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Very Temporary High
by opiatekrzy
Citation:   opiatekrzy. "Very Temporary High: An Experience with Crack (exp39095)". May 15, 2018.

    repeated smoked Crack


(note: I was using heroin earlier that day, and it did not alter the high in anyway, maybe only not giving me a stimulant crash)

While I was at my dealers house I was introduced into a drug called Crack/Cocaine. I politely asked if I can try it being curious of the effects it will produce, I have experience with other stimulants such as Ecstacy and amphetamines.

She loaded a couple small rocks into a glass pipe, and I put the lighter up to it and took a big hit and held it in. The effect of the drug hit me almost instantly, I felt light as a feather, a hot sweat (felt good), very talkative and a good mood lift. The effects lasted 3 minutes.

After awhile of continously smoking, it seems that the high only lasted while I was holding in the hit, and when I exhaled, the high went away. I did not experience a crash of any sort, my appetite for food came back to normal a couple hours after my last hit.

A lot of people report that they suffer a hard crash which includes anxiety and depression, I don't know if my reason for not crashing was because I had heroin in my system, and the CNS effects of it provides depressed heart rate thus diminishing anxiety, and stimulant properties.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39095
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 15, 2018Views: 2,023
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