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Citation:   Dr. Octafer. "2C-Indivisible: An Experience with 2C-I (exp39677)". Dec 9, 2008.

20 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
I used this title because I was saddened, but not shocked, that this r.c. is apparently no longer available, and the 'perps' are behind bars. Land of the free? But I will relate my experience anyway, because it was so amazing. I ordered a small amount. It took longer to arrive than it was supposed to, so when it did, I was anxious to try it out. It was about 7pm. I didn't want the full effect, because it was the middle of the week, and I had things to do the next day. I know it's not good to 'eyeball' something so potent, but I'm pretty good at that, and I just wanted to check it out. I took just a pinch; maybe 5mg and swallowed it.

[Erowid Note: Two samples of powder (even of the same chemical) with equivalent volumes won't necessarily weigh the same. For this reason, eyeballing is an inaccurate and potentially dangerous method of measuring, particularly for substances that are active in very small amounts. See this article on The Importance of Measured Doses.]

I felt it pretty quickly. It reminded me of coming down off of a fairly strong acid trip. I called my girlfriend to tell her: 'Yes, there IS something to this stuff.' I spent about half an hour on the phone, imitating various recorded messages, and I did feel like I was terribly amusing. I saw some mild patterns, but mostly it just kept me awake all night. I shouldn't have been so impatient.

Next time I was ready. It was the following Friday night. Allowing for the bit I had taken, I added a known quantity of water, and most of it dissolved. At about 9:30pm I took 20 mg. The setting seemed right: downstairs at my brother in law's house, in the 'audio-visual' room. Great stereo, comfortable furniture, a fireplace and a nice neighborhood should I feel the need to walk around. I should mention that my brother-in-law and I had become good friends before he became related to me, so I wasn't concerned about 'tripping out' around people I didn't know. (He decided not to join me in the experiment.)

I had eaten a little food earlier in the day, but basically I took it on an empty stomach. It didn't take long to kick in. After about fifteen minutes, I knew I had taken something very powerful. I don't remember specifics about the come up, just basically going from normal to tripping very heavily. I know I'll probably sound like a typical 'stoner' from this point on, but bear with me.

I was sitting in a big chair, and I started taking long slow comfortable deep breaths. 'Well?' said my b-i-l. All I could say was 'I can't believe how powerful this stuff is.' 'Would you suggest I do some?' he said. 'I wouldn't tell you TO do it, but I certainly wouldn't tell you NOT to do it' I replied. I think that if my sister (and his four year-old daughter) had been out of town, he would have joined me.

It was winter, so a fire was in order. I managed to build a pretty decent one, and retired back to my chair. I had recently convinced my b-i-l that 33 1/3 LPs were far superior to CDs, so he had built a really nice stereo system. He put on an old jazz record (possibly Brubeck, recorded in an intimate little jazz club somewhere in Europe.) I like everything from Zappa to classical to Oingo Boingo, but at the time it seemed like jazz was the best kind of music in the world. I could hear every little squeak of the drummer's kit, and even ice rattling in the polite patrons' cocktails. I'm a musician, but I'm not sure I had ever felt so aware of music in quite that way before. The only light was coming from the fire and the stereo, and for a moment, for all I knew, I could have been sitting at one of those tables, rattling ice in my cocktail.

An hour later, the experience was still building. The walls in the room were dark wood, and right before my eyes, wrought-iron structures began to build themselves, complete with plants and vines growing among them. Next, birds began to appear amongst the plants. B-i-l kept asking 'How is it?' And all I could say was 'I can't believe this is so powerful.' Yet I could sit comfortably in the chair and take it all in. If I had been that 'high' on acid, I'd have wanted to run screaming naked through the woods.

I would walk from the room outside to smoke, and the leaves on the ground looked like ten-inch crystals growing up from the ground, and they would shatter as I walked. It reminded me of the Fortress of Solitude from the first Superman movie.

Now it was maybe four or five hours after ingestion, and I was still going strong. It was about 2am, and not many cars traveled his street at that hour. The house was on a hill, and from the carport, you couldn't see cars passing by until they were even with the house, but of course you could see the headlights approaching, and hear the engine before you could see the car. This must have happened a half-dozen times: I'd look toward the street and see the lights getting brighter, and hear the engine getting louder, and then.....NO CAR! Each time I'd think: OK, THIS car is real.......nope. This was the only 'wierdness' if one could call it that, because it was so real, and it kept happening. After a time, it became just amusing.

I finally got to sleep at around 7am. All in all, a pretty long trip. I felt a bit tired the next day, but really, none the worse for wear. Were this still obtainable, I'd do it again.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39677
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 9, 2008Views: 5,135
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2C-I (172) : Alone (16), First Times (2), Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4)

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