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Unknown + Unknown = Bad Idea
L-Theanine, 2C-D, MDE & MD* (Ecstasy)
by Hector
Citation:   Hector. "Unknown + Unknown = Bad Idea: An Experience with L-Theanine, 2C-D, MDE & MD* (Ecstasy) (exp39304)". Oct 21, 2006.

T+ 0:00
200 mg oral Vitamins / Supplements
  T+ 4:00 10 mg oral 2C-D
  T+ 8:00 0.5 tablets oral MDE
  T+ 9:00 0.5 tablets oral MDMA


Here's a report to signify the dangers of unknowns - unknown constituents of street drugs and their unknown interactions with research chemicals. I wish I had found a report like this before I made myself guinea pig.

One night I decided to consume no more than 10 mg of 2C-D (maybe less). About 4 hours earlier, I had taken 200mg of l-theanine (free-form amino acid which is supposed to increase dopamine levels in some regions of the brain and promote relaxation) on an empty stomach. I had also had a few beers throughout the day, to very little effect.

The 2C-D, which I'm familiar with in low doses only, produced a +1 experience, much like a very low dose of mescaline. Anyway, after about 4 hours, the drug had said its goodbyes, and I decided to be reckless.

Knowing full-well the potential dangers in mixing with/and or taking research chemicals, I decided to take a half of a mediocre 'JJ' MDE pill I had laying around. I had read in PIHKAL that LE-25 (2C-D), in German therapy research, has been used to boost the waning action of another therapeutic psychedelic (likely MDMA or similar). Therefore, I felt that the low-dose-after-low-dose combination would be okay. It was. It was also weak. A weak 'roll' is like sex with no orgasm. I was unhappy and my decision-making skills were impaired.

After about an hour, I decided to ingest another, different half pill of street 'ecstasy'. I had seen one other person take this pill before, and he seemed speedy and wanted to drink alcohol all night; but he still exhibited some empathogenic effects. Knowing this, I had some real misgivings about experimenting with it. I'd been hanging onto this pill for several months because I wasn't sure of it. So much for clarity and caution though... down the hatch it went.

I went outside to take a walk and look at stars in the <30 degree night. Within 10 minutes, I started feeling hot, edgy, pumped up, and worried. I debated whether or not to vomit, and decided to ride it out. I wish I'd vomited.

After another five minutes, my heart was POUNDING at roughly 200 bpm, skipping beats, I was feeling faint and short of breath periodically, and I was PUMPED UP and HOT outside in the mid-20's F. Realizing the severity of this, I just walked, and walked, and walked - kept talking myself down, breathing deeply, trying to calm down and keep control, etc. I had panicked visions of being in a daze in the back of an ambulance with medics urgently shouting, 'What did you take... what did you take?!?' Being without health insurance, I blocked the thought out of my mind and kept walking. If it had gotten worse, I probably would have called an ambulance.

This lasted at peak intensity for about 45 minutes total. By then, whatever MDx drug that was in that pill kicked in, and I suddenly felt an odd sense of comfort in the midst of a near-crisis. I went back inside, but only for a moment. I took some vitamin C, B vitamins, and water, looked in the mirror at my entirely black eyes, and went back outside to chill out. My heart was still pounding rapidly, and I still had frightening palpitations. My body temperature was closer to normal from here on out though.

Overall, this intense experience lasted about 5 hours, after which I still had heart palpitations for 3 DAYS - ie: waking up in the morning with a racing heart, feeling skipped beats in my chest and throat, etc.

I'd guess that the combination had something to do with the intensity of the ill effects. 2C-D has a very noticeable amphetamine-like effect on me. I'd imagine it was still doing things in my brain and/or affecting my metabolism, even though I no longer felt the effects. Another thought is that the l-theanine somehow played into the equation. I'm no stranger to pre-loading with free-form amino acids, and I only do because it *does* make a difference. It's also worth noting that after the MDE I was perfectly fine - it wasn't until the 1/2 unknown pill that things suddenly turned to shit.

It is safe to say that I won't be trying any undocumented combinations in the future. Nor will I be taking any street 'ecstasy' anymore. The risk of adulterants has grown so high that it's just too unpredictable and dangerous. Had I been in a hot club and not outside in freezing weather, I most probably would have woken up in a hospital bed - if I were that lucky.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39304
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 21, 2006Views: 27,400
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2C-D (103), MDMA (3), MDE (35) : Health Problems (27), Hangover / Days After (46), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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