Perfect Pick Me Up
Citation:   AboveTheDust. "Perfect Pick Me Up: An Experience with Ephedrine (exp38252)". Feb 27, 2008.

  repeated oral Ephedrine (capsule)
Me and my cousin bought a bottle of Yellow Jacket capsules at a local gas station. I had heard these were named after some sort of speedy drug used back in the 70s. Anyway, we split them between the two of us (seven pills each)and we each had one the first night.

It was great. The small size of the capsule does not do any justice to their strength. It felt like a sugar high and a good dose of caffeine all rolled into one. The effects set on about 40 minutes after ingestion. It was a nice speedy feeling. My mind was clear and sharp, and my body had the energy I love to have but rarely do.

The six remaining yellow jackets helped pull me through my senior year in high school. I had a friend with some extreme problems, and there were a few times I would have to stay up all night to deal with them. Then I'd have to go to school in the morning. I would pop a yellow jacket at the beginning of the day, and it would give me the boost I needed to start off, and would seem to last most of the school day. They didn't only provide energy, but it also seemed to act as a mood lifter as well.

One night in particular I remember working on a final project for a class. I popped a yellow jacket and took a bath and read a bit until the effects came in. 45 minutes later (I was keeping track of the time with my stopwatch) the effects came in--I could feel and hear my heartrate increase and I was no longer semi-tired or unmotivated. I went to my computer and turned out a 20-page paper.

For all my love of yellow jackets, I never went over the recommended dose. One capsule was the perfect amount. It provided the exact sort of kick I wanted and expected. Those six pills lasted me three or so months, primarily because I knew I shouldn't depend on them for energy. I'd ration them very carefully and only take one if I really needed it. Needless to say, they weren't a recreational drug, but instead a performance enhancing drug.

The I had few side effects. The main one I noticed was the shakes when I was on an ephedra kick. I expected as much -- I had so much energy it had to go somewhere while I was just sitting around. Also, I wasn't hungry at all while on one, but I made myself drink at least a glass of water to make sure there weren't any nasty consequences. To me, ephedra is in no way a recreational drug. It is extremely effective at boosting energy.

Now if only that gas station still sold them...

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 38252
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 27, 2008Views: 18,712
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