Lady Sage Conjured Out of Smoke
Salvia divinorum (5x extract)
Citation:   Sketch Master. "Lady Sage Conjured Out of Smoke: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (5x extract) (exp39884)". Aug 14, 2007.

100 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)
I have experimented with most drugs (shrooms, e, coke/crack, dxm, heroin, ghb, nutmeg, opium, ephedrine), though found interest in trying each only a handful of times, with the exception of weed, as I'll always take an occasional toke. I feel most drugs are only worth trying only a few times, as what can be gained is only beneficial when its a new experience, though I find weed a good anti-depressant and social 'peace-pipe' experience.

Salvia defies all expectations, regardless of what one has done in the past. Through my research, the best sites to obtain some salvia divinorum are the ones that sell both 'regular' and 'standardized,' and opting for the 'standardized is worth the extra few dollars.

This was my first and only experience so far with this hallucinogenic, but has definitely left an impact on my outlook on life. Anxious to try the stuff, I bundled up and went out to my garage, while the onset of a blizzard was moments away. I brought my camcorder with and set it up away from where I would partake in this journey (so as to not knock it over). I set the camera to record and got comfortable across the space on my sofa. I used a 'one-hitter' that looks like a cigarette and simply poked it around in the little bag of extract until it was lightly packed. I closed up the bag, set it aside, and using a butane lighter held it up to the outside of the bowl and gradually let the flames come in contact with the sage.

I set it down and held in the smoke for what seemed like nearly a minute with no effect. But as I began to exhale not only did I start feeling the same 'oneness' with all matter that I have felt with schrooms, but also two figures appeared. One figure was a male figure all curled up that was distinctly off to my left, though within reach, and the other was a female figure that grew larger the more I exhaled. Her body was made up of the smoke, and her head rested just at the forefront of the first billow of smoke that seemed to reach across the entire garage, directly in front of me. The male figure was cheering me on in a subtle voice, while the woman was telling me she wanted to see what I was capable of. As long as I kept exhaling, she grew larger. I felt like I could have exhaled as long as I wanted, but thought I had done all right for now. When I stopped, the figures faded away, but I felt an expanding sense of vision.

The walls of the garage seemed to have no relevance to my thought, and I began to see my neighbors. It was as though all matter became invisible or rather translucent. I felt that there was a force that connected each person (my neighbors and myself) not directly with each other but rather with what is above and what is below. This force extended for what seemed like infinity in a vertical direction straight up and straight down from each being, and it seemed like nothing could interfere with this force or connection.

This thought became a little overwhelming as I took it to be that each one of us can possess the power of a god or of a devil. I felt like I should not hold on to this power for too long for fear of doing something I might regret. I felt this connection that we all possess allows us to control the winds, though we are often too distracted with physical matter to realize this potential, and perhaps using this power is misuse and will cause great consequences.

Coming back to the friendly 'oneness' feeling after what I am guessing to be about 5-10 minutes later (I never felt like I completely left reality), I started to feel other forces that explained a lot of the conflicts I have been trying to solve. I turned off the light and then took two smaller hits with less profound effects, but still life changing.

As I found my self swaying with the wind that was blowing outside (though in the physical world, the wind could not be felt inside the airtight garage), I realized the forces I was feeling at this time were those of my parents - not of them at that moment, but of them from the beginning of my life to the present moment. I felt this real strong almost rope-like force pulling me to the left and connecting me to all the material objects in the garage that are there thanks to my mom, or my grandparents on my mom's side.

While I felt this other force on my right that was more of a repelling force that seemed to have an origin far off in the distance. Now some background on my life - parents divorced at early age, 21 now, just moved back home with mom, talk to dad occasionally, but rarely see him. I felt as though this distant force related to my relationship with my dad, though no physical clues, like the connection with my mom through her furniture and belongings. Funny thing is, a few weeks ago, some of the few items I had out in the garage that I received from my father were stolen, possibly my own fault for choosing to not lock doors, and maybe a sign I need to reconnect with him.

Deciding this was enough of an experience for now, and that I would not smoke this mint again without a sitter, I made the short walk outside back to the house. Upon walking in, I came to a realization that my grandmother who lives upstairs (its a duplex) does not get to feel the forces of the world in a proper manner. Not simply because she lives on the second floor, but because she rarely, maybe once every other week, comes down from the second floor due to her health.

Once inside I made another startling revelation. Holding the camcorder out in front of me to capture my words, I said out loud, that I have the ability to be free, as free as the chairs in the room, but the forces that keep me from feeling free are there simply because I allow them to exist.

While at first forgetting about the figures that appeared, they came back hours later as I was reflecting on the experience. The odd thing is that though I have never done Salvia before, the woman's voice I heard earlier today was one I have heard before, only it was too far off in the distance to ever be made out, and this time was just like the presence of another being. I have heard the voice while on shrooms, and while high on marijuana. It is one of all knowledge, though shaped through my own perspective.

Considering the small amount I used, I would give a word of caution to anyone who wants to experiment with this plant, though I will say I am one who often day dreams and can obtain OBE's without any drugs. Though these drug-free experiences are usually a result of meditation, they rarely become OBE's and usually just a feeling of 'bigness' - something I used to feel often as a kid.

Reviewing the footage I obtained tells me the entire garage experience was about twenty minutes, but is only an image of me sitting with a blank stare for the beginning, as the majority was all black since I turned out the lights. The last footage of me talking to the camera is pretty much what I remembered as I was almost entirely back to normal at that point.

I plan on using more soon with a sitter, though I feel this is a drug that can only be beneficial for a few visits and any more would be taking advantage of its powers.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 39884
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 14, 2007Views: 10,902
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