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I Didn't Know Which Universe Was Mine
Salvia divinorum (leaves & extract) & Cannabis
by Enter
Citation:   Enter. "I Didn't Know Which Universe Was Mine: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (leaves & extract) & Cannabis (exp38749)". Apr 25, 2007.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)
    smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)
    smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)


This is how the whole thing went down.

I was about to smoke some x10 Salvia last night. Up to that point, I had smoked enough bud to get me high, and throughout about 30 minutes to that point I had smoked a few bowls of regular Salvia extract and one bowl with some x5 on it. All of the smoking that occurred was done through a 1 Ĺ foot bong.

The feeling I got from the regular Salvia extract was pressure being applied to my whole back as if pushing me. Walking was also different; it was like I wasnít walking my legs, but they were being guided by some other force rather. I felt relaxed and kind of weird. The x5 gave me more of the same weird feeling just more intense. I felt like my whole self wasnít all there.

Ok so it was time to try the x10 stuff. I got my buddy to do it with me. Now I had no idea how much we needed to smoke to really trip out, so I told my friend Harout that we would both smoke a bowl of regular salvia extract, then we would each smoke two bowls of salvia extract with the x10 stuff. What I didnít know is that I would never smoke my second bowl.

SETTING: My friends apartment. Me and Harout were standing in the kitchen. Three other friends who were going to try it later were standing by the kitchen counter on the living room side of the apt.

I remember exactly what I was thinking while taking my hit in. I was smoking this bowl, and then Harout would pack one, and then we would each take one more, and then just let ourselves trip out.

There are some things I had read that Salvia could do. One of the things I read about was being shifted to an alternate reality and totally having a true out of body experience. I never thought that I could have a trip like that, I really didnít believe it was possible I would ever experience anything near that, though I thought it would be an awesome experience. Well, Salvia doesnít play any games.

I would never have been able to imagine what I was about to get myself into. It might have taken about 5-10 seconds after I inhaled the smoke that things started to happen. I was instantaneously transferred to another place (I will call this place B) and right as this happened it was like my existence here (I will call this place A ) was nothing. I am trying to describe in words what I saw, felt, and sensed so bear with me.

Ok, so right as I took my hit, I had no memory of smoking Salvia, and no awareness of anything around me or anything that existed in Universe A. Right when I took the hit and I was in Universe B, it was like I had all new memories of being there. I thought I had always been there, and I wasnít aware of my body in A. My friends tell me my eyes were open the whole time.

Iím not sure how long this had been going on, my friends tell me it was between 5-10 minutes. All of my friends that were with me when I took the Salvia, existed in this parallel universe I went to, and everyone was playing a part there in whatever we were doing. I canít remember what the action everyone was doing in Universe B was right now, because my spirit/mind is connected with this body 100% again.

My friends were trying to get my attention and I began to hear them in Universe A all the way from Universe B. The more I focused on Universe A and what they were saying, the more everything faded back to the kitchen. The first time I came back to the kitchen I was in utter disbelief. I was totally shocked, because everything I thought was real wasnít, but that couldnít be. I came back and I tried to tell my friends were I had been and what I was seeing and the next thing I knew I was back in Universe B doing the same thing. There was no transition it was just like BOOM, youre back.

In Universe B, things didnít matter at all. We were doing something and that was all that mattered, it was all we cared about, it was all that was. Harout, who had been standing next to me the whole time, was next to me in B too. He was talking to me in B and I felt we were connected. He then started talking to me back from A, and his whole being split into two halves and his body (bodies) twisted in a symmetrical pattern around my whole field of vision. I then slowly came back to A, and I was shocked just as much as I was before, because as soon as I had gone back to B, it was like I had never just came back to A in the first place, leaving me just as shocked as the first time.

But this time when I came back, I tried to explain to everyone what was happening. In my head and where I was, I was explaining everything perfectly to make sure I described everything in detail to not leave anyone left confused. The problem is, I thought I was explaining everything to them in A, when my whatever (mind, spirit, soulÖ) was still back in B. To my friends in A, I hadnít even said one word they could recognize. My mind was not in my body yet, and although I could see everything in A, when I tried explaining things to them, everything besides my body was still in B so they could not hear me.

From my friends perspective, after I took my hit I just stood there with my eyes open not moving at all. After a while my friends got concerned so they tried to talk to me, but I could not communicate back. To them, I kinda looked their way and would make sounds a baby would make, and I stood there with my mouth open drooling on myself. I would also sometimes almost fall, this would occur when I would come back to A from B.

In my mind, I was like ĎIím so F*CKEDí because I had no memories of anything up to the point I was at, in Universe A. I think this is because my mind had not yet fully reattached to my body, so I was just a body in Universe A, without any logic because it was in someplace in between.

I actually got a visual of what it was like not being in any Universe, but being in between. I would see a huge grid, I think my friends heard me say an ocean filled with microchips, because I tried to say it as soon as I saw it, so my friends would know what I was seeing. And I was able to pronounciate it enough to where they understood it. What I saw was a huge grid, with so many little what I called microchips. I am guessing the microchips represented parallel universes, and I saw myself enter Universe A. There was just a beam of energy and I could see and feel myself being pulled back towards my real Universe (A). Once I was connected to the real universe I began trying to explain everything to my friends again.

I could swear I was talking just fine, because I could hear myself talk to, but my mouth was hardly moving. Wherever I went, Harout and me were interacting, so when I came back to realism, I looked at Harout to help me explain. I looked at him and I was just like Harout, come on you know man you were right there with me you know what happened. And of course he had no idea because it wasnít really him, and he walked away from my side to a different point in the kitchen and it freaked me out even more, because it wasnít right, it wasnít how it was supposed to be, I felt more unsafe and I told him to come back to where he was, and as soon as he did that I zapped back to Universe B.

This time I was in a street and I was sure of it. While in the street, I turned my head and looked behind me down the street. When I turned my head back to look up the street, right as I turned my head I was looking back in the kitchen. I turned my head again and the street was gone. I asked my friends were the street went and I was like dude I was just in a street how did I get here. And of course this place felt unreal because the place I was just in I thought was real.

I then realized that I had just taken Salvia and that it was just the Salvia doing this. But I still had no memories of my time here, it was like that part of me hadnít connected back to my body yet. I was scared I would stay like that the rest of my life. It was like I was a stranger in a different body that belonged somewhere else. I told everyone I was fine and I was going to sleep for a bit, out of no where, and this whole time my friends still didnít know what I had seen or experienced. I really wasnít fine yet, I sat down on a chair and closed my eyes. I couldnít feel the chair and it seemed like my eyes werenít even closed.

The only thing I can think of is that half of me was still in the parallel universe, and the other half was back. It took me a couple more minutes until my memory came back and I realized that this was the real place where I belonged. I then was able to talk and told my friends everything.

To people reading these stories, you really still have no idea what it felt like. When I left my body and went wherever I did, I could have sworn on my life that that place was real and that is how it was supposed to be. When I came back to my body it was like shock. There were times when I couldnít hear anything, it was like I was in my body and had no feel or sense. My body was also numb the whole time. I can write and write and try to make people understand better, but there really are no words to explain. Looking at my whole experience now I still canít believe that happened. I canít believe something like that could actually happen. Itís just amazing what Salvia can do, or unlock.

I had the most intense experience out of all my friends that night. Only one other actually went to a different reality and then came back, but it didnít last as long as mine. He said wherever he went, something happened, and it was my fault. Everyone pretty much lost their ability to talk at some point, and everyone pretty much drooled a little bit at some point.

I believe itís because you experience something, and you want to give everyone around you feedback immediately of what you saw or felt, but you canít, because youíre not all there.

Iíve done other drugs such as mushrooms and Salvia was by far 10x as intense as mushrooms ever was. My being was transferred from my body, to another body somewhere in an alternate universe and it was real as daylight, I mean, I never got anything close to that on shrooms.

This was such a unique and awesome experience. I would do it again, and I think I will handle it better this time because I now know. This has been my first true out of body experience, and something I will always remember in this lifetime.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 38749
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 25, 2007Views: 13,426
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Salvia divinorum (44) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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