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For All the Right Reasons
Amphetamines (Adderall)
Citation:   AwesomeMachine. "For All the Right Reasons: An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp39302)". May 10, 2007.

120 mg oral Amphetamines (daily)
I always drank too much, all my life. One day my doctor found out I was smoking marijauna to help me write computer programs. He told me I was trying to get dopamine, a neurotransmitter, and would write me a prescription for something that would help me concentrate and not drink anymore. From the very first day I took Adderall my condition improved. I was able to stop drinking and smoking pot without the aid of any recovery programs. I became more friendly with other people. I was less combative. Women seemed more attractive. People seemed nicer. I seemed smarter, and actually learned 7 weeks of calculus in 5 hours. My computer programming improved. I didn't get bored as easily. Time seemed to fly.

Everything was just more enjoyable, or even bearable, all the time. I seemed to be more in touch with myself after several weeks and knew my own needs better. I made more progress in my counseling sessions. I appeared superhuman to some people. My first 2 weeks of visual basic, a computer language, I wrote and published a computer program and built a website to distribute it. I wrote computer language code better than any of my teachers.

By way of the Adderall I became keenly aware of my emotional state and was led by the Holy Spirit on several journeys through my heart to anger, pain, and fear hidden deep inside of me. I invited Jesus to heal those parts of my heart and thanked him. I prayed for forgiveness to Jesus and I was delivered from sin on Easter Sunday 2004. I am a healed individual. My pain and suffering led me to attempt suicide on 10 occasions for which I was hospitalized each time. I am free now, and in love with jesus. By the power of jesus and staying away from sin, all fear has left me and all I feel is a burning love from the Holy Spirit.

Now I am hopelessly, but happily, addicted to a rather high dose of Adderall - 120 mg/day. I'm like high every day, but with no bad side effects. There is a hitcher though: I have to take 150 grams of whey protein/day and 10 multivitamin tablets. I also have to take selenium, B-12 under my tongue, zinc, chromium, coQ10, potassium, magnesium, calcium, choline bitartrate, and plenty of sugary foods like ice cream and candy bars because my brain works so much it needs a heavy supply of sugar. I feel perfect every day. I get a lot done. I have fun even when I am alone. I'm a computer wizard like no other. I feel tranquil, yet stimulated. I sleep better at night. I love all people because of the power of God within me. I believe God led me to Adderall to help me find him.

I could not give and receive love before I was on Adderall. After I started taking it I feel like I'm on X all the time and people love me. I'm a computer consultant, so I only have to work 10 hours a week. I use the rest of my time to volunteer, help my Mom and Dad, or my Brother, or do good deeds. I really believe it is right to sacrifice ones self for the good of others.

Maybe God would work without Adderall, but for now, he keeps telling me to take my meds. I believe God will free me from my addiction. I think Adderall is the best drug there is. One thing I left out - Adderall is regulated by the acidity of the digestive tract. If you drink baking soda water with it it will potentiate the effect. It will also save your stomach from acheing. I drink about a quart of baking soda water/day. All you need is about 1/8 cup in a very large glass of water/day. One word of caution - once your in, your in for good.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39302
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 10, 2007Views: 28,694
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