the people of the sleepy nation.

In a way it did teach me things. The consciousness of plants is everywhere, and there was a power about being surrounded by all that vegetation. The shadow? I don't know if it was really real or I was just making a imaginary companion along the way, but it really seemed to help me and respect my personal decent into where ever I was going, if it wasn't just my imagination. I thank salvia for being so gentle with me, and Iím sure chewing leaves and the extracted tincture is better for first timers. I seemed to have time to slowly let myself and ego be washed away almost completely at my will.


If you try focusing too much on any particular detail in life, like I did when I was trying to focus seeing the details of the jungle, the beauty of the whole picture disappears, be it your car, competition, career, traffic, disease, family, dog, image, religion, or ego. The beauty and truth of the entire universe/vision, which is the essence of your soul, is lost when you focus too much on anything.

So there it is. a pretty positive experience for my first psychedelic experience ever. I do expect to go farther next time being I was only flirting with LEVEL 4 (Letter i) OF THE S-A-L-I-V-A scale, but with a sitter of course. I don't want to make it seem like it wasn't scary at all for me, but it was more of a feeling of being guilty for daring to go that far by transcending my body and ego. What would others think...? Modern society of course is not used to that. That was the scariest part for me at least.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 38123
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 2, 2008Views: 8,471
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