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Great Christmas Night, Horrible Next Morning
Methylphenidate & Cannabis
Citation:   Caprice. "Great Christmas Night, Horrible Next Morning: An Experience with Methylphenidate & Cannabis (exp39271)". Jul 22, 2007.

  repeated insufflated Pharms - Methylphenidate (ground / crushed)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]
Christmas day started off like every other Christmas, younger sibling eager to open his presents, and me eager to sleep in after a late night helping my parents rap gifts. Christmas continues as usual, opening gifts till about 12:00 then eating brunch and making plans for tomorrow with friends. It's 6:00pm and all family that is expected to come has arrived and I find myself excessively tired so I call my friend and ask her if I could purchase 7 ritalins for $4.00. She agrees. I meet up with my friend about 7:15 and purchase the product and indulge in small talk over a smoke.

As soon as I get home I crush one up and insufflate it in one line up into my left sinus, instantly I feel more awake and talkative I join my family for dinner at around 7:30pm, appetite lost, I ate very little and felt sorta sick. After dinner I proceed to my garage for a quick bowl to ease my stomach discomfort. After the bowl I feel very enlightened and energetic. I go inside the house and we begin to open presents from the relatives.

I go to my bedroom putting gifts away and crush up 2 more ritalin and sniff them in 1 line up into my left nostril. Instantly I can taste the ritalin and have trouble breathing, I grab a glass of water and quikly chug it down. Instant relief of dry throat. I can feel the methylphenidate in my brain, sorta like a warming sensation, and I am increasingly talkative with a friend of the family's and enjoy a 25 minute conversation with him, then we walk outside for a little joint.

As I haul on the joint I feel a slight euphoria, and the need to be increasingly talkative. I enter my room and grab the remaining 4 ritalins and proceed to crush them with the mortar and pestle. When there is nothing but fine blue powder I make up 2 massive lines both containing 2 pills of ritalin each, 20mg of methylphenidate per line, me and my friend quickly insufflate the lines in 1 quick sweep and return to being talkative and over-enthusiastic about things.

After about 15 mins I begin to get the craving for another so I call up my person and ask if she would sell me 15 for $10.00, she quickly agrees and I arrive at her house within 10 mins. I notice a slight shake in my hands and my jaw is chewing like I have gum in my mouth, but I don't! I quickly have a smoke and say goodbye. When I arrive home the first thing my friend asks is if he can trade 3 5mg valiums for 2 ritalins and I agree. After we insufflate 2 1/2 more ritalins each we quickly begin discussing common subjects, Christmas, family, jobs, girlfriends, etc. I notice my friends jaw is grinding like a m*th*rf*ck*r and decide to grab some water for both of us.

It's about 10:30 and my family is chillin in the livingroom chatting about life. My friend quickly asks if he can spot some off me and I assure him it is no problem at all. We quickly insufflate 2 1/2 ritalins each and the high suddenly changes. I become much more happy and it is starting to imitate a cocaine high but not as happy. I was also very paranoid about getting caught. I continue talking and decide to go outside for a quick pipe bowl. After the first haul I feel much more relaxed but at the same time energetic and increasingly aware.

It's around 12:00am and my friend departs home but not without railing another massive load of ritalin. We both sniff about 2 pills and then he leaves to go home. I sit and ponder what I am gonna do today, Christmas day is over. After about 10 mins I decide to go for 3 more Ritalin and spend a great deal more care crushing it up this time, as if I were perfecting the grain or something. I quickly make 2 lines and sniff 1 up each side and sit back on my bed. I am hearing music but my CD player isn't on. I have had this before, it is caused by sleep deprivation and the ritalin in combination.

I decide to turn on the radio and play some James Bond Goldeneye on N64, (my playstation was stolen about a month ago :( ) As I continue to play I get so into the game that I don't realize an hour has passed and it's 1:30am.
I am starting to feel tired so I sniff 2 more ritalins and eat 2. I sit in my bed and ponder for about 2 hours about life and other things, during this time I had about 3 ritalins insufflated. I go into my garage for a pipe bowl of cannabis and drift to sleep for about 15 mins. When I wake up I have a major craving for ritalin and it is causing me to feel depressed and paranoid. I go inside and quickly grind up half a pill, I have noticed my stomach is not taking kindly to the abuse so I lower the dosage, I quickly sniff it up and return to my happy self.

About 1/2 hour later I finish the other half and eat one more It is now 6:30am and yet I crave another Blue Baby. I mash another one up and put it up my nose with a swift sniff. I feel fatigued but energetic, and I notice that my body/muscles are tired but my brain is fully awake and alert. But I am hearing things: music, people talking, and what sounds like a low humming. It's 7:15am and I did 1 about 5 mins ago, the whole family is asleep and yet I still think I hear ppl coming towards my room.

Final Entry: It's 8:00am Sunday, members of my family have awoke and I am VERY PARANOID!! I am going to do 2 more now and I still have 15 left. I hope I can resist the craving and get some sleep. Thinking about taking Valium to relax muscles and get some sleep.

If you are thinking of doing a lot of ritalin in a night consider little portions and more time in between. I blew my nose a minute ago and the tissue had blood drops and was tinted blue. My nose is not in any pain? Which I don't understand! Hopefully when I wake up it doesn't hurt! I can't stop chewing even if I try, it's very annoying and painful to my jaw muscle.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39271
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 22, 2007Views: 44,460
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Pharms - Methylphenidate (114), Cannabis (1) : Various (28), Multi-Day Experience (13), Hangover / Days After (46), General (1)

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