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Universe Mechanical Breakdown
LSD & Cannabis
by Greg
Citation:   Greg. "Universe Mechanical Breakdown: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp38715)". Apr 10, 2008.

3 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
This experience happened approx nine years ago. I had previously used these substances before on many an occasion and had brief encounters with amphetamines and MDMA. This particular type of acid was new to me and my trip partner and I had tried 1 tab 5 days previous to this session, we both rated it as rather potent. On this pre session I had rather intense feeling of paranoia and anxiousness but was able to keep it under control and not upset my partner too much. I believe it to be my mindset at this particular point in my life and not just the substance, after all LSD only comes in different strengths not quality.

We woke up at my place at 7.30 am and lay in my room relaxing with a joint. We then proceeded to smoke 3 buckets of Moroccan resin; this is what they’re called in northern England. We filled a large bucket with warm water, cut the bottom of a 3 litre pop bottle, gauze the top, sink the bottle into water, burn the resin in then slowly raise the bottle out while reheating the resin. 30 mins after consuming these I felt immaculate and ready for the rest of the session. We traveled to the next town were our dealer was, I fucking hated public transport, and enquired to our dealer about these Testube acid tabs and purchased 3 each and took them without delay (very stupid). The taste was slightly bitter in a very weird way and within about 60 seconds I could feel strange tingling from my taste buds to my brain, just physical. “Fuck” I said 'Can you feel that already” he agreed.

We catch a bus back to my place and this is where it got bizarre. We sat at the back on the top deck of the bus and smoked a big joint (there was nobody else on the bus) then I suddenly had extremely long hair even though I had previously shaven it 5 days ago. The hair felt nice but I was concerned about the cars behind the bus trapping it under their wheels and from here to my front door is a complete blank. I knock on the door and my mother answers, she asked if we were ok, we replied with 'phnuuae' and escaped into my chill room. I must add that I had no fears of my mother finding out as I new she new and she new that I new that, but we never let on to each other, she is a wonderful, and experienced woman.

We set the bucket up and proceeded to continually smoke our rocky, this is when the pictures on my wall began to melt and reform again. I started playing with a loose thread on my mattress and suddenly became engulfed in endless amounts of string and my friend Dan shared this illusion with me and we both pissed ourselves laughing, I think literally. We decided to put Dark Side of the Moon on and that’s when things got very serious. Dan started drifting off with no responses so I just sat there staring into my room with my new found panoramic vision and watched tribal facial symbols zooming towards me then contracting back again. This proceeded to get faster and more intense.
I also noticed that the music kept switching from Dark Side to Wish You Where Here.

When welcome to the Machine came on I realised that something was seriously wrong with the universe and started to panic a little, all of a sudden Waltz in Black by the stranglers was coming through my speakers. I looked into the corner of my room and could see some insane circus organ music coming towards me,I was getting serious Synestheasure. I had a threatening feeling then realised that everything was fucked. I managed to walk down the stairs half way in search of orange juice and was engulfed in this insane music with intense light then blacked out. I then found myself back at the top of the stairs with the music less intense and tried to ascend the stairs again with the same fucked up strange thing happening, this repeated but I don’t know how many times.

I managed to wake Dan up and he freaked out as well so we decided to go to Asda to by some orange juice to help us, fuck knows why. Every human we encountered were drones that moved like robots, this scared the shit out of us. Then the strangest thing happened, we were both too scared to talk (physically) so we started to talk to each other in our heads, we discussed haw the universe was missing some kind of equation and how it would keep fucking up toward the missing peace and return to the start again. I remember back on the stairs, I thought to myself “Oh no not this again,” very strange.

We returned to the house and approached my mother and explained we were losing our minds and we took some pretty strong acid, she calmly asked how many, we couldn’t remember. She took us to A+E on a fucking bus were my friend started having some kind of fit and purple foam was coming out of his mouth, all I could do was stare out the window wondering when and if the universe was going to skip track again. The bus driver phoned an ambulance which of course came with a police car, and my friend had warrants for his arrest (not for anything bad or inhumane) the thing with the English copper is that they don’t really interfere with things as long as nobody is in danger, so the paramedic told the police to leave, they looked at us and could see we were just flapping on some drug and shrugged their shoulders then left. From here on we gradually calmed down with the occasional fit from Dan, and sat in a 3 hour waiting list freaking out then just jumped in a cab with my mother and went home. I must add that the staff at the hospital were great and told us that we will have to wait like everyone else. This was fair but was a bit challanging to accept at the time.

I don’t know how many u/gs was in this dose but I kept on tripping for another 2 days afterward and kept having flashbacks or mental health problems (probably the later) for years afterwards. I don’t regret this experience as it’s given me enormous interest and insight into arts and psychology and the human condition and have completed some of these subjects at uni.

Exp Year: 1995ExpID: 38715
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 10, 2008Views: 7,585
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