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A Hazy Suburban Roll
MDMA (Ecstasy) & Cannabis
Citation:   Alice. "A Hazy Suburban Roll: An Experience with MDMA (Ecstasy) & Cannabis (exp39625)". Mar 30, 2008.

2 tablets oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
When I first discovered ecstasy I went on somewhat of a binge, rolling about four times with various doses over the course of a week or two. It is by far one of my favorite drugs because of the fullness of the experience. I've been doing drugs for some time now, enjoying both the escape and the mind-opening qualities. It's strange though that I had waited for so long to do e. For about four years now I've been a habitual pot smoker, treating myself to shrooms, lsd, meth, etc. I always had this image of ecstasy being a stupid raver drug, something I would never be interested in. As a psychadelic girl more than anything else, e never held very much interest for me so I never sought it out. I didn't want to act like the stereotypical e-head, randomly hugging people and dancing the night away. I don't dance, don't really like parties. I more enjoy a simple gathering of close friends passing the bong into the wee hours of the night.

So e remained on my list of 'drugs to do', and stayed there as I ticked off drug after drug. Until one day. The only reason I did it was because lately I had been getting curious and more experimental and I decided, what the hell! I'll do some ecstasy! Having heard from close friends that it was the most incredible drug ever I was excited but also thought I would be disappointed. So I take two pills with my good friend, JR we'll call him. We were planning to just see how we felt. For the most part of my rolling experience I was in a car, driving around, randomly stopping at various public places like gas stations etc. The pills I took were sunflower pills, white 'double-stacked' I was told, thick pills. Because we both were so schooled in the ways of drugs we were extremely shocked, almost disbelieving, when we began rolling ten minutes after ingestion.

The first thing I noticed was a warming sensation in my hands, especially fingers. I felt a lot hotter and had to take off my jacket and throw it in the backseat even though it was freezing that day. It was early afternoon when we began rolling. Little did we know we would be rolling well into the next day, even after sleeping. Me and JR, although completely platonic, kept having an urge to be by ourselves without anyone else around. I think it was in part the effects of the MDMA and the fact that no one else could relate to where we were in our minds at that time. We ended up driving around parking next to a park. We got out and swung around on the swings and walked around a little until we decided we wanted to smoke.

Aaahh, weed and ecstasy! How well they mesh! I love pot and it always made me mad when I'd ruin a shroom trip (or lessen the effects) by smoking a few bowls. For some reason this happens to me and people I know. But I have never done any drugs that went together as well as weed and e. Anyway, so we both were suddenly swept up by this URGE to smoke, I'm talking primal. There was nothing else I wanted to do. So I ended up talking my friend into spotting me an eighth (something I would never ordinarily do) and we proceeded to pack bowl after bowl, barely even noticing the insane amount of pot we were smoking. The thing about smoking on e is that I wasn't even getting that high, it was just sooo enjoyable to do! Lighting the pipe, enhaling, blowing it out, I felt like I had been born to hit that bowl. Great stuff. Ever since then I have made sure to have weed when I roll. Yea this gets a little expensive which is why this is more a treat for me than weekly occurance.

Definately the best thing about ecstasy is that everything I do on it is incredible. I was chainsmoking, and I loved going into 7-11 to buy more cigarettes, chatting with the people behind the desk and probably scaring them as well. I want to interact, to look at things, to touch things. For example, I went to WalMart on a recent roll and we spent about 3 hours in there just messing around and having fun. I was shaking uncontrollably, jittering and clenching my jaw. The next day my mouth was sore. I had some Mentos to chew on and that did me just fine. Although it's an experience in itself eating one! It's actually similar in the effects to shrooms than anything else I've done. It's a full-body explosion of thoughts, visuals, exploration, body-high. It's such a full and complex experience which is why I liken it to shrooms. Basically, all this I learned completely contradicted everything I had thought it would be. Happily of course!

I can barely even recall everything that happened that day, when I try to look back on it events melt together and I can't even remember who I saw that day. Driving around suburbia, smoking our pot, talking on and on and on. We were both so chatty, and our converstation got very deep at times. JR at one point became upset and started crying because we had been talking about his dead father, for example. I had to talk him out of his sorrow, which can seem crippling when I'm on e. I can only imagine how lost he must have felt to the unhappiness that had spread over him. But, as soon as it was there, it was gone and he was ok again. We were rendered almost child-like on e, our mind was open to suggestion. What else did we do? Listen to music of course! Music is amazing on e, I feel like it's moving me. Everything is amazing on e. That's why it's so hard to try to describe because it honestly is just so much fun.

We eventually went back to JR's house (he rents out a basement) where we chilled for a few hours. I went inside his closet and we sat down together in there, all cozy, and this is when the weirdest part of my roll occured. I got some paper and a pen, and then I started to feverishly draw. I drew three pictures, each one with the name of a close friend embellished, with lots of other random pictures. It's hard to explain, almost like a trippy collage. The thing is, my hand was moving with a speed that was almost scary. I was having trouble focusing my eyes on the pen but realized it was easier to use one eye. I loved this part because I'm an artist (well a general artsy type person) and I loved actually being made soo much more creative and open with my art. I love weed but I have to say it never really inspires me so much as kills my brain. Looking sober the next day at the pages completely covered by ink decoration, I was shocked at the quality and how I probably could not replicate it on my own. But wow, that was fun.

P.S. A word of caution. Me and JR don't speak anymore. I think it's a result of too many times rolling together. I believe we actually became too close, and he started having feelings for me that were not reciprocated and the brief cuddling and playing with hair (that was kept completely un-sexual, I'm proud to say) just drew him to false conclusions. So things got a little awkward, and then we just stopped talking altogether.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39625
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 30, 2008Views: 7,630
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