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I'll Be Back For More
2C-T-7 & Ecstasy
Citation:   Mr Geezer. "I'll Be Back For More: An Experience with 2C-T-7 & Ecstasy (exp3974)". Dec 9, 2000.

T+ 0:00
25 mg oral 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:45 0.33 tablets inhaled MDMA (pill / tablet)
Set And Setting
After a month of waiting I finally had the chance to try this curious substance. I have long resigned myself to the fact that I will never try 2-CB, but this chemical analogue is supposed to be all that and better. My package arrived on a Saturday lunchtime, and after calling a friend to make arrangements, decided to try some that evening. I was going to be in my friends S and C's house, with a group of about 7 good friends, some of whom would be using MDMA. I did not eat all day.

During the afternoon I mixed my 250mg of powder with 200ml of Vodka - a ratio of 1.25mg per ml. This ratio, I am informed by my chemist friend is not particularly bad. I decided to start with an oral dose of 25mg. This is based of the experience reports of others, and the fact that I have a fairly high tolerance for chemicals. At 8:50pm I measure out 20ml of the solution and drink it in one gulp. No taste of the chemical, which is totally masked by cheap vodka. I then leave to make the journey to S & C's house.

21:35 [T+0:45]
After taking the dose in my home, I have an uneventful walk to S & C's house, which is to be expected.

22:20 [T+1:30]
Oh things are definitely affecting me now. I feel a jittery, twitching restlessness within me. I have an overwhelming feeling of wanting to do something, but not knowing exactly what. Vision feels a little bit altered, colours and edges seem to be that little bit extra defined.

22:40 [T+1:50]
I am now definitely under the influence of this chemical. It seems to have total control of my mind now. I still feel edgy, and have an insane body buzz, but this drug seems to fit nicely with the surroundings. I am indoors with a group of close friends, and the drug is encouraging me to socialize. If the body buzz would just wear off a little this would be a lot more enjoyable.

23:00 [T+2:10]
Visual changes are just beginning to occur. I keep seeing weird things out of the corner of my eyes, funny colour spots etc. The visuals are not yet very impressive, but the chemical feeling in my body is becoming rather nice as the body load wears off and I feel that I am up now, and have settled into the drug. Smoking some high grade marijuana seems to make no difference, it certainly doesn't make me feel stoned in any way.

23:10 [T+2:20]
I think I have peaked - all the body load is gone and I feel like I'm 'there'. There haven't really been any visuals yet, but I feel alert, comfortable and happy. This is a nice feeling. I just wish the visuals were a little stronger, they are certainly not a patch on LSD or Mushrooms. I still feel I have total control of what is going on. This would definitely make a good party drug.

23:23 [T+2:33]
Time dilation. The last 13 minutes seemed like 45.

23:50 [T+3:00]
As I sit on the floor to talk to W, I look at the picture she is painting. It's stunning - true LSD quality visual, the colours are swirling, pulsating and melting into each other. This is what I wanted to see. Unfortunately I cannot make it work on anything else other than the paintings.

00:35 [T+3:45]
Since this appears to be the peak, I decide to snort 1/3 of a Superman that is going spare. Splitting it into 2 lines, one for each nostril, the rush is typically beautiful as the pain eases and I feel myself come up on the E. But the pill never really takes over my mind. Although I feel it, the T7 is still in overall control of the experience.

04:05 [T+7:15]
The last 3 hours have been lost in MDMA time. The 2C-T-7 enhanced the qualities of the E wonderfully. I felt as if I had taken the cleanest E ever, just so light and clear headed the whole time, happily chatting endlessly to all and sundry. Now that I have come down from the E, and the T7 is in far weaker effect, I can look back and reflect on the evening's activities. I think that this is a very intersesting drug, that certainly warrants further investigation. The next experiment will involve upping the dose of T7 to something like 35-40 mg, and if that has the desired effect then there should be no need to use any E. I'm hungry.

~07:00 [T+10:15]

Sleep crept up on me suddenly and without warning. I slept for around two hours and woke up feeling refreshed and energetic. I spent the whole of the next day smoking pot and slipping back to sleep. Sunday night I was asleep by 11pm, and slept soundly until work the next day, where I felt fine.
This chemical has proved very rewarding. I found that although the intial effects were undesireable, the peak was quite warm and contented. The visuals, although limited, were interesting enough to make me want to try more. I will use 2C-T-7 again this weekend, as it will be my last chance of the year as social commitments gather pace toward christmas. I have not quite decided on a dose yet, but I am wavering between 35 and 37.5mg. I think 35 would be safer since this drug is reported to have a quite unlinear dose response curve.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3974
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 9, 2000Views: 10,121
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2C-T-7 (54), MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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