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Good Psychedelic Kick on the Rear
Citation:   Triptamine. "Good Psychedelic Kick on the Rear: An Experience with Psilocin (exp39219)". Oct 19, 2006.

T+ 0:00
21 mg buccal Psilocin (liquid)
  T+ 1:00 7.0 mg buccal Psilocin (liquid)
Today was set to be the day to try some of my recently extracted and recrystallized psilocin. The crude psilocin was dissolved in heptane:chloroform (3:1 – 7 ml total volume). I found it difficult to dissolve, but it slowly went into solution. I slowly evaporated this under N2 until ~3 ml volume remained and poured remaining liquid into another vial. The crystals were dried under N2 and collected and weighed to be 28 mg. 21 mg. Of this was dissolved in ~10 ml distilled water with ~50 mg ascorbic acid to preserve the psilocin. The psilocin crystals were slightly soluble and much remained undissolved on the bottom of the vial. This was placed in the refrigerator (~38 F) until today. The remaining 7 mg was put in the freezer dry and under N2.

The trip beings:

21 mg psilocin in solution (most of the psilocin had dissolved by this time) was put into my mouth and held there for about 5 minutes at 5:30 PM. The taste was bitter, but easily bearable. I then swallowed the liquid. I proceeded to take a shower and was already feeling some effects at about 5-10 minutes into it. Overall, I was in fairly good spirits, but was slightly upset about the trip being postponed (I thought it would be moved to another day). I was also fairly tired from work today and in retrospect, I probably should have waited until I was more rested.

Anyhow, after the shower, I went into the living room and put on some music. Sting’s “brand new day” was already in the CD player, so playing was easy! As the trip built intensity, I kept trying to focus on visuals, but I was continually distracted by thoughts of work. Basically, I tend to think of work even after I have had enough. Hard to turn off the mind, I guess! At about the 1-hour point (6:30 PM) I decided that the trip was about the intensity of a 2-3 gram trip, but I wanted a bit more. After contemplating taking the 7 mg in the freezer, I decided that it would be a good idea. Again, in retrospect, it is probably better to stick with the planned experiment instead of changing it while it is in progress.

So, the music plays on and on, and my mind gets thinking…basically, I entered a paranoid mindset (which has happened once before in my 007 trip) in which I thought there was a chance that the authorities that be knew what I was up to. When tripping, this is not a good thing to get into my mind, as my imagination is usually quite good on mushrooms (or psilocin – whatever). My paranoia started to get a little out of hand, so I stopped the music and went to the bedroom with my wife and newborn daughter. I tried to still my thoughts, but the paranoia was still there. Finally, after a few minutes (which seemed like hours) the paranoia was gone, but it was replaced by a strange sensation: the loss of sensation! I started to feel faint and could feel strong tingling in all my limbs. As I lay, the feelings were getting stronger and stronger and I was very concerned that something was going wrong. I held my wife close, which comforted me some, but the tingling and light-headedness increased.

I was scared that I may have taken too much psilocin and was poisoning myself. I felt like if I were to wait 10 more minutes, I would be passed out, or worse – dead! I remembered reading somewhere that activated charcoal can be used to soak up alkaloids in the stomach (probably none there by now, but…) and can even remove them from your bloodstream. I was definitely up for the test!!! I got a small jar of charcoal and added water. It fizzed and I was a little concerned about putting this in my mouth, but considering the circumstances, I decided it was best to proceed. I touched my tongue onto the wet charcoal and swallowed. I repeated this 3-4 times to ingest about 1 tablespoon of charcoal. I felt some relief almost immediately (probably from just focusing on the task at hand), but all was not over yet. The dizziness came and went over the next hour and a half and was accompanied by feelings of being quite scared. I thought that I was literally fighting for my life. Whether this is true or not, I will never know. I fought with all my might to stay conscious.

At about 8 PM, I chose to vomit (as I was fairly nauseous and thought it might expel some of the toxins). During my toilet-filling episode, I thought I was going to die and I asked God to help me. With each spew, I felt better and I got the message that Jesus had saved me. I thanked Jesus for sparing my life and got back into bed. An interesting note was that none of the charcoal came out. Perhaps it is very dense after absorbing so many alkaloids! Anyway, after purging, I felt far better (but still not completely ok). I then swore off doing any more extractions of any kind. Natural is ok, but purification can be very dangerous!

I initially said I was also done with the mushroom, but then came to my senses and changed my mind. I will probably take a good long break though. I have decided to get rid of my drugs, as it is not worth the paranoia. Especially when considering our 1st newborn daughter in this equation. After sobering up somewhat, I placed my hand on my daughter’s belly. She was sleeping, but responded with every movement and emotion. I felt truly connected with my daughter. She was incredibly responsive during this time and would wave her hands out and stuff. It was so cool and made me very glad to be alive. I do love life, but sometimes I need a good psychedelic kick in the rear to help me remember. I now remember: the answer is love.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39219
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 19, 2006Views: 22,742
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