Never Seen This Before
by gemini
Citation:   gemini. "Never Seen This Before: An Experience with DMT (exp38366)". Apr 20, 2021.

  40 - 70 mg smoked DMT


This is a report of my first dmt experience.

It was a typical setting, a beautiful rave in nth nsw australia. I was coming down from speed (although it wasnt a 'come down', I felt great!) at about 4am, and was in a very peaceful frame of mind. a friend of mine (who I will call Tim) told me he met a guy who had some d.m.t. I had been very very interested in d.m.t for a long time, and had read every trip report avalible .
We arranged some d.m.t for a very good price, and it was placed in a glass pipe for us, Tim suggested we go back to his car and smoke the d.m.t, but Archy( the final friend to make our little trio) suggested we just take it 'right here'( 'right here' being about 10 meters from the dance floor, at what was quite a big rave). I agreed with Archy, and it was confurmed we would smoke 'right here'.

There were little or no preperations (medetation ect.), the only preperation being who would smoke first, my friends knowing I was the most keen to try the substance agreed I should smoke first. We were all very giddy now, and I was happy to smoke while my friends trip sitted for me (that was my assumption. As far as I knew it should be common knowledge for a farmiliar friend to trip sit when dealing with this substance).

I put the pipe to my lips, emptied my lungs, and then drew the biggest toke that I could possibly pull. The visuals grabbed me immediatley as I blew the smoke out of my mouth. I saw a bright light which emitted from a tunnel which took me over the top of a pleasant medow. I remembered mubbling something about green meadows, which my friends giggled at (this was later confrimed).

'this is so amazing' I thought to myself(+ 20 seconds), 'I have to break out of this for just one second to tell my friends how great it is, then I will slip back in and enjoy the trip'.

Upon opening my eyes I was confronted by some extremely power oev's, very cartoony, like someone had painted amazing art over the image of life. I looked over at my friends to tell them jow great the trip was, and was horrified to find them dead!..:Archy wake up' I said.but he was motionless, I looked over at Tim to tell me what was going on, he was also deadly motionless. (keeping in mind it had been 40 seconds since inhaling, and still on the way up to the peak).

I was totally confused, 'what the fuck is going on?' I thought to myself. I looked over to the guy who sold us the d.m.t...and thus began the madness. Intense trailors flowed as he moved, and even more intense (in a scary type of way) was the way he talked. He wasnt talking english, but some strange alien language, his words meshed together in a rythmic riddle, totally incomprehensible for me to understand. Although I wanted him to make some sense so he could tell me what is happening (I forgot I smoked d.m.t by this point), he was just too confusing, I looked around the rave, and people seemed to move mechanically, as if they were robotised carboard cutouts. With my friends 'dead' and this man sitting in front of me talking some unknown alien language, plus all the people at the rave, who I thought were carboard cut outs, and what seemed logical at the time from all what was happening to me, came a terryfing life is over (whatever that was), this guy that sold me the d.m.t had succsefully shown me the door out of this world (all being my thoughts at the time). But my ego wouldnt accept it !..I still knew there was something, I wasnt goinf to let myself die as my friends had, I would struggle until I found a way back!. (I should note here, that my eyes were open this whole time!.big mistake).

Slowly my reality began to form, piece by piece. Still shaken from the 5 minutes of absolute fear. Words formed into coherant sentances and the man sitting across from me was no longer talking some alien language. My first touch with reality was when I asked him 'what is life? 'he replied' I'm not sure I can answer that'. I looked up at the sky and the sun was begining to show, night was turning to day, I felt relieved. 'but what about my dead friends?', I looked over to them and they were ok.
Archy and Tim had actually smoked d.m.t right after I handed them the pipe (the bastards, I was angry for a week after I realised this), which is why I thought they were dead and couldnt get a word out of them.

I came down to base line completley after about 10-15 minutes, and the morning was spent socialising with my two friends and fellow ravers.

I would like to trip on d.m.t sometime in the future, but perhaps when my life is more settled, and have moved out of home (a subject that came up in during the trip, but feel no need explaining it in detail as I have with everything else), and DEFINATLEY in a much more comforting enviroment.

Its a shame my first d.m.t experience ended up this way, but it has not deterred me from what is has to offer. This is a very powerful life changing substance, it is not a drug, it is something much more special and powerful than that.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 38366
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 20, 2021Views: 106
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