Time Tunnel
Cacti - T. pachanoi
Citation:   Da_straz. "Time Tunnel: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi (exp38713)". Erowid.org. Dec 6, 2006. erowid.org/exp/38713

T+ 0:00
12 in oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (plant material)
  T+ 8:00 1 repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Me and 3 friends tried some San Pedro cactus. San Pedro contains mescaline. Anyway, after not eating for the whole first half of the day (for better effects) at about 12pm we cut up the 4 footlong cuttings (of around 4-6cm diameter) of San Pedro cactus (and our hands on the spines), and boiled it with water (1 cup water to 1 cup chopped cactus) and about 4 juiced lemons for about 2.5 hours. We ended up with 4 glasses of this yellowy-mustard coloured liquid at 2:30pm. This stuff had the consistency of milk. This stuff is disgusting. Really disgusting. The worst thing I've tasted actually. It has first a disgustingly salty taste, then a very bitter taste, then a vomit taste, leaving a very gross indescribable after-taste. If every serial killer took all their rotting victims, and boiled them down to a concentration of just 4 glasses, it would taste better than this stuff. Every time I think about the taste of this stuff, I shudder automatically.

Anyway, with much honey and blockage of noses, we finally got the stuff down. This is so disgusting, that it took us about an hour to finish drinking it all. About 3 hours later, we still weren't feeling much, just a better sense of ourselves. At 4 hours, my friends figured it hadn't worked, so they had about 10 hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, crushed up in lemon juice/saliva for about 15 minutes. I had work at 6am the next day, and I decided I wouldn't want a hangover, so I didn't have seeds.

At round 9pm, we were at the beach, meeting other friends, this is about an hour after they had seeds. They were lying on the grass near the beach, staring at the stars, feeling some sort of hypnotism, an indescribable feeling....they just said it was awesome. They seemed to want silence. Anyway, after talking to friends and wading round in the water (which was bath temperature!!), me and my mates walked back home. At home (round 10:30), sitting outside, we smoked some cannibis, not much though. One of my friends was being very strange. He was saying 'can you feel that!?' and he was smiling, looking very excited. He seemed to be feeling some force, as though he was traveling through a big tunnel, through time. He was nearly shouting, and was looking amazed. The others were feeling it a bit too, but not me.

We went upstairs and sat opposite eachother on chairs and a couch, and thats when I started feeling it. It was like a pulling sensation, almost like a tunnel sucking me somewhere else, and it was like time was changing. We were experiencing the same thing! We all agreed that this was the work of the cactus, as we all felt the same thing, and the others said the effect was different to that of the seeds. Anyway, we all agreed that it felt as though the force went away when any of us left the room. It was as though the pulling force was only present, when we were all near each other. It was amazing, and very strange. The fan was on, and the slight cool breeze on my skin helped this sensation a great deal, as it gave more of a pulling feeling. This feeling was a feeling of being pulled through time and space, like my body was let free, and I was flying through some sort of orbit or portal. I felt I could just close my eyes, and be carried away. A very pleasurable and interesting feeling, one that I would love to feel again.

I also seemed to see things around the room as being slightly green, and wobbling a bit. This made everything appear to look like I was underwater. Perhaps this was just the light. I found that being in a dark room intensifies the feeling, and laying on a bed makes it feel INCREDIBLE. This is a great drug, once you get past the whole 'consuming' bit. It took about 7 hours in total to hit us, which we figured was very strange. At about 3 hours, we were thinking that it was a dud, and wasn't going to work, but it was great. I recommend watching the movie 'waking life', a movie made in 2001, which shows a (very realistic) animated teenager's journey through his dreams. It is a must see for any tripper.

In conclusion, this was a great trip. I would recommend it with a few friends, but not at a party, and not with others NOT using it, as it is best to be able to relate to others' experiences. It took a long time, so make sure you have something to do whilst waiting for effects.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 38713
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 6, 2006Views: 6,866
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