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Absolute Euphoria
Citation:   Tripped Out Kid. "Absolute Euphoria: An Experience with 2C-C (exp38703)". Jul 13, 2006.

25 mg oral 2C-C (capsule)
Prior Experience: I have experience with 2C-D, 2C-E, LSA, Methylone, and Cannabis for psychedelics
Mindset: Lonely and trouble with personal issues
Method of Dosing: Oral, capsule.
Trip Dose: 25mgs
Medications: None.

For me, this was my first time taking this phenethylamine. I had two friends J and his girlfriend L also tripping with me dosing at relatively the same time (5-10 minutes after me). We all decided to me down at the lake. Besides me it was J, L, and ‘sepulfreak’. I arrived with sepulfreak and dosed while I was watching the sunset and soon afterward J and L showed up to do the same.

I eventually got rid of the slightly bitter, non-persistent taste of the 2-cc by drinking more water. I took it mixed with water and measured out with a medicine spoon like I use with kids. I helped gather up some of the equipment for fishing (sleeping bag to sit on, lantern, tackle box, poles, a folding chair, and more). We all walked down and set everything up for the experience. I heard from J and L that theirs was already starting to set in, but I am weird with most drugs, especially psychedelics. Most usually take longer to work on me even on an empty stomach, which we all had. In a trip later on for example, my friend had already peaked, and I still had yet to start my journey.

Back on topic, we all sat down either on the picnic table, or the sleeping bag and continued conversing. Sepulfreak was already starting to catfish and I was feeling disconnected as usual with the group I am with. Feeling more anti-social and irritable, not to mention I had stuff on my mind; I walked back behind them and started up the slope. I decided not to walk away and to just mess with them while I still had straight thinking for my own amusement. They were wondering where I went to while actually I was actually very close by hiding behind a tree. J spotted me and threw a small rock as a joke. J and L picked up on my current emotions and invited me back to talk inquiring about what was wrong.

As usual I clamped up and just sat next to sepulfreak on the bag staring out onto the lake. I pretty much talked them in loops and they gave up. I loved watching the mist rise on the lake, which would later play a part in my experience. J offered me to taste his cherry cigar, which actually tasted very good and left me licking my lips for five minutes. I had already begun to notice the sense enhancement! I don’t smoke but damn that was good!

J set up the folding chair for L and she sat down next to me. J sat in between us on the bag and sepulfreak pulled out the acoustic guitar he brought down with him. I laid there listening to him toying around with us, sometimes playing a song, and sometimes making unusual noises with the strings. It was somewhat annoying because I’d started to trip. I looked into the sky and started breathing heavy from the intensity. The sky looked so beautiful and rainbow patterns layered over my vision. I think the moon or the sun left some pattern in the sky as well even though it was night by then but I couldn’t tell. I looked away after a little bit and rested my head on the sleeping bag. J was next to me and looked at me with worry. I was totally fine but he thought otherwise.

I was shaking because it was moist out and cooler that evening since rain was on the way late in the evening. My breathing from my enjoyment of the sky also set up red flags for him. I adore the sky and the stars most of all, especially being a sci-fi nut time to time. Then came the laugher, which 2C-C brings. I was feeling crappy from my emotions but it melted away then with one swift statement. Since J was tripping he couldn’t help laughing either but he told me to get up because he thought something was happening to me and to move around. He joked with me saying “We’re going to take you to the hospital and you’re going to tell them what you took and you’re not going to mention any name” with a smile on his face.

To make him feel better I sat up, I didn’t want to because I felt pretty decent lying like that, and I laughed hard at him. I never tripped with him before but people tend to kill me when they are tripping with me and I can’t stop laughing. I guess he had that effect on me too. He offered me some tea and convinced me to walk around some. With them still sitting I kept dosing myself more and more glimpses of the sky. Each time I looked up I felt an intense euphoria in my stomach from the beauty and significance of the painting above me. Flickers of very distant lightening, far enough to not hear, began to animate within it. It made me breathe the same was as I would from an orgasm the beauty was so intense.

After five times, J asked me if I was ok. It puzzled me he would ask this because my hearing was softened and the lantern was purring next to me. I didn’t know he could hear me breathing.

It must have been pretty loud. Sepulfreak decided it was time for us to walk around the park and the woods of trails. We fixed everything up and headed towards the other half of the small wooden bridge than ran over a stream. Halfway on the rocky path after the bridge that curved into the woods, they continued on, but I halted because my vision wasn’t so good in the dark from the 2C-C and I couldn’t keep up with them or see where not to step to maintain my footing. I headed back and towards the shelter/shower building closer towards the lake to have my own personal experience. I reevaluated my role in life, the player that I am in the game.

I must have spent about 15 minutes on the steps of the small shelter when they yelled out for me. That path led back towards our setup, which I could see them coming out towards and the lantern relighting. I walked back over and sat down on the table next to J and L next to him. We conversed for a while and I brought up the friendly skunk that I saw the last time I was there with sepulfreak and another friend. Sure enough, my paranoia came true and little foot tracks started at us from the left. Sepulfreak also had just reeled in what turned out to me a snapping turtle, which made sense the way it was acting. (J was still clearheaded enough to recognize this from the way it fought) He was amused by it and started playing by putting stuff in its mouth to snap. Anyhow, I couldn’t the footsteps until J noticed and boldly made us aware that the skunk was on its way.

We all ran off towards the shelter I was at earlier, sepulfreak having the turtle in hand. The land near the water there is like a beach so there’s lots of sand. He set it down and started teasing it more. That didn’t last more than another 15 minutes because the skunk found us and had made its way over to us. I freaked more than I would have sober-minded, and the thing was 3 meters away from me by the time I noticed it. I yelled, “skunk!” and ran towards the shelter with them not far behind and the turtle at the water by then. He had sent it towards the geese at the edge for a laugh.

The skunk must be pretty tame or grew up without parents because not once did it ever spray us. I found it rather amusing watching the skunk walk a little closer to a stop and play around in the sand rolling and kicking it up in the air like a cat would. Three of us were in the shelter, but sepulfreak ran elsewhere. Eventually he scared and chased off the skunk within a short time and took J and L for another walk on a separate trail behind us. Again I couldn’t follow in my current state.

Doing the best I could, I walked back a little bit and started getting severe visual distortions from the darkness and the shelter building light bleeding through the leaves above me. I felt nervous and felt like the ground was coming alive, especially because of the numerous tree roots and branches I was stepping on. My surroundings took on the role of those from Dorothy’s walk in the enchanted forest in The Wizard of Oz. I walked out of there.

This walk wasn’t as long for them and I heard them coming up behind me returning. J walked up to me really close in my face from the side like we were both looking at something that was there. He said something that I forget now but whatever it was I went hysterical! I lost all control and couldn’t stop laughing! It was pretty high pitched and kept going each time until I ran out of breath. The laughter wasn’t scary at all but rather enjoyable. I think even they got a kick out of it.

We walked back to the fishing site and stayed for a little longer. I saw a little bit more visuals here and there like Oriental things on the mood (dragons etc.) or the breathtaking patterns I saw in the sky earlier. I got massive food cravings and the visuals aided in it. I kept pestering them about food and describing many different flavorable types in great detail like I was eating it. Then I took a long, hard look at the bait. Hotdogs. When noone was looking I grabbed two and stuffed them in my mouth to eat one-by-one. It wasn’t the best but it was food. I got caught with the last bite and sepulfreak told me not to eat all the bait, which I explained I wasn’t. I didn’t see it worth eating anymore, so I went back to eating in my mind.

The storm was approaching as foretold by the lightening in a big clearing further away and the thunder. I liked watching it and wanted to stay a little longer but we had to pack up and leave.

Overall the experience was half-clearheaded and not scary at all, even going in with the mindset that I did. I had difficulty as usual with some motor skills because of the euphoria like when I helped sepulfreak move the picnic table closer to the site, or when I was walking around during the way up on the trip. I really enjoyed myself and got to notice that it has a boosting effect on laughter, or at least with me. The sensory enhancement was great but I made up for it with my lack of night vision. This is definitely something I could do again without a second thought.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 38703
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 13, 2006Views: 22,650
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2C-C (262) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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