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Family Trip to Cedar Point
Citation:   Andrew. "Family Trip to Cedar Point: An Experience with 2C-I (exp39920)". Erowid.org. Nov 11, 2008. erowid.org/exp/39920

28 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
IT all started when my mom and aunt decided to go to cedar point for a few days. my cousin told me about this drug he could get for cheep that would trip me the fuck out. So he got a 34 mg hit and bought me a 26 mg hit.

So we waited till the second day were at cedar point, the parents were at the park and bars drinking so we didn't think they'd be back for a while and we had the hotel to our selfs. it was 5:15 pm and we ate our 2-CI and went to ride some rides. At about 6:10 i felt it kick in and i didn't feel much at all.

We waited in line for a ride and by the time we got to the front i started seeing every thing that i've never seen at the park before. it seemed like every one was looking at me and they were all like aliens, just different i don't know how to put it,and it bothered the shit out of me.

We finally got on the ride and i started freeking out. we were on the menilium force and i had no idea what the hell i was doing strapped in a chair going really, really high into the air. i looked down and it seemed like the roller coaster was falling and bending to the ground and i freeked out and started yelling that the ride was braking and we were going to die.

After the ride i made my cuzin take me back to the hotel room because i hated being around people. we got to our room went on the balcony and smoked 3 grams of opium and im not sure how many joints. after we went back to our room and i layed on the bed and there were swirls that were on the ceiling of the room. it was awesome. after that i sat in front of the curtains in front of the window and it was the coolest thing in the world.

15 min later my parents walked into the hotel room and i was able to act perfectly normal even though i was still on my peak. we went on some more rides and let our trip die. That was the best experience i have ever had no hang overs, not mood swing.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39920
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 11, 2008Views: 1,943
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2C-I (172) : Difficult Experiences (5), Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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