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Understanding Psychedelia
Morning Glory, Zolpidem & Diazepam
by M
Citation:   M. "Understanding Psychedelia: An Experience with Morning Glory, Zolpidem & Diazepam (exp39676)". May 11, 2007.

  repeated oral Morning Glory
  10 mg oral Pharms - Zolpidem
  10 mg oral Pharms - Diazepam


Background: I usually only use weed and pills for recreation; however, I am a study Chemical Engineer and have become very interested in the interworkings of harder drugs. It began as a search on LSD to learn where it comes from and how it is extracted. This led me to this website where I began to read about morning glory seeds and became fascinated with the Lysergic acid alkaloids contained in them and their chemical relation to LSD.

Experiment 1: I ground up approximately 300 Heavenly Blue Morning Glory (containing approximately 300 ug of LSA) seeds to a rough power, and ingested them with bottled spring water to wash away the taste. Having read that chlorinated tap water would destroy the LSA compounds if come in to contact with them I did not drink my tap which has a lot of chlorine it. I decided not to eat anything while dosing or after dosing and having not eaten anything that day I had a completely empty stomach. I dosed at about 7:00 pm. For the first hour I felt nothing aside from some anxiety for whatever was going to happen to me.

At about 8:00 pm about 1 hour after dosing I began to watch a nature presentation on PBS about the falling lakes of Croatia. I found the early effects to be intense relaxation, sensitivity to light and sound which caused some annoyance, mostly in people trying to talk to me too much, and a profound sense of euphoria like I was being calmed by some force and that I loved my life, I also noticed some pupil dilation. In watching the program I noticed the pictures of the mountains and the lakes to be very real like I was there seeing them. This made me think about nature and how beautiful it is and the universe and life. I remembered feeling some nausea and indigestion however this was calmed by some pretty well concentrated chamomile tea.

At 9:00 pm the program ended and I felt like going up to bed to listen to music and such, but my friend wasn’t tired so we started watching a movie together. My friend had not taken anything. It was called “The Clearing” and I found it very difficult to follow the plot and kept trying to predict what was going to happen next thinking that some characters had complexities that weren’t there or that the were hiding something. Sometimes it seemed like they were overacting so it seemed kind of fake but this was easily ignorable.

At about 10:00 pm I decided to go up to my room giving up on the movie. I put on Bob Marley on my sound system and lied down. It was amazing it was as if I could hear every instrument playing alone and together simultaneously. I listened to the entire CD and decided to play a video gaming, feeling kind of antsy but still euphoric I would space out a lot I started playing GTA and I noticed that I kept going around killing people with my bare hands then I got in the car and kept running them down eventually the cop level would get really high they’d kill me and I’d come back.

I noticed I was distracted by the seeming reality of the fake sunflowers on the desk next to me but I could ignore it. I stopped play the game around 12:00am when I started to trip pretty hard I listened to more music like Bob Dylan something I had been wanting to do because I wanted to see if I could understand some of the more complex metaphors and poetry while on lysergic acid, but I couldn’t even begin to understand them though I found the sound of his harmonica calming and vivid.

After listening to about a whole CD of him I began looking through my huge botany book with photos of flowers and they looked more intense than ever, as if I was watching a close-up of them in High Definition. When staring at them I could imagine and to some extent make them sway in the wind. I had to go to the bathroom, peeing was like an orgasmic experience. After looking myself over in the mirror I resolved to get a better diet and to exercise as my physical appearance was starting to deteriorate. I then began staring at the bathroom shag rug and squeezing it with my toes I became fascinated with how it seemed to flow and bubble and I did this for like a half hour. I spaced out a lot during this trip, just staring at things or at nothing and thinking. The euphoria was still with me.

I decided to turn on the TV at about 1:00 am everything I was watching was very bright and intense (it being hard to grasp the dialog and the plot). I decided to put on a DVD. And ironically enough I decided to put on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (a favorite). After watching the opening replay behind the main menu of hands using an ink pen to write out the title I became fascinated and frightened by the things I saw and the sounds that were playing. I really understood everything Hunter S Thompson (Johnny Depp) was saying in the movie. I felt kindred to him as if I was feeling all of the things that he was talking about in the movie and like I knew how he felt, which I guess I did because we were both tripping on lysergic acid.

After watching about half of it I decided to go down and get something to eat feeling very hungry. It was a magnificent experience, every sound taste and feeling coming together in a symphony of pleasure. I ate a lot and began to feel like I didn’t know when to stop. This experience was tainted somewhat by the intense feeling of being watched and that someone would wake up hearing what sounded like very loud chewing sounds I was making. This paranoia and many others at different times lead to brief tangents of insanity where I believe I had gone insane. I talked to myself a lot and could not figure out who I was talking to when doing this. I then began to have thoughts of self-grandiosity in which I was some how special. I felt like I was the center of the universe kind of like maybe everyone I ever saw was just acting and playing their role in my life.

I went up to my room at about 2:00 am and tried to go to sleep to no avail when I was in the dark if I concentrated I could see a beautiful kaleidoscope of rainbow colors of the walls. I felt really antsy so I took a muscle relaxant. This helped me go to sleep at nearly 4:00 am. When I woke up the next day I felt chills, little antsy still, and when looking at colors they were more deep and vivid than normal I found myself staring at them a little bit, but that was all. I also didn’t eat much the day after. One thing to note is I had bad gas from the seeds, no real cramping just flatulence, so beware.

Experiment 2: Being ecstatic with the results of my first test I decided to dose with about 560 seeds, which included about 260 of the flying saucer variety, a couple days later. I dosed and immediately ate dinner. I ate a lot of tuna salad sandwiches. This time I felt some of the euphoria after many hours of waiting that I had felt before during the onset but to my supreme dismay there was no trip. Just a weak sensitivity to light and sound and euphoria that occurred late and wore off fast.

Experiment 3: being enraged and vexed by the bizarre problems of the second experiment I decided to dose high. I had started doing the ether ethanol extraction a few days earlier with 700 seeds and dosed myself with the resulting brown goo which I pressed into a kind of pill at 12:00 pm. I reasoned that the goo probably contained at least 500 ug of LSA when taking into account side reactions and exposure to sunlight. I felt intense euphoria like at the beginning of a trip but no trip. Now I was very angry.

At about 3:00 pm I proceded to eat 830 seeds (apprx. 830 ug). I took them with spring water and the experience was quite unpleasant. I took a 25 mg pill of hydroxyzine pamoate for the nausea which I expected to be intense. This pill is for people who can’t stop throwing up because of anxiety so I knew it would allow me to absorb the LSA regularly because it would work in my brain to soothe the feelings of nausea.

It was about 5:00 pm with not many results. Then very angry and beginning to believe that I had built up a resistance to the drug I went to the mall. On the way there the other cars’ headlights had rainbows glowing from them.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

It started to really kick in hard in waves of feeling at the mall I took in an amazing amount of information smells, people, light, feeling it was in tense I had a $30 gift card which I had used earlier just grabbing a few items which caught my eye and upon giving them to the clerk he said it was forty dollars so I had to get rid of something which I did quickly. The mall was pretty empty it being a weekday night. In the mall people started to look at me funny. Many people that I passed were staring at me or at least I thought they were. This made me very paranoid and uncomfortable.

I went into a sports collectables store. And asked the clerk if they had any Mike Schmitt jerseys, which I was certain he wouldn't, he then said something to the effect of ‘I’m pretty sure we do, I’ll check’ which made me very happy for I thought he would get one out of the back. It was very hard to put words together while talking to him and to express what I wanted to ask him aloud. He just sat their on the computer for a while. I started getting agitated and asked him what he was doing and he said he was checking the website to order them. I felt humiliated. I thought he was going to check for them in the back when he was done on the computer.

Walking in the mall I felt very uncomfortable and paranoid, though my senses were alive. I kept listening to the music they were playing over the speaker system and trying to name the songs which is really weird because I normally don’t listen to the music. I decided to go into Spencer’s gifts for the many things they would have to trip to this was a mistake as I realized that being in the mall was enough without the added stimulation of flashing colors and static and lava lamps in that store. I had to leave quickly. On my way out I got lost in Macy’s for like 45 min. before realizing that there was no exit to the mall from that department store. While there I tripped out to a TV screen playing music and changing colors which was magnificent.

Then I went to the bathroom which was exceedingly hard to find. Peeing was an almost orgasmic experience. I looked in the mirror and saw that my pupils were heavily dilated. I decided I had to go after asking some one where I could leave from I went back into the mall to walk toward the exit I noticed how weird peoples’ faces looked like they were characters in a painting more people were staring at me. This made me think of the fact that lysergic acid makes you show schizophrenic symptoms. I began to think they were looking at me because I was weird and it startled them I then gained a profound empathy for and understanding of the pain that psychotic people must go through in their daily lives.

I got out of the mall at about 7:30 pm and after some difficulty finding my car I drove home. I had some trouble driving. On the way there drove really fast for I was euphoric and so loved the feeling of driving. Needless to say I made some very dangerous maneuvers. So on the way back I drove about 10 MPH below the speed limit the whole way in the right lane people kept passing me angrily but this was o.k. I think the only reason I made home or back was because to get to the mall was about the same route I took to school and back everyday when I was in high school for four years so I could do it effortlessly.

I got home at 8:00 pm and changed my close and got my portable CD player together with new headphones I had bought to listen to the music I had bought downstairs. This seems like a simple sequence of tasks, but for me it was intense and challenging mentally. I sat and peacefully listened to Emenem feeling a strong empathy for him and the personal pain he expressed in his lyrics. It was and older CD and really enjoyed all the sounds that came together beautifully in each song.

I relaxed listening to this CD and others, like Nirvana which was beautiful, as I gazed at the amazing visuals I getting from the room. When the lights were on I saw rainbows reverberating and flowing off every object in the room. When I stared at them I was amazed that I could see the entire electromagnetic spectrum of visual light. It was dancing before me. When I went outside I saw these same rainbows reverberating in different directions off the clouds in the sky. The paranoia and uncomfortableness that I felt was soothed when I was at home and the euphoria took over completely. I remember feeling my dog’s fur for a long time because of how amazing it felt.

Then at about 9:30 pm I went up stairs and tripped out and thought deeply to the reverberating colors. I also noticed on my way up while staring at the runner carpet in the hallway that the pattern of fruits and flowers on the rug seemed to flow and grow and swirl. I relaxed on my bed which felt amazing and stared at these color patterns. I then began looking through a big book of French Impressionist paintings and staring at Monets, Renoirs, and Van Goghs in awe of how the colors in the backgrounds flowed and swirled. A way I can describe the visuals is like being in a Van gogh painting except all the swirls of color coming off objects are rainbow colored. It wasn’t so intense that I couldn’t see my way around, but it was cool enough to stare at things for hours. I could see the whole universe in all its beauty and splendor it I thought how I loved life, nature and the universe intensely.

At about 11:30 pm I went back downstairs to watch TV I watched one episode of Cheers and one episode of Friends and loved it. I had never been so involved in these shows before. I love the characters and plot lines and underlying emotions. I remember thinking what a smug egotistical jerk Ted Danson was, but then felt bad when I realized it was just his character on the show. On Friends I noticed how uninhibited and open with their femininity Monica, Rachel and Phoebe. And how beautiful it was that they could be like that. I thought if I ever settled down with a girl I would want her to be like them. I then ordered “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” a movie on On Demand Cable. I remember loving the brand of comedy and seeing the plot play out. I was especially entranced by the quote which had the movie title in it. While on my trip I felt poetry and loved it I thought of Emenem’s music as poetry and listened to a lot of Bob Dylan just soaking in every metaphor.

At About 3:00 am after much restlessness I decided to take two 5 mg abien tabs and half a 10 mg valium to help me fall asleep. I got in bed after about, and hour of looking at the patterns and thinking deep thoughts about how beautiful the world is the pills knocked me out. And I fell into a peaceful dreamless sleep.

The next day I felt a little restless, shaky and uneasy pretty much all day. I think it’s possible to build up a resistance to lysergic acid and that this is what caused my second experiment to come up negative. I also believe that I had a fairly intense and very good acid trip. I would like to know from anybody with a lot of experience with LSD if I did. This would further support my hypothesis.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 39676
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 11, 2007Views: 14,263
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