I Discovered What Magical Abilities I Have
Cacti - T. pachanoi & Cannabis
Citation:   Something In Between. "I Discovered What Magical Abilities I Have: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi & Cannabis (exp38639)". Erowid.org. Jan 16, 2007. erowid.org/exp/38639

T+ 0:00
1 cup oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (tea)
  T+ 0:00 2.5 oral Cannabis (edible / food)
  T+ 0:30 1 cig. smoked Cannabis (plant material)
It is the final night of the Rainbow Gathering in New Zealand, the moon was full earlier on in the morning. Tonight is the fullmoon celebration. I have done acid and mushrooms before, but have only actually 'tripped' once. About 4 days earlier, I had a dream about a san pedro cactus.

I have been asked to help prepare this san pedro cactus, donated by some random person. It is about 4 foot long, and .5 foot wide. It is suggested that we share this cactus with as many people as possible, as it is not wanted to be a cliquey thing. However as we are preparing it, we learn that there is also some more cactus about. We keep our preperation quiet, as we do not want to get everybodys hopes up that they will be trippin of their nut. At the other cactus prep station, people have started eatin the cactus raw.

To prepare it, we start by removing the spikes. Then we pull of the skin, and then chop the dark green, and some of the lighter green into a pot. We then chop the green into smaller pieces, on avage about 1cm. We add water and boil it for hours. During this time, some of the cactus got spilt. We then try strain the cactus through a cloth, but it doesn't really work. But the brew looks liquid enough to swallow.

We now have about 7 cups of liquid. There are four of us, R, V, Y and myself. We each do a cup each. Y takes ages to get his down, probably 15-30 minutes. I take my cup down in less than 2 minutes. I find it easiest just to take massive gulps and get it down. After taking it, we all agree that it was actually quite easy, though at the time our throats were gagging. There is still some cactus left, and it never gets used, it actually gets thrown out in the morning! (*gasp*)

It is starting to get dark, and everybody is around the bonfire. V has made some space (cannabis) cake. I eat about 2.5 doses of it. It is quite potent. Earlier on I had one dose, and it made me walk around in circles a bit.

It is about 1/2 hr after dosing, V decides that giving out the space cake is getting a bit intense for him, and gives it to me to give out. I hand more out, and go smoke a joint in a tent.

I then go back, and give the rest of the cake to someone else and go dancing.

There is a big bonfire, and people playing drums. There is about 50 people, most of them have eaten the strong space cake, and a few have taken the other brew of cactus, I have no idea how strong it was.

The dancing feels really nice. At the time I thought it was the cactus working, but in retrospect it was probably just the cake. I am noticing the clouds look amazing. I keep seeing these ghostly boy figures in them, the most interesting one was one of a ghostboy reading from the palm of a hand.

I do not know where V and R have gone. But Y is still around playing drums (he is an amazing musician, I already know this). So at this point, I am feeling really good, with increased appreciation for music, and closed eye visuals that are associated with cannabis. It is just like being really stoned.

Then people are getting vocally into the drumming, adding their own sounds to this drum beat. Y is laughing with a bunch of other people. I add three 'dooh dooh dooh' kinda sounds, and thats when the trip hits me.

The Trip:
As soon as it happens, I have a feeling that I have just completed a micheal jackson trip trigger (thats the only way to say it). I am convinced that the drum beat and everything was a micheal jackson song, and the words I just said were the lyrics he would have said, even though I do not know much MJ. Everybody is looking at me and laughing, it is all a big joke. I'm laughing too and go spinning around.

It is like all the trippers are on a big spiral loop, and that my dancing is keeping this loop moving, and keeping everything moving. It feels like I am drawing energy in through one end of the spiral, and passing it out the other end, where it goes onto everyone else.

I then make a few 'zippy zip zowww' sounds, which Y finds really amzing, and asks me for more. So I do, and I agree it is amazing. When I make these sounds its like my counciousness goes flying in the in the air in spiral shapes. For examples if I make 'zzoooow, zooow zoow zow zow w, www, www, www' sound the sprial starts close to the ground and is really wide, and gets further away from the ground and closer together. Everybody really enjoys theses sounds. It feels like often that I am an alien conciousness, comunicating information through these sounds.

At some point I sit on the ground and close my eyes, I have a visualisation of a girl coming up to me, and offering me candy, which I accept. I interpret this as me meeting mescalato, as described in Carlos Castinidas 'teachings of Don Juan'. A dude offers to do some therapy on me, straighting my back. He lifts me on to his back, it hurts, and I feel like jesus being crucified.

For the rest of the night I keep making amazing sounds, dancing, drumming, then runnning off in spirals, collapsing, and feeling like I'm being crucified, in order to get more energy for everybody to keep partying. When I am dancing, it is like I am bouncing the vibrations of the drums in certain ways as to control them. It feels like I am controlling the drum beat through my dancing, rather than the other way around.

At some point in the night I talk to a guy who isn't having such a good time. I tell him a few realisations I'm having and tell him that often frustation occurs when we cling on to our thoughts, as it creates a 'drag' in our mind. He says 'like how, oh... I see, like that'.

Also, throught out the night I keep going for fire wood misions. Sometimes it is really easy and I find the firewood easily, but other times I just get tangled up in big branches and get confused. At one time I felt like the earth mother was telling me to give the supplies (firewood) to the troops. I felt like a soldier on a battle ground.

I drum, and I feel like I am drumming up a storm. I am convinced that a storm is coming. I have a hallucination of a lighting bolt hitting the ground right near the fire, and I hear someone say something about a lightning bolt too.

As the night goes on, and the sun starts rising, people start losing energy, but are still tripping. I am still full of energy, and keep dancing etc. Through My dancing I am able to get people to start druming etc. Every now and then M starts drumming this same beat again, which gets everybody going again.

I dance in particlar ways to send energy around to make them laugh. It is not that my dancing is funny, indeed, they do not need to be looking at me, but I am manupulating energy to make them laugh. I manupulate some energy to make a song, I hear someone say 'this is going to be a beatiful song.' A few mintues later T starts playing her gutair and singing, I lie down and I feel my heart being taken away.

It is morning now. V comes up, he is naked. I have not seen him since dosing. He tells me how he saw the winking cyote. I am not able to sleep for the next few hours, I end up sleeping some time in the afternoon.

This trip taught me that all trippers are connected by the spiral loop. The answer to the enternal question is in the spiral. I understand what the beatles mean by yellow submarine (I was wearing my Yellow Submarine t-shirt). The yellow submarine is the atom explorer of conciousness, it is our mind following the spiral around, exploring. Through making sounds I am able to send the Yellow submarine where I want. I learnt the importance of music in understanding reality. Reality is simply vibration, and music, esp simple drum beats is a good way to measure it.

Writing this report has taught me that tripping is pretty indescribable, I haven't nearly illustrated well enough what was happening.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 38639
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 16, 2007Views: 11,832
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