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More Than I Bargained For
Morning Glory & Cannabis
by Televat0r
Citation:   Televat0r. "More Than I Bargained For: An Experience with Morning Glory & Cannabis (exp39320)". May 11, 2007.

550 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)
  1 cig. smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Let me just preface by saying that I have had my fair share of experiences with hallucinogens and other drugs. I've smoked a good amount of pot, DXM'd a couple of times, shroomed once, taken ecstasy 3 times and taken acid with no effect due to small dosage. I started reading up on a lot of the 'house hold highs' and such. A few months ago a friend of mine tried morning glory for the first time. He went out and bought about a couple of packs from a local store, ended up having about 400 or so, he down them all just by putting them in his mouth and chewing them. Shortly thereafter he felt nauseous and booted on the edge of the road. After a while he seemed to be having a really good time and was explaining some of the visuals that he was having.

Intrigued, the rest of our crew went on the hunt for some seeds only to find out that the growing season had ended and there were unavailable in our area. Being the resourceful people that we are we tracked down on online seed dealership and ordered them wholesale. We ended up getting something close to about 17,000 seeds for 65 dollars or so, hell of a deal I'd say. They came in a giant ziploc bag so we had no way to really measure them out. The first night we had them I ate about 100 by myself and felt nothing more than a little nauseous and a slight DXM'ish feeling. A friend of mine wanted to buy some so I counted out 300 and bagged them off in a little 'dime bag'. When I counted 100 out and held them in my hand the pile was about the size of a quarter, maybe a little bigger.

Well the other night some friends and I were hangin out, and we decided to try and trip. I put a few seeds in my mouth and chewed them almost instantly vomiting the moment I tried to swallow them. I had read about making extracts and teas and so on and so forth but being impatient, I went to the kitchen for yogurt. I got a big bowl of vanilla yogurt and with each spoonful, dropped 20 or so seeds in my mouth. Other than the difficulty breaking the seeds in my teeth, they went down as smooth as the yogurt would have with nothing in it. I probably ate a little more than two handfuls which judging by my size estimation was around 500 seeds, I didn't realize how many I had eaten really until I was done.

I sat around for an hour and smoked a skinny blunt attempting to curb whatever nausea was going to come on. My other friends each ate 100 seeds. After about an hour and 15 minutes, sorry for such random estimations. I was lying in my bed staring at my seeling when everything seemed to have some sort of motion. At first it seemed like it was only on the edge of my vision and things that I focused on would instantly come into clear vision. As time went on this sense of motion was present in everything. In my room I have random quotes and song lyrics and things written and drawn on my walls, this proved to be amazing during the trip. Around 2 hours into the experience, I was tripping balls.

Although I have trouble recalling the exact visuals that I was having during my shroom trip, I'd say that these were much similar. After a while I felt like I had to go outside and I took my two friends who were tripping outside for a walk. There was snow on the ground as it was december and my friends, one of which had since downed another 150 seeds, seeing how great I was feeling, instanly threw up when they got out into the cold. We walked around outside and shortly thereafter I got the elated, happy, lovey feeling that I remember feeling so strongly when I was on shrooms.

We went inside a little while after and I was sitting in a chair, at this point I started to feel a little awkward and somewhat uncomfortable, I think it had something to do with the fact that I was sitting up right. My other friend, who was sober at the time decided to show me this trick where you lie on the floor face down and the person lets ur arms drop very very slowly, making u feel like ur sinking into the floor. Unfortunately the trick didn't work but when she was done I had no desire to move. I laid on the floor face down for the longest time after that, my friends said it was about an hour and 15 minutes, just lying motionless on the floor, tripping out. While I was down there I felt as if the floor was moving underneath me. Almost as if I was being rolled back and forth on a big wheel, providing a sense that waves of pressure were going up and down my body.

I looked over to the side and the visuals were intense. I lost all sense of reality and what I was seeing was nothing more than the simple shapes and colors that existed in the world around me, no texture existed on anything and I couldn't even tell what I was looking at in my own room. A little while after that everyone left and I was left with the friend whom had eating a cumulative 300 or so seeds by this point.

Around this time I got really bad, I could no longer entertain a coherent thought, my mind was just so fascinated with the drug and the trip that I couldn't think about anything else. I was lying in bed again staring at my ceiling and looking at the posters on my wall. I have a lot of posters with girls in bathins suits or underwear or whatever and after a while they seemed to be communicating with me. Two of the girls starting shaking there asses and winking at me, and another girl started flicking her tongue out at me in a sexually inviting way. I was tripping balls.

My friend asked me if I wanted to go back outside and I went and stood on my porch, the cold made me uncomfortable this time and I only took enough time to have a cigarette. My friend kept trying to talk to me and I just told him that I couldn't talk right now because I was too fucked up. I went upstairs and had the desire to be alone, I told my friend that I was going to go to sleep and he left the room and went to the guest bedroom. I am normally not a very creative person when it comes to my writing and composition but the Morning glory got my creative juices flowing. I sat down on my computer and the text on the screen was still moving, each letter had its own individual breathing motion. I tried to send an IM to my girlfriend but I could hardly form a sentence, so I decided to go to sleep.

Strangely, I found myself writing for 10 minutes in my away message and I produced something that seemed to flow as freely as regular conversational language but when I read it the next morning, was much more insightful and beautiful than I had thought it to be at the time. I got into bed and picked up a notebook and pen and started to draw, I felt the need to write some more and I started writing weird phrases such as 'I am of no other man but my own. I know where I go of -- Hey come back here!' I have no idea what the inspiration was for these. I know they don't seem extremely insightful but those are no phrases that I would ever come up with on my own.

I put down the notebook and looked at my walls, I stared openly accross my room, not focusing on any particular thing and it seemed as if I was looking through the whole room through crystal clear water. Everything was rippling and breathing and the 'swirly' drawings that I had drawn were now moving around the page. I put my head at the base of my window and it looked like the shades on my window were dripping down towards me yet they never got any closer. About this time I felt that I had to go to sleep so I tried listening to music, at first I put in 'Radiohead - The Bends' but this for some reason didn't please me as much as I had thought it would so I put in 'deathcab for cutie - transtalanticism' and I enjoyed a couple of songs but then took my headphones off.

I continued to trip and probably would have for much longer if I stayed awake. My friend later told me that he went on to feel the effects until 6 the next morning after eating the seeds around 930. The next day I felt a little spacey and disconnected, not bad, just awkward. After a while it went away and I was back to my old self, then I smoked a little pot and that strange feeling came back temporarily. It's now about 24 hours after I first started to feel the effects and I feel great.
All in all morning glory was amazing, it was the most intense trip that I have ever felt though I think I enjoyed mushrooms a little bit more just because of the elated happiness and great appreciation for music.

Everyone else who I know who has taken morning glory felt a great deal of nausea but I felt none, I think it had something to do with the yogurt. Anyways, I recommend morning glory to anyone who can get their hands on and from what I've experienced you can have an extremely intense trip on them if you want to, I advise you to be careful because towards the end of the trip I just felt like not tripping anymore because it was so long winded but couldn't sober myself up. We still have 15,000 seeds left, gonna be a good couple of months, er.. weeks.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39320
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 11, 2007Views: 7,726
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